SWARAGINI …… yeh hai teri meri love lyf (epi 2)

im soo sorry friends i couldn’t post as i was stuck with school work

so here we go

swaragini n sanlak head towards their collage
sanlak in their Lamborghini while swaragini in their BMW
when they enter in the collage students by looking at the car identified that both swaragini n sanlak were very rich

shona : laado u get down i ll park n come
rags: no shona di ill come along with u pls or else u will make an accident for sure
shona : rags u dont trust me .. if u do get down n wait here itself ill park n come ok
rags : pls shona di
shona : rags pls .. ok i promise u that i will not make any sort of inconvenience to any1 pakka ..now u get down n wait for me

rags : but
shona : rags no ifs n buts ill come ok now go
rags : ok di

sanky : lucky get down n wait fr me ill park n come
lak : ok bhai n ya ill make sure that i find some hot chick today …
san : lucky… ull never change even in skool u were like that at least here get a good reputation for yourself ..
lak : bhai pls dont give lectures now n i suggest u also become like me …
san : luckyy… im fine hwevr im i dont wanna become like u pls
lak:bhai cmon u should love flirting u know
san : lucky shutup i hate flirting
lak : bhai u dont like flirting , its like exercise u know it good fr health
san (angrily) : lucky get down n wait i said
lucky : chill bhai im getting down
san : dats lyk a gud boy … n wait fr me

both raglak get down n wait fr their siblings ragini sees a girl falling down n rushes to help her
rags saves the girl
girl: oh thanks fr saving me im riya what about u ?
rags : i m ragini
riya : nice to meet u
rags : same her
mean while shona came searching fr rags n collide with lucky
luk: hey ur a good chick
shona : excuse me
lucky : hey im lucky
shona : im swara well i m searching for my sis did u see her n shows lucky rags pic
lucky : wow she looks too hot
shona (angrily): excuse me ur talking abt my sis u know
lucky : im sorry
san : lucky tu yahan bhi shuru ho gaya (u started here also )
san to shona : soo sorry this whole world can change but my bro cant
shona its okay n teach ur bro sum manners
n she goes
san to lucky : what is this lucky u r mad
lucky : ya
san : lets go its tym fr our class

precap : sanlak n swaragini meet

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  3. Plz make swara and sanskar pair plzzzzzz

  4. plz make swasan n raglak as pairs

  5. Ha ba ha both r pagal

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