Swaragini (Yeh Kaisi Dastaan, Kaisi Nafrat aur Kaisa Ishq? Yours or Mine?) Episode 4


The episode begins with Ragini breaking the hug, Ragini then wipes her tears. Laksh is outside and is shocked to hear that,
Laksh: So this means….
He drops her earrings and storms out angrily. Mrs D notices Raginis ear,
Mrs D: Where’s your earring?
Ragini: Huh?
Ragini touches her ears and feels one earring missing.
Ragini looks down around,
Ragini: It must be here…
She walks forward and notices it outside the room, she smiles and pick it up. She then puts it back on.

Scene shifts to Swara,
Swara: Tum?
The mans face is shown and he smiles, he takes his sunglasses off.
Man: Hey Swara darling…I thought you forgot me but look you remember!
Swara: Don’t you dare call me your darling….
Man: Come on Swara, spit your anger and come with me…
Swara: I’m married!
Man: But you’re not happy… Swara baby…I’m not that stupid to loose track of you…I sent my men and they kept informing me…you don’t even like Sanskaar….!
Swara looks on angrily,
Swara: So? I’m still his wife…
Man: Oh Swara… I sent your divorce papers to him… He will sign it then you will and you will be divorced and then officially mine!
Swara gets shocked: What the hell? You can’t do that and what did you think? That I will come with you?
The man laughs,
Man: Aww Swara baby…your Mom Dad, Dadi are coming back next month…you don’t want to see their dead corpses…
Swara looks at him shockingly.
Swara: You wouldn’t dare.
Man: I will… Anyways thanks to your agent…he texted you the address I wanted you at…Anyways you have three days.

The man leaves with his men’s, Swara gets shocked and breaks down. It then goes into a flashback when a year ago after meeting Ragini at the temple, she bumps into a guy, she says sorry but the guy gets mesmerised, she then leaves and he whispers something to his men and they nod, then the men come at the Baadi, Sumi and Shekhar get shocked. Then all of a sudden the man had to leave and when he came back he found out she’s married and he gets angry and wants Swara at any cost, he came to meet her but she slapped him. His name is Aray and he is a tycoon. End of Flashback.
Swara: Why did he come back?
Swara then gets a call and attends it.
Agent: I’m sorry Ma’am, I had no other choice, that guy had me at gun point and wanted your address, I didn’t give it, he then threatened to kill my child and wife so I texted you the address he wanted you at but now I texted you the right address.. Sorry ma’am.
Swara: No…it’s okay, I understand your problem. Anyways thank you…
Swara then disconnects the call and sees another message. She stands up and wipes her tears and goes to the place.
After a while she reaches…
Swara looks up and sees an ashram, she then enters and sees kids playing and learning.
Swara: Excuse me..
Mrs D: Yes?
Swara: Um…is there anyone called Ragini here?
Mrs D: Why?
Swara: Actually I needed to talk to her…
Mrs D: Is there any reasons why?
Swara: Well…I’m her sister Swara.
Mrs D thinks,
Mrs D: How do I believe you’re telling the truth?
Swara thinks, she then realises her phone and shows her photos of her and Ragini.
Mrs D: This could be morphed…..
Swara: It’s nothing like that, I’m her sister Swara….can you please take me to her….
Mrs D: Follow me…
Mrs D and Swara reach the room, Swara looks around, Mrs D points at the room. Swara looks inside and sees Ragini sitting and thinking, Swara then goes in. Ragini looks there,
Swara: Ragini….
Ragini stands up and Swara hugs her,
Swara: Where have you been Ragini?
Ragini gets shocked and looks at Mrs D.
Swaragini title tune plays,
Swara: You left your Shona and went? How can you Ragini? I searched everywhere for you and now?
Ragini gets teary eyed and hugs Swara back,
Ragini: Swara…. Hume Maaf kar do (forgive me) I didn’t want to trouble you.
Swara: What trouble?
Swara breaks the hug and they look at each other,
Ragini sees Swaras Maang filled,
Ragini: Swara… You got married?
Swara nods,
Swara: I didn’t know, I found out after marrying him.
Ragini gets confused,
Ragini: What do you mean?
Swara: Uh…I haven’t forgave him for what he did to you.
Ragini: So you married Laksh…?
Swara nods no.
Ragini: Sanskaar?
Swara nods yes, Ragini gets shocked.
Swara: Whatever they did to you was bad… I haven’t let him near me for a year and I’m planning to get a divorce from him.
Ragini: Swara…you married him and you have to maintain it, I don’t want your house to break because of me…
Swara: Forget about this… You tell me how you’ve been?
Ragini: Fine you?
Swaragini start talking.

Scene shifts to Laksh, he is thinking and walking, he then gets hit by a Lorry and is bleeding on the floor, all crowd around him, he utters Raginis name before closing his eyes. The people call the ambulance and they take Laksh to the hospital.

Sanskaar reaches MM and sees its
Sanskaar: Mom…Chachi…?
Sanskaar: Ramu!
he then asks the servant to take the bags, he goes to his room, he then sees some papers and reads them and is shocked.

Swara receives a Call she attends it,
Aray: Hello Jaanu…
Swara gets irritated.
Swara: How did you get my number and…
Aray: Baby… Listen to me first…so you’re Devar had an accident…
Swara gets shocked,
Aray: Or shall I say it was planned…?
Swara: What are you saying?
Aray: And guess what darling…your sweet mother in law and Chachi are with me… Ah, how can I forget your Papaji and Chachu?
Swara is double shocked and stands up,
Swara: What the hell? I…
Aray: I know you can’t believe me so I sent you a picture…now take care darling and I had to have something with me to keep as your token of promise. Now three days and they can leave from here, and pray that your Devar survives.
Swara hears AP shouting and remains shocked, Aray disconnects the phone and Swara sits down while sliding the phone off, she gets teary eyed.
Ragini: What happened?
Swara: He has them…
Ragini: Who?
Swara tells Ragini about Aray, Ragini gets shocked, Swara then tells her about Laksh having an accident, Ragini widens her eyes and is shocked, Swara then receives images and is shocked, Ragini sees them and is also shocked, they see AP, DP, Sujata and RP ties to the chair with the ropes.
Swara: This is all my fault…all mine, because of me they had to go through this…
Ragini consoles Swara,
Ragini: Nothing will happen to them…I’m with you and I won’t let anything happen to them.
Swara: Laksh…
Ragini and Swara stand up and head out, Mrs D looks on.

After a while Ragini and Swara reach the city hospital, they go to the receptionist,
Swara: Is there any Laksh Maheshwari admitted here?
Recep: No….wait let me check.
The receptionist checks Abd nods no,
Ragini: He had an accident recently.
The receptionist thinks,
Receptionist: Who got hit by a Lorry today?
Swara thinks and nods while Ragini is shocked.
Receptionist: He’s in the ICU.
Swara and Ragini Rush there.
Swaragini sad and fast tune plays….

Sanskaar throws the papers down after reading it,
Sanskaar: Swara…w..wants a..divorce?
Sanskaar sits down and puts his hands in his face. He then receives a call, he picks it up.
Swara: Hello Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: Now what is left to say? You already have your answer.
Swara gets confused,
Swara: Forget all this, co…
Sanskaar: I can’t forget all of this! You want a divorce then I will give it to you!
Swara is shocked and Sanskaar cuts the call and looks on angrily.

Ragini and Swara are outside the ICU, Swara sits on the chairs and thinks. The Dr comes out,
Ragini: Dr, how’s Laksh?
Dr: We can’t say anything yet, his condition is critical.
Ragini is still shocked while the Dr leaves, Ragini then goes inside the ICU.
Nurse: Ma’am, you can’t….
Ragini: Please… Just for once.
The nurse then thinks and nods, she then goes out.
Ragini walks towards Laksh,
Ragini: Nafrat Ki shuruat Tum ne Ki (You started the hatred)

Sanskaar: Aur Khatam mein karonga! (And I will end it)
Sanskaar angrily looks at Swaras picture.

Ragini: Ishq meine kabhi tumse Kiya Nahi. (I never loved you) (Looking at Laksh)

Sanskaar: Sachcha Ishq Tum Kya jaongi Swara… Tum ne toh mujhse Ishq Kiya hi Nahi. (How will you know what true love is Swara when you never loved me)

Swara is seen sitting down,
Swara: Tum se apna Ishq chupaya aur Di Nafrat Ki pechaan, Tum Kya jaano ge Meri Dastaan Sanskaar…
(I have hidden my love from you and gave the hatred a identity, how will you know what my story is Sanskaar…)

Ragini then goes close to Laksh,
Ragini: Yeh Kaisi Dastaan?

Sanskaar: Kaisi Nafrat?

Swara: Aur Kaisa Ishq?

Trio: Yours…or…mine?

Ragini touches Lakshs hand and picks it up.
Ragini: Why do I get weird feelings when I touch you? I should maintain distance…
Ragini lets go of his hand, Ragini then leaves while Laksh slowly opens his eyes, Laksh takes off his oxygen Mask,
Laksh: Tumhe apne Ishq Ki pechaan karaonga, Nafrat Mit…mit jayegi… (I will make you recognise my love, hatred will go away)

Swaras, Sanskaars, Raginis and Lakshs face is shown.

After a while Laksh is shifted to the ward,
Dr: You can meet him now, he’s absolutely alright.
Swara stands up, the Dr leaves.
Ragini: I’m going now and…
Swara: How can you leave…? I need you Ragini…
Ragini: Swara…
Swara: Haa Ragini, you said you were with me in this and now you’re leaving?
Ragini remembers,
Ragini: Achcha Baba sorry, I will stay with you.
Swara smiles and nods.
Ragini: We need to think of a way to get them back, have you talked to Sanskaar?
Swara: He doesn’t want to talk to me, anyways forget him…
Ragini looks on.

Swara and Ragini then enter the ward and see Laksh sleeping,
Ragini gets worried,
Ragini in her head: I have told him that I forgot my memory and Swara knows I haven’t…
Swara gets a call and goes out to attend it,
Swara: Hello?
Aray: Oh come on…you forgot about me?
Swara: What do you want now?
Aray: I thought to give you 2 days.
Swara is shocked.
Aray: Joking…I thought 3 days isn’t enough so I thought to give you 4 days. Swara darling… You don’t want your so called husband to die…anyways good luck and come quick.
Swara is stunned. Aray disconnects the phone.

Laksh opens his eyes,
Laksh: Arey Ragini…what are you doing here?
Ragini: Vo…I heard you had an accident so I came to see you.
Laksh: I’m alright now… Where’s the Dr?
Ragini: He went out… I’ll call him if you want.
Laksh: Please.
Ragini goes out to search for the Dr, she then finds him.
Ragini: Dr, Laksh is calling you…
Dr then goes with Ragini to Lakshs room,
Laksh sees him,
Laksh: Dr, I feel better can I go?
Dr: Sorry Lucky but you can’t go, you need to be under observation. You just had your operation.
Laksh: Please Dr….
Dr: I know you don’t like staying in the hospital.
Laksh: I’m okay…
Dr: Okay, we will see, if in these 24 hours there’s signifiant results then we will think about, till then rest.
Laksh: 24 hours? That’s long…
Dr: Lucky, stop complaining, I’m going and I want to see the changes in the results!
The dr leaves and Laksh makes an upsetting face.

Swara reaches MM, she walks up the stairs but is stopped by Sanskaar, Swara looks up,
Sanskaar: What are you doing here?
Swara: I’m here to collect my luggage!
Sanskaar is surprised,
Sanskaar: I have signed the divorce papers and you can sign them too.
Swara nods and heads up, Sanskaar turns around looking at her, she is walking up with tears in her eyes,
Swara in her head: I need to stay away from you for your betterment! I can’t risk your life.
Swara then wipes her tears and opens the door, she looks around,
Patta patta starts playing in the BG.
Swara starts packing the suitcase. She looks at her and Sanskaars wedding photo, she then puts in in the bag, she finishes packing and starts walking out with her suitcase and looks around. Patta patta still plays in the BG. Sanskaar looks at her with pain in his eyes, he then looks away, she then comes down slowly and heads out, she turns around to Sanskaar but he has his back faced towards her, Swara turns around Sanskaar turns to her but she hurriedly goes out and Sanskaar looks on.

Ragini enters the ward with food, Laksh opens his eyes,
Laksh: I’m not hungry.
Ragini thinks and smiles,
Ragini: I brought this for me…
She places it on the table and starts opening the tiffins, Lakshs mouth gets watery,
Ragini: Wow, it smells so nice…
Ragini takes a bite and looks at Laksh, Laksh looks away,
Ragini: Yum…it’s so good, you should try it out.
Laksh: No, I’m fine thanks.
Ragini takes another bite,
Laksh in his head: She should ask one more time… But I’m not eating until I get permission to go.
Ragini: Come on Laksh…it’s so good…
Laksh thinks.
Ragini: Chalo..it’s okay, I’ll eat it.
Ragini was about to put it in her mouth when Laksh quickly eats it, Ragini looks on and smiles, Laksh swallows it, Ragini then starts feeding him and he eats while looking at her, she happily feeds him, Jo tu mera hamdard hai….starts playing in the BG.
Then the Dr comes in,
Dr: Sorry to disturb you but…
Ragini stops and stands up,
Ragini: No Dr, is everything okay?
Dr: I came here to say that he can go home but heard he wasn’t eating, now seeing him eat I’m satisfied and I know I shouldn’t be doing this but you can go but you need bed rest…okay?
Laksh smiles and nods,
Dr: Can you please take care of him…I know he wouldn’t listen to me..and don’t say my name.
Laksh: Don’t worry Doc… I won’t tell anyone.
Ragini: Haa Dr, don’t worry, we will take care of him.
The dr smiles,
Dr: Here’s his discharge papers.
Ragini takes them and the nurse bring a wheel chair.
Laksh: What?
Dr: You need complete bed rest so you’re not allowed to walk.
They then put Laksh on the wheel chair, he goes to the bathroom and gets changed. Ragini and the Dr are talking, Laksh comes out,
Laksh: Thank…
The ward boy leaves,
Laksh: How am I meant to push this when I have a cast on my arm? I’m walking.
Dr: If one foot of yours goes on the ground then you’re staying.
The Dr then laughs looking at Ragini, Laksh then rolls his eyes.

Sanskaar is thinking about Swara, just then Swara arrives, Sanskaar sees her,
Swara: I forgot the divorce papers.
Sanskaars heart broke listening to the word divorce. Swara goes upstairs and gets the papers, she opens then and is heart broken to see Sanskaars signatures, she then breathes and goes towards him,
Swara: Ha..have you got a pen?
Swara doesn’t look him in the eyes, Sanskaar takes out the pen and gives it not wanting to, Swara then leans down and signs the papers in front of Sanskaar, Sanskaar felt like his heart got stabbed and broke into pieces, (sound of a glass break)
Swara: I’ll submit it in the court today.
Swara turns around and heads out. Sanskaar angrily breaks the glass, Swara then starts crying after coming out. Patta Patta plays….

Laksh then comes out from the hospital,
Laksh: Where are we going?
Ragini: Where do you want to go?
Laksh: Home…
Ragini then stops the auto and takes Laksh home.
They reach MM, Ragini gets out, she takes the wheel chair out but Laksh steps out, he struggles to walk a little but Ragini stops him,
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh: What?…
Laksh tries to walk but feels the pain,
Ragini: Laksh, you’re not stable to walk yet and…
Laksh: Oh please Ragini…I can do it.
Laksh walks slowly and then falls forward but Ragini comes there, she manages to hold him,
Ragini: Laksh! Enough…stop being stubborn and sit here!
Laksh: No, I can do it…
Ragini looks at him, Laksh then sees Swara with her luggage,
Laksh: Swara…?
Ragini turns around and sees Swara, Swara sees her and walks there,
Swara: Yeah Kya? He had an accident today and….
Ragini: He’s stubborn and he wouldn’t listen, I told him that and so did the Dr but no…he doesn’t listen.
Laksh: Oh please, I’ll do whatever I want okay…?
Ragini: But now you have to take rest…
Swara helps Ragini take Laksh inside, Sanskaar sees them and gets shocked to see Ragini,
Laksh: Bhai…
Sanskaar goes up to Laksh,
Sanskaar: Lucky, are you okay?
Laksh: Haa Bhai, I’m okay…
Sanskaar then takes Laksh upstairs and to his room.
Swara and Ragini talk,
Swara: He has our family…I don’t know what to do…
Ragini: We will think of something…
Swara: My suitcase…
Swara goes out to get her suitcase and handbag, she then places it down the stairs and climbs up,
Swara: I got it… Anyways I think I know what to do… He’s given me 4 days time.
Ragini: What are you planning to do Swara?
Swara looks on.

Sanskaar makes Laksh sit on the bed,
Sanskaar: What happened Lucky and Ragini…?
Laksh tells him everything and he is shocked,
Sanskaar: She found her sister and yet she’s angry with me… This is limits!
Laksh: Calm down Bhai…
Sanskaar: How can I calm down lucky?! Now it’s enough, I don’t care about her anymore, she can just go and do whatever she wants, anyways she filed for a divorce!
Laksh gets shocked.
Laksh: But Bhai…
Sanskaar: She made her decisions and now it’s my turn… I don’t care anymore.
Sanskaar stands up and turns the other way,
Sanskaar: She will never understand my love because she’s selfish… She doesn’t care.
Sanskaar then leaves while Laksh looks on shocked.

Then Swara and Ragini are shown in the court office,
Swara: Thank you lawyer, here’s the papers.
Ragini: What papers?
Lawyer: Divorce papers.
Ragini gets shocked,
Swara: I will leave now.
Lawyers: I’ll submit them today and he will get the notice.
Swara nods and the lawyer leaves, Ragini holds Swaras hand and turns her towards her,
Ragini: What is this Swara…? Why are you getting divorce from him?
Swara: That was the only option…
Ragini: Meaning?
Swara: He wants me and this was the only way…anyways Sanskaar doesn’t like me…
Ragini: Swara…
Swara: Please Ragini… There’s was no point in this relationship anyways…
Swara then walks ahead and Ragini looks on,
Swara: Are you coming or not?
Ragini then follows behind and thinks: I can’t let Swara and Sanskaar get separated, I need to help them unite.

Swara and Ragini reach the Ashram,
Ragini: Ma’am, can she stay here?
Mrs D: Sure why not?
Swara: Thank you
Mrs D: My pleasure.
Mrs D leaves and Swara and Ragini go to the room Ragini sleeps in. Swara sits down and remembers Sanskaar and her moments before the wedding, him picking her up in his arms, her eating his half of the kulfi, them having fun and then after marriage knowing the truth and then the divorce moments.
Sanskaar happens to be remembering these moments too, he is sitting in his room alone.
Sanskaar: You didn’t do good Swara…
Swara: I’m sorry Sanskaar…

Then after a while all fall asleep as it turned night.

Ragini wakes up and doesn’t find Swara, she looks around worriedly,
Ragini: Swara…?
She stands up and sees a note, she reads it and it says ‘Come meet me at the temple’
Ragini: Temple? Who is this?
Just then Swara comes out of the bathroom,
Ragini: Swara… Where are you going?
Swara thinks: I can’t tell Ragini, I can’t risk her life, she would do anything to help me, she will even risk her life for me.
Swara then receives a message,
It says ‘Swara baby, come to the factory that has been closed for 10 years behind the temple…will be waiting X’ Swara gets irratated and thinks,
Swara: I’m going for a walk…
Ragini senses Swara is lying,
Ragini: Haa, okay.
Swara then fake smiles and heads out,
Ragini: Why was Swara lying to me? I need to find out.
Ragini then gets her stole and follows her.

Finally Ragini reaches the temple, she sees Swara going on the other side, she was about to go when someone grabs her hand and pulls her she gets shocked.

Recap: Didn’t know what to put…

Thank you for commenting and liking. I am seriously happy that all of you like it. I’m going to finish it ASAP. I thought to write a OS but it was too long. Anyways ThAnK yOu To EvErYoNe WhO lIkEd? sorry for the late and long update

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