Swaragini (Yeh Kaisi Dastaan, Kaisi Nafrat aur Kaisa Ishq? Yours or Mine?) Episode 3



1 year later:
Ragini is shown wearing a Salwar kameez with her hair out and on one side, she releases the balloon and little kids around her smile and clap.
Ragini: So Bachchon….now?
Kids: Didi…we want Ice-cream….
Ragini: Haa?
They nod, she then nods, she walks over and gets Icecream tubs, she comes back,
Ragini: Not now…come lets go back to the Ashram and then we will eat it there. Okay?
They kids nod and they head in, just then someone grabs Raginis ear and she bites her tongue,
Ragini: Ma’am…sorry.
Mrs D: It’s not good feeding them Ice cream every day!
The kids go in and a teacher takes the tub and goes in.
Mrs D(a nun) lets go of Raginis ears.
Ragini: Thank you Mrs D….if you didn’t find me at that time then I wouldn’t be anywhere.
It then goes into a flashback when Ragini was walking, she gets hit by a car, Mrs D takes her to the hospital, Ragini forgets her memory and only remembers her name, Mrs D gave her a job and she brought her to an ashram… After that they went around the whole India to get orphan kids and after a year Ragini and other teachers come back…end of Flashback.
Mrs D: It’s good you came…the kids are loving you…
Ragini smiles.

Then the scene shifts to a mansion, a man is shown getting dressed, he then puts his blazer on with the perfume. He then smiles and walks out, his face is shown and it’s Laksh, he then comes out and sees people downstairs with the media.
He sees Sanskaar and DP giving interview.
Laksh: They wouldn’t even let me step down until the interview is over…
Swara comes out, she is wearing a saree with Sindoor and Mangalsutra.
Laksh: Swara…when am I allowed to come down?
Swara: You can come now.
Laksh: Only if Bhai lets me….
Swara: I’ll talk to him.
Laksh: Thank….
Swara: Don’t assume I forgave you two!
She huffs and leaves, Laksh looks on.
It goes into a flashback:
Ragini left the house and Sanskaar tells his family the truth, then Sanskaar and Swara fall in love, AP decides to get them married, Sujata and DP were against it but later DP agreed, Swasan got married but Sujata still hadn’t agreed so she tells Swara what they did to Ragini and that she left the house. Swara gets shocked and never talks to them. DP and AP slap Laksh and Sanskaar, Shekhar and Sumi went to pilgrimage after Swaras marriage and they don’t know about Ragini, Daadi goes with them too, they said they will be back next year.
End Flashback.

Laksh: I know Bhabhis anger is justified but where are you Ragini, you went missing for a year now?
Laksh then comes down and goes out, he gets a phone call,
Laksh: Yes? Oh…Did you find Ragini?
Guy: No…
Laksh then disconnects the phone, he starts walking and sees a park, suddenly it starts raining. Ragini happens to be in the same park, she smiles and looks up at the rain.
Laksh: Shit! Where do I go?
The teacher and Mrs D rush the kids in.
Ragini: Cham Cham Cham….
Laksh was about to go but stops after hearing her sound.
Ragini starts dancing. Mrs D smiles and nods her head no.
Ragini: Zulfon se baandh liya dil
Seene pe se udne laga aanchal
Mujhse naina mila ke (Laksh walks towards the sound)
Mausam hone lage paagal

Ragini smiles: Sabse hoke befikar
Nachun main aaj
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham… (signals all to come)
They nod no and stand from far and watch.

Ragini: Main nachun aaj
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham…

She then stops and closes her eyes, Laksh reaches there and gets shocked to see her.
Mrs D: Ragini! Come in!
Ragini turns around and nods,
Laksh: Ragini….
Ragini runs inside the ashram, Mrs D gives her the towel.
Ragini: Thank you.
Laksh couldn’t believe his eyes.

After a while the Rain stops and Laksh goes home and thinks about Ragini.

Laksh gets up and gets changed, he then heads to the Ashram. He reaches,
Mrs D: No boys allowed…sorry!
Laksh: Uh…no…I’m here for Ragini..?
Mrs D looks at him,
Mrs D: Why?
Ragini comes out wearing a pink Salwar with pink leggings and pink stole pinned to her shoulder with her hair out.
Ragini: What happened Mrs D?
Ragini looks up and sees Laksh,
Ragini: Yes…?
Laksh looks on surprised,
Mrs D: Ragini, you go to the children, I’ll handle him.
Ragini nods and leaves, Mrs D looks at Laksh.
Mrs D: Follow me…
Laksh and Mrs D go to her office.
Mrs D: She forgot her memory and had an accident a year ago. You must know her but she doesn’t recognise you….
Laksh gets shocked.
Laksh then thinks: He has one last opportunity…he shouldn’t let that go.
Laksh: Thank you….
Mrs D: And you are….?
Laksh: Laksh Maheshwari.
Mrs D: Okay and how do you know her?
Laksh: She’s my…my childhood friend…
Mrs D: Oh..okay.
Laksh then comes out of the office, he then sees Ragini teaching and smiles devishly, he walks up there.

Swara isn’t talking to Sanskaar, Sanskaar takes her to the room,
Sanskaar: It’s been a year Swara, talk to me, hit me and shout at me but don’t avoid me.
Swara: Whatever you did to my sister was unacceptable! You two ruined her life!
Sanskaar: I’m sorry….
Swara: Say that to her!
Swara angrily leaves. Sanskaar bangs the wall. He then starts bleeding, Swara looks back and gets shocked, she goes up to him.
Swara: Sanskaar….?
Sanskaar jerks his hand away.
Sanskaar: I’m okay….anyways you hate me right then why care for me?
Swara: I came for the sake of humanity but what will you understand? You’ve been playing with other people’s feelings and…
Sanskaar: For god sake Swara…I told you it was a mistake….
Swara: You didn’t even tell me, I found out after marrying you and if I found out before then I would’ve never married a person like you!
Sanskaar: I’m sorry…I told you already…I regret!
Swara: Please….show your fake repentance to someone else, if you really wanted to repent then you would’ve searched for her but no…you’re just sitting here and doing nothing!
Swara leaves and Sanskaar closes his eyes.

Ragini: Who are you?
Laksh: Hello everyone, my name is Laksh…you can call me Lucky….
Kids: Lucky Bhaiyya….
Laksh: Yes….
Ragini: No Bachcho…..
Laksh: Arey, why you stopping them?
Ragini: You’re disturbing their learning!
Just then the bell rings, the children cheer and go away.
Laksh: Well now their learning is finished…and I’m not disturbing.
Ragini: You shouldn’t be here…
Ragini starts walking, Laksh walks behind her,
Laksh: Would you want Kulfi…?
Ragini stops, she then thinks.
Ragini: No….
Laksh: Okay…your choice, I’m going to get my favourite flavour…Pistachio….
Raginis mouth gets watery.
Laksh walks ahead, Ragini is thinking wether to stop him or not…
Ragini: Where are you buying it from?
Laksh: The Kulfi Vala near the bridge….
Ragini thinks: What should I do? Go or not?
Laksh starts walking,
Ragini: Stop!
Laksh smiles and stops, Ragini walks there.
Ragini: Since I’m going that way, I’ll come along….
Laksh laughs,
Ragini: Why are you laughing?
Hee then nods and they start walking.

They reach there, Laksh gets two pistachio and gives one to Ragini.
Ragini: How do you know I like Pistachio?
Laksh: Uh…that was the only flavour left so I brought it.
Ragini: Oh, okay.
Laksh: This is where we first met…
Ragini: Huh?
Laksh: Nothing, let’s go and sit there.
Ragini: No..I’m…
Laksh grabs her hand and takes her there, they sit down and put their feet in the water. Ragini finishes her Kulfi, she then gets some flashes and avoids them.
Laksh: Are you okay?
Ragini: Haa…I’m okay.
Laksh finishes his Kulfi too.
Ragini: Thank you.
Laksh: For what?
Ragini: For feeding me Kulfi.
Laksh: You don’t need to say thank you.
Ragini: Okay…I’ll leave now.
Laksh: Stay for a bit.
Ragini: No, it’s getting late and I will be late.
Laksh: Okay let me drop you.
Ragini: Umm?
Laksh stands up, Ragini also stands up but slips but Laksh holds her on time, Kuch to tha….plays in the BG…
Ragini looks up and they both have an eye-lock. Raginis hair is flying and moving back, one of her hair strand falls in front. Laksh moves it back with his finger tips. Ragini gets weird feelings.
Laksh: Are you okay?
Ragini: Haa
Ragini then moves a little and Laksh makes her stand,
Laksh: Uh..so shall we go?
Ragini nods and they start walking.

Swara is walking down the streets, she is thinking, she then reaches her destination,
Swara: Dada…how much are you selling these vegetables for?
She then gets a call and she attends it.
Swara: Haa Maa?
Sumi: How are you beta? How is Ragini? Beta, we are coming back next month.
Swara gets shocked,
Swara: Maa…everyone’s okay, are you finished?
Sumi: I can’t contact Ragini…is everything okay? Her number is not reachable and we haven’t seen her lately…is she okay?
Swara: Haa Maa, everything’s okay? You’re worrying for no reason. Maa, I’m out and I’ll call you later.
Sumi: Haa beta and get Ragini to talk to me..
Swara: Teek hai Maa…. Take care.
Swara disconnects the phone and gets teary eyed.
Swara: What should I tell you Maa? I don’t know how to tell you that your daughter has been missing for a year….
Swara then wipes her tears, she turns around, Ragini and Laksh walk past, Swara misses to see them.
Swara: Kya? Itna Megha? I brought some yesterday and it wasn’t that expensive…
Guy: What can we do Madam…nowadays everything is going expensive….
Swara: But I only need some and you’re charging me high…cut it a little…
The guy nods: I’ll only give you 2% off.
Swara thinks.
Swara: That will do… Even tho it’s too much.
Swara then pays and takes the vegetables.

Swara starts walking with two bags in her hand, she then receives another call,
Swara: How am I meant to pick that up?
She struggles to pick her phone up, it slips out of her hand but is caught by someone. Swara looks up and sees Sanskaar, Sanskaar looks at her innocently. He picks it up and puts it on her ear and she looks on. She then ignores him.
Swara: Hello?
Unknown: Ma’am, we found your sister.
Swara: Kya? Really?
A wide smile appears on Swaras face,
Unknown: We will text you the address.
Swara smiles: Okay, thank you…. Sometimes strangers help better than own ones….(looks at Sanskaar)
Sanskaar looks away.
Swara: Okay…Bye, take care.
Swara moves her ear and Sanskaar disconnects it. She then starts walking and Sanskaar follows.
Sanskaar: Swara…listen…
Swara: What is there left to listen? Please Sanskaar….
They walk up to Sanskaars car,
Sanskaar: I’ll drop you.
Swara: No. You can drop these vegetables… I’ve got some work outside…
Sanskaar opens the door and Swara puts the bags in, she then takes her phone off Sanskaar.
Swara checks her phone and smiles.
Swara in her head: Now no one will stop me from reaching you Ragini…today I will meet you for sure.
Sanskaar in his head: Why does she seem happy? Should I ask her?
Swara then walks off and Sanskaar looks on upsettingly, he forwards his hand but then takes it back.

Swara reaches the place, she looks around confusingly,
Swara: Did I reach the wrong place?
She turns around to go but sees people coming towards her, she gets shocked and confused, they then surround her,
Swara: What is going on?
Swara tries to leave but the goon stops her,
Goon: Madam…where are you going?
Swara: What batmeezi is this?
Goon2: We’re not misbehaving Madam, you are…
Swara: Excuse me?
G3: You’re excused.
Swara: Let me go….
Just then a man is shown entering, he has black shoes with black trousers and a white shirt with blazer. He has black sunglasses on.
Man: What’s so hurrying Swara..?
Swara gets confused, the goons move out of the way and Swara gets shocked.

Scene shifts to Laksh and Ragini reaching the Ashram,
Ragini: Thank you…
Ragini smiles and leaves, Laksh smiles and looks on,
Laksh: I need to tell everyone that we found Ragini…
Laksh leaves, Ragini then looks from the window and gets teary eyed, someone touches her shoulder and she turns around and it’s Mrs D, Ragini hugs her and tears fall out of her eyes.
Mrs D: Bless you…
Ragini: Thank you.
Mrs D: It was my duty…when will you hide this beta?
Ragini: Until I happen to keep quiet…
Mrs D: If I didn’t find out yesterday then I would’ve never found out.

It goes into a flashback:
After the rain, Ragini is wiping her hair, she then thinks about Laksh and happens to see him,
Ragini: Why has he come back?
Ragini then remembers how she faked her memory loss,
Ragini: I have hid my identity and faked my memory loss….I can’t let my past get me…
Just then Mrs D enters, Ragini turns around and gets shocked.
Mrs D: I heard everything…you didn’t do the right thing Ragini…
Ragini stars crying, Mrs D walks up to her, Raginj hugs her and says ” I didn’t have any other choice Ma’am…”
Ragini then tells Mrs D.
Mrs D: It was very cruel…they got you married at the age of 15 and used you..? Very bad. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about this.
Ragini: Thanks Ma’am.
End of FB.

The episode ends on Raginis teary eyed face and Swaras shocked face.

Precap: The Man is revealed….Swara to find Ragini….

Thank you for commenting and liking. I am seriously happy that all of you like it. I’m going to finish it ASAP. I thought to write a OS but it was too long. Anyways ThAnK yOu To EvErYoNe WhO lIkEd?

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Credit to: Halima

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