Swaragini (Yeh Kaisi Dastaan, Kaisi Nafrat aur Kaisa Ishq? Yours or Mine?) Episode 1

The story starts with a 15 Year old girl and a 17 year old boy marrying, the girl is being forced as you could clearly tell by her face, you could not see the boys face as his face is covered by Sehra. The girl continuously looks at her parents who were abducted and tied on a chair with knifes on their necks, they are crying and signalling their daughter no but she has no choice either, the boy’s father is enjoying this and is throwing flowers at them. Eventually the girl and boy get married, the people then untie her parents and she rushes to them and looks them in the eyes. They break down and hug her. She rests her head on the fathers shoulder while crying. The boy leaves and the boys dad says “We will come and take her when she’s 18 years old!” By saying this they all leave leaving the girl and her parents crying.

3 years later:
Kolkata is shown, then a house is shown. Inside that house a girl is shown but not her face, she has her hair opened and is wearing orange Salwar with blue leggings and blue stole pinned to her shoulder. Her lips are shown and
The girl shouts: Maa, I’m going to the Mandir….I will be back later.
The girl heads out but suddenly remembers something,
Girl: Arey Shona ko uthana Bhool gayi. (Oh I forgot to wake Shona up)
Just then a girl comes from behind and hugs her and says “Meri Laado Amma, I’m here…don’t worry” the girl turns around and her face is shown, she is none other than our Ragini,
Ragini: Swara, I thought you wouldn’t wake up…
Swara: I wouldn’t wake up or you forgot to wake me up?
Ragini bites her tongue and holds her ears and says sorry.
Swara: Chall Jane bhi de, let’s go we’re getting late.
Ragini nods and they head out.

Then another house is shown but it’s big and it’s not a house it’s a mansion, inside that mansion a lady is doing Aarti. Then a man comes and stands besides her and whispers “When shall we get her?” The lady finishes Aarti and looks at him,
Lady: When is she turning 18?
Man: This year on the 5th of May.
The lady thinks and says “Okay, but inform your Bade Malik!” The man nods and heads up. Another women comes and says “JiJi, what you’re not doing is right….” The lady glares at her and says “Sujata…I know but they’re married now! You’re Bhaisa had forced them to marry and now…now what can we do? Shaadi is not a joke!”
The lady leaves and Sujata looks on, the lady is none other than AP.

The man knocks on a door, another man turns around and it’s none other than DP,
DP: What do you need?
Man: Bade Malik, the girls turning 18 on the 6th May….
DP: Hmm, you can go!
The man nods and leaves, DP then thinks and remembers how his brother had forced that marriage,
DP: What did you do Bhaisa? Why did you do that 3 years ago?
(DP’s twin brother KrishnaPrasad also known as KP, he is 6 minuets older than DP)

It goes into a flashback how KP had forced the boy and girl to get married, DP didn’t know until the marriage was over and then 2 weeks later KP died of heart attack.
End of FB.

DP: Now everyone would think that I forced them to marry and….just because he answered you back….

Then it shifts to a room that is messy. Someone is lying down with the blanket covering all of him, all the books are scattered and suddenly the alarm starts ringing.
An arm pops out and it hits the off button, then that person comes out of the bed, it’s a boy, he heads to the bathroom with his towel half asleep.

Then it shifts to another room, a boy is tying his shoes, “I can’t wait, I can’t believed I topped again….and passed!” The boy says with happiness, then his face is shown and he is none other than Sanskaar,
Sanskaar: I wonder if lucky woke up or not…. He didn’t share his results and if Papa asks then….. (Sanskaar is DP and AP’s son)
He stands up and heads out.

Swara and Ragini reach the temple, Ragini rings the bell and folds her hand and says “Hay Bhagwan….I haven’t opened my results yet, give me the courage to accept them…”
Ragini takes her results out from her bag and places it down.
Swara: You always do this….I opened mine and….
Ragini: And you passed, you know I cannot see my results after this…so stop teasing me….
Swara: Okay…sorry Laado Amma.
Ragini closes her eyes and starts praying, Swara smiles and does that too.
They finish and praying and head out,
Swara: Are you going to open the results now?
Ragini nods no,
Swara taps her head: Offo, how can I forget, you have one last thing to do….
Ragini nods and they head there. Ragini starts tying the thread around the tree and blabbers stuff to herself. Ragini finishes and gets down,
Swara: Would you open the results here or….

Ragini: Here…
Ragini sits down on the bench and Swara gives her the paper, Ragini closes her eyes and opens it, she then opens her eyes, reads it and gets shocked….. Tears fall out of her eyes.
Swara: Laado Amma? What happened?
Ragini looks at Swara,
Ragini: Swara, hum…hum…pass Ho Gaye! (I passed).
Then a smile appears on Raginis face and Swara hugs her tightly and says “Yay…you passed that’s good!” Ragini breaks the hug and stands up, she folds her hands and thanks god. Then a flower falls on her and she catches it,
Swara: Wow Laado…even God blessed you…
Ragini smiles…..

Then the scene shifts to the boy, he comes out of the bathroom and gets dressed, his face is shown and it’s none other than Laksh, he smiles and says “Lucky, you need to show your results to Papa, don’t be scared huh…be brave….because of Papa, I can’t even see my results.” He then starts finding the paper,
Laksh: Where did the paper go?
He picks the blanket up and throws it on the floor, he then finally finds it under his pillow, he takes deep breathes and heads out.

Laksh reaches the breakfast table and sits down next to Sanskaar,
Sanskaar: Laksh…you okay?
Laksh: Haa Bhai…I’m okay….
DP: Give me your results!
Laksh hands then to DP and folds his fingers.
DP tears the envelope open and looks at the result.
DP: Good….impressive….I can’t believe you!
Laksh and everyone look at him confusingly.
Sanskaar: What happened Dad?
DP: look for yourself…I can’t believe my eyes!
Sanskaar takes the sheet and a smile appears on his face…
Sanskaar: Laksh…you…you passed!
All get happy while Laksh is shocked and happy,
Laksh: What are you saying? Really?
Laksh takes the sheet and looks on happy.
Laksh: Wooh! That means Party! Yay!

DP glares at him,
DP: Bahu is coming!
Laksh: Bahu…? Who’s Bahu?
Sanskaar: Bahu means Daughter-in-law.
Laksh: Oh..what?!
Sanskaar and Laksh look at each other.
Sanskaar: When?
Laksh: Why?
DP: She’s coming today….
Laksh and Sanskaar get shocked and look at each other.
(Sanskaar is 1 year older than Laksh)

Swara and Ragini walk,
Swara: Why are we going home so quick?
Ragini: Where else should we go Shona?
Swara: Let’s go to the Café.
Ragini: Why Café? Why not home?
Swara: Just….please Na Laado…
Ragini nods yes,
Ragini: Ek minuet!
Swara stops,
Swara: Kya?
Ragini: Kulfi….(pointing at the Kulfi vendor)
Swara: Okay, let’s go.
Swara walks there and Ragini rushes there.
Ragini: Bhaiyyaa, give two kulfi please…one pistachio and the other milk.
The vendor nods.

The family finish eating, Laksh and Sanskaar could barely eat, they stand up and head out.
Laksh: Bhai…now what?
Sanskaar: Chill, I will file for a divorce…
Laksh nods okay and they start walking along with talking.

Swara and Ragini take their Kulfi and sit on the steps and put their frets in the water.
Swara: It’s been ages since we been here, even that Kulfi Bhaiyyaa forgot us.
Ragini: Haa, it feels good to be back here…it reminds us of our childhood moments.

Sanskaar and Laksh while talking reach there too, they realise.
Sanskaar: We came here….
Laksh: I guess we didn’t even notice. Anyways Kulfi?
Sanskaar: Okay.
Laksh: Bhaiyyaa, can we have 1 pistachio and 1 milk one please.
Vendor: Sorry, that lady over there took the last pistachio….
Laksh: Oh fish..! I love that tho….
Sanskaar: Oh well, take another flavour.
Laksh makes a face and says “Okay, give 1 milk…” The vendor nods and gives it to them.
Sanskaar: Laksh…taste another one, what’s so special about pistachio?
Laksh nods no and makes a face.

Precap: Meeting of Swaragini and SanLak….. The bride to agree to come MM.

Hope you like it….this is going to be a very short story….I will try to update regularly so that I could finish it. Thank you?

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