Swaragini (Yeh Kaisi Dastaan, Kaisi Nafrat aur Kaisa Ishq? Yours or Mine?) Episode 2


The episode begins with Swara looking at Ragini.
Swara: How can you even like pistachio?
Ragini: It tastes good…that’s why…I don’t like it, I love it!
Swara: Milk one is good.
Ragini: I won’t say it’s bad…
Ragini then sees a lady walking,
Ragini: I’ll be back.
Ragini goes to help that lady carry her stuff.

Laksh: I’ll be there if you need me.
Sanskaar: Haa, are you sure you don’t want any?
Laksh nods no and walks away.
Sanskaar starts talking to the vendor.
Ragini comes back,
Swara: Where did you go?
Ragini: I helped an Aunty.
Swara: Hm… I’ll go and pay the kulfi man…
Ragini: Okay…
Swara stands up,
Swara: Where’s your kulfi?
Ragini: I gave it away…
Swara: You’re so sweet Laado…
Ragini: Thank you Shona…
Swara smiles and heads towards the kulfi vendor.

Laksh is walking backwards, he then clashes with Ragini and pushes her in the water, he looks back and gets shocked,
Laksh: Oh sh*t….does she know how to swim?
Ragini waves her hand and is drowning, Laksh then sees her drowning and jumps in, he finds her and holds her by the waist and swims to the other end, he reaches there and lies her down, out of the water and gets out.
Laksh then starts shaking her and rubs her hand, he then pushes her chest and water comes out and she starts coughing.
Laksh: Thank god…
Ragini sits up and shivers, Laksh looks at her.
Ragini then looks up at his eyes and they have eye-lock for 3 seconds but she moves her eyes.

Laksh smiles,
Laksh: Don’t worry…nothing will happen.
Ragini and Laksh stand up, a lady comes out.
Lady: Beta you? Is everything alright?
Ragini nods yes,
Lady: Thank you for helping me…Arey, you’re drenched, come inside and get changed.
Ragini: N..no Aunty, I’m fine…
Laksh hears her voice and his heart beats starts skipping, he feels something which he had never felt before.
Lady: No, come in and you…(looking at Laksh) you come too.
Laksh: Sorry Aunty, I don’t wear women clothes…
Lady: I have men’s clothing too!
Laksh smiles and nods, Raglak go inside with the lady.

After a while….
Ragini comes out wearing a pink sare on draped like Sumis (Bengali)… Laksh wears a shirt and jeans.
Laksh: Thanks Aunty…I really thought I had to wear saree and all…but….
Lady: It’s my sons clothes, he’s not in this world anymore.
Laksh looks up at her,
Laksh: And that’s my Bahus (pointing at Raginis attire)
Laksh looks at Ragini and gets mesmerised. She has her hair opened and is looking down.
Ragini: Don’t worry, you have me…assume me as your Bahu…or maybe daughter.
Laksh: And me as your son…
The lady blesses Ragini and Laksh.
Ragini: Aunty…we have to go now..
Lady nods and Raglak leave.
Laksh: Are you okay?
Ragini: Yes…
Laksh: By the way…I’m…Laksh…u?
Ragini doesn’t say anything,

Then it shifts to Swasan, Swara and Sanskaar are talking, suddenly Swara gets a call,
Swara: Haa Maa, bolo.
Sumi: Shona..where are you?
Swara: Maa, we are at our old place..
Sumi: Don’t come home yet…or don’t bring Laado.
Swara: Why? Is everything okay Maa?
Sumi: Haa, anyways Laado left her phone here…come quick.
Sumi disconnects the phone.
Sanskaar: What happened?
Swara: Maa said not to come and then she said to come quick…what?
Sanskaar: Maybe she doesn’t want you to come but has to say come quick…did she say it loud?
Swara: She said don’t come yet quietly and come quick loudly.
Sanskaar: Meaning she doesn’t want you to come.
Swara nods and thinks.

Then Sumi turns around and sees DP and AP sitting down….she fake smiles at them.

The it shifts to Raglak,
Laksh: Um…
Ragini: My name is Ragini…
Laksh: Nice name…
Ragini: Thanks…
Laksh: So are you single?
Ragini stops and looks at him,
Laksh: No..I mean that nowadays girls are married…
Ragini then looks down and tears fall out of her eyes.
Laksh: Sorry…I didn’t mean to make you cry…I…
Ragini wipes her tears,
Ragini: I’m not single….
Laksh gets shocked,
Laksh: U married?
Ragini then remembers her marriage 3 years ago… And nods yes which shocks Laksh even more.
Laksh: How old are you?
Ragini: 18….
Laksh: Ragini…don’t worry…is it a love marriage?
Ragini nods no…
Laksh: Arranged?
Ragini nods no,
Laksh: What? Not love, not arranged then forced right? (As a joke)
Ragini nods yes and Laksh gets even more shocked,
Laksh: So forced?
Ragini nods yes.
Laksh: How? Is he with you…
Ragini nods no…
Laksh: He left you?
Ragini nods no..
Laksh: Then where is he?
Ragini: I don’t know…..
Laksh (shocked): What?! What type of marriage is this then?
Ragini cries: I don’t want to go…
Laksh: Where?
Ragini: They will come and take me…I…
Ragini breaks down on the floor, Laksh gets hurt seeing her crying,
Laksh in his head: Why am I hurt seeing her cry?
Laksh also bends down,
Lakshs: Ragini….

Ragini hugs him and cries on his shoulder, Laksh gets shocked and his heart beats fast….he feels like everything has stopped.
Ragini: I don’t want to go….
Laksh the hugs her back.
Laksh: Shh….calm down…you…
Ragini realises and breaks the hug, she hurriedly stands up and wipes her tears…she looks down nervously and starts walking fast… Laksh stands up and looks on, Laksh also starts walking.
Laksh: Ragini…!
Ragini doesn’t look back.

Finally Ragini reaches Swara, “Let’s go home…” Ragini says while holding Swaras hand, “Ragini…we can’t yet…” Swara says while holding Ragins hand, “I want to go home…please!” Ragini says while looking at Swara, Ragini then says “You can stay here, I’m going..” Ragini starts walking, Swara picks the bag up and starts walking behind her, Laksh reaches there.
“Have you seen Ragini?” Laksh looks at Sanskaar, “No…who is she?” Sanskaar says confusingly.
“Forget it!” Laksh says while looking down.

Ragini and Swara reach home, Sumi and Shekhar get shocked.
Ragini looks up and gets shocked to see DP, she then gets flashbacks of DP(KP) abducting her parents and forcing her to marry his son…
AP: Is that the girl? Oh…both of them grew up…which ones which?
Swaragini and Sumi Shekhar are stunned.
Sumi walks up to Swaragini and says quietly ” What are you doing here? I said to not come yet” Swara says “Maa, she wanted to come and…”
Sumi: Go inside.
Swara takes Ragini inside,
AP: Ok, so get our Bahu ready…
Shekhar: Could we decide with them once…?
DP nods and Shekhar gets surprised…Sumi and Shekhar go to Swaraginis room.

Ragini sits on the bed and is thinking, she suddenly remembers Laksh and gets shocked, she thinks “Why am I thinking about him?” Sumi and Shekhar enter,
“Maa, who are they and what are they doing here?” Swara says while looking at Ragini.
“It’s the boy’s family…they want our Laado…” Sumi says while sitting next to Ragini.
Shekhar says ” He changed, he’s not violent anymore..he’s…”
Suddenly they hear a knock, they see DP and AP at the door,
DP: I know what you must be thinking…I will tell you everything.
Sumi and Shekhar look on confused.
Shekhar: What do you mean?
DP then tells them about KP……
Shekhar, Sumi, Swara and Ragini get shocked.
DP: I’m very ashamed of what my brother had did…(folds his hand)
Shekhar looks at Sumi…
AP: We would get their divorce done….if you don’t want her with us.
Shekhar and Sumi look at Ragini….Ragini thinks and nods yes.
Ragini: I would like to give it a try….
DP and AP get happy,
Sumi: Are you sure?
Shekhar: Tell us Ragini, is anything troubling you?
Ragini: No…I will give the relationship a chance….if it doesn’t work out then….
Swara: But…okay if there’s any problem then you will tell me.
Ragini nods,
Sumi: We will get her ready.
AP nods, Shekhar, AP and DP go out.

After a while, Ragini comes out in a bridal attire,
AP: Happy Birthday Beta…
Ragini: Thanks Aunty….
AP: Maa, not Aunty.
Ragini looks down and smiles uncomfortably.
Sumi has tears in her eyes, then they bid her, Swara has tears also.

Ragini pulls her ghunghat down and they reach MM.
Ragini comes inside and AP takes her to a room that is decorated with flowers and all that, she makes Ragini sit on the bed and goes.
After a while Laksh and Sanskaar come home.
Laksh: Bhai..I’m tired..I’m going to rest.
Sanskaar: Me too, I have never walked this much in 5 years…uff, I need my bed.
Laksh and Sanskaar leave to their perspective rooms.

Sanskaar enters his room and gets shocked… He sees a women sitting there in a bridal attire, he comes more in, Ragini is nervous and is biting her lip. Sanskaar sits on the bed and says “Sorry…I wasn’t expecting you…I was…. I know this was a forced marriage but we will get a divorce and you don’t have to stay here….well you can stay in this room till then…
Sanskaar leaves leaving Ragini teary eyed…Ragini gets up and he’s changed.

At night:
Ragini didn’t go out of that room for the whole day, she then gets changed and falls asleep.

Ragini wakes up and looks at the time,
Ragini: Oh no…I’m late…I need to go out to buy the sweet and…Shona…
Ragini looks to the side and doesn’t see Swara there….she then realises she’s not in her house.
She gets up and gets changed and heads out.

She reaches the hall and sees AP talking to the servant,
Ragini: Aunty…
AP looks at her,
Ragini: Sorry Maa…I wanted to ask if you have a Mandir here?
AP smiles: No beta, nearby there is a Mandir but outside there’s tulsi…will that do?
Ragini: Maa…can I go to the temple?
AP: Teek hai…go.
Ragini smiles and heads out.

Ragini reaches the temple and goes in, she rings the bell and folds her hand and prays. Suddenly someone puts her hands on her eyes, Ragini feels the hands and smiles,
Ragini: Shona…?
Swara comes forward and Ragini opens her eyes.
Swara: Not fair Laado Amma, you always guess it right…not bad huh?
Ragini: Kya?
Swara: Hmm…saare and all? Even hair open? Why not pallu on head?
Ragini: You woke up early?
Swara: Haa, I got used to it…I need to now.
Ragini hugs Swara.

After a while they finish, they start walking, suddenly Laksh reaches there and sees Ragini,
Laksh: Ragini!
Ragini turns around and sees Laksh,
Laksh walks up to them,
Laksh: You’re here? I looked everywhere.
Ragini: Ji..?
Laksh: Don’t tell me you forgot me…?
Ragini then remembers what had happened yesterday.
Ragini: Aap?
Swara: Do you know him?
Ragini: Wel…..
Laksh: Yaa, we’re friends…
Ragini looks at him,
Swara: Okay…
Swara gets a call,
Swara: Oh fish….I need to go..sorry, bye! I’ll call you later!
Swara leaves and Ragini looks on.

Ragini: Why did you lie that we were friends?
Laksh: We are tho
Ragini: When?
Laksh: Yesterday…you hugged me and we became friends…
Ragini gets shocked,
Ragini: Look, that was an accident…I…
Laksh: What are you saying?
Ragini looks at him,
Laksh (acting): Don’t do this please…my respect…my image and reputation….
Ragini: What happened?
Laksh: Don’t do this to me Ragini, Hai, you betrayed me….
Ragini: I didn’t…
Ragini starts walking and Laksh starts following.

Finally Ragini reaches MM,
Ragini: Listen..La..?
Laksh: Laksh.
Ragini: Haa, Laksh, I have reached my house and you can go…
Laksh looks around: Where? I don’t see your house.
Ragini: Vaha Nahi…look behind me.
Laksh sees MM,
Laksh: This is your house?
Ragini nods.
Laksh: Your house?
Ragini nods again.
Laksh: Your HOUSE?
Ragini: Haa baba, well this is my husbands house….
Laksh gets shocked.
Ragini then walks in while Laksh looks on.
Laksh: So this means Ragini is….
Laksh gets angry,
Laksh in his head: Why can’t I accept that Ragini…Bhai…ugh!

Ragini enters MM and AP sees her,
AP: Beta, how was it?
Ragini: It was good Maa.
AP: You can rest…Haa?
Ragini: Maa, if you don’t mind then can I help you in the kitchen?
AP smiles: Sure…come.
Ragini smiles and heads to the kitchen with AP.

Laksh enters MM and goes straight to his room and locks it.
Laksh: Ragini…..
It then goes into a flashback when Sanskaar argued with KP and this angered him and KP thought Sanskaar was getting out of hand and then KP decided to get him married. Sanskaar cried and pleaded that he didn’t want to get married but no one listened to him as they were scared of KP, one day Sanskaar told Laksh and Laksh goes in the Mandap instead of Sanskaar, KP couldn’t notice as Laksh was wearing a Sehra…then after he married Ragini, he went out and swapped his clothes with Sanskaar,
Sanskaar: Thanks lucky, I’ll never forget your favour.
Laksh: No Bhai…I’m glad I helped.
End of FB.
Laksh thinks how to tell, but anyways for the family she is known as Mrs Sanskaar Maheshwari when in real she is Mrs Laksh Maheshwari….

In the evening:
Everyone come for dinner, including Laksh and Sanskaar, Ragini gets shocked to see Laksh…
Ragini in her head: What is he doing here?
AP: Laksh…where were you in the morning? I was looking everywhere for you…
Laksh: Maa, I was out for a bit…
Ragini gets shocked and thinks “So he’s related to this family…I mean this family’s other son?” Ragini looks at Laksh and he looks at her too.
Everyone finish eating,
Sanskaar: I have some work…
Sanskaar leaves, then everyone start leaving,
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh stops and turns around,
Ragini: Why didn’t you tell me?
Laksh: What?
Ragini: That this is your house.
Laksh: Sorry…
Ragini: It’s okay….w..
Before Ragini could complete her sentence, Laksh leaves and Ragini gets surprised.

After a while Ragini is walking past Lakshs room, she sees the door open and the room messy,
Ragini: So messy?
She knocks on the door,
Laksh: Maa, I can’t find my phone!
Ragini comes in,
Laksh turns around and realises Ragini.
Laksh: Sorry…
Ragini sees Lakshs phone on the floor under the shirt, she picks the shirt up and takes his phone, he smiles and takes it.
Laksh: Thanks Ragini…love you.
Ragini feels uncomfortable.
Laksh: Oh..sorry…
She hands him his shirt and their hands touch which give Ragini a feeling…a feeling…the recognition of that touch…..
Ragini then leaves.

Ragini: What was that? Why did I feel that I recognise that touch? I…somethings not right…I don’t feel somethings right.
She reaches Sanskaars room, she sees him talking on the phone.
Ragini: I need to talk to you Sanskaar….
Sanskaar turns around and disconnects the call,
Sanskaar: What?
Ragini walks up to Sanskaar,
Ragini: Give me your hand…
Sanskaar: What?
Ragini: Haa, give me your hand!
Sanskaar forwards his hand, she then touches him and doesn’t get any feeling, Sanskaar gets confused. Ragini then gets angry.
Ragini: Did you marry me?
Sanskaar: What?
Sanskaar: Uh…to be honest no.
Ragini: Tell me the truth!
Sanskaar tells her, Ragini gets shocked, she then slaps Sanskaar,
Ragini: Disgusting!
She then angrily storms out and Sanskaar looks on while holding his cheeks.

While walking out she bumps in to Laksh, she then glares at him and slaps him which shocks him.
Ragini: Stay away from me! And tell your brother to as well!
Ragini then angrily walks out of the house.
Laksh goes to Sanskaars room,
Sanskaar: What the hell?!
Laksh: Did you slap you too?
Sanskaar: What do you mean? You too?
Laksh: She slapped me.
Sanskaar: Same
Laksh: Why?
Sanskaar: She found out the truth of me not being her husband….
Laksh gets shocked,
Laksh: If she tells everyone then….
Laksh rushes out. Ragini is seen crying and walking on the streets,
Ragini: What do they think of themselves? They used me! I can never forgive them! She then walks fast. Laksh comes out and looks around, he goes in the same direction.
Laksh: Ragini!
Laksh searches in the Baadi but doesn’t find Ragini.

The episode ends on Lakshs upsetting face….

Precap: 1 year later…. Laksh to meet Ragini…..

Thank you for commenting and liking, I am seriously happy that all of you like it. I’m going to finish it ASAP. I thought to write a OS but it was too long. Anyways ThAnK yOu To EvErYoNe WhO lIkEd?

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