SWARAGINI …… yeh hai teri meri love lyf (epi 1)

thanks to all d ppl who commented …ill be posting on alt days only..

so here u go with epi 1

2 couples are shown sleeping peacefully but their sleep is disturbed by the sound of an alarm…..
the lady gets up off’s the alarm and prays to god that her family should be happy always and to forgive if mistakes are done by anyone in her family

then she turns to her husband

lady : shekhar get up now its 5 am ….
shekhar : what shumi its just 5 na why are u ringing as the alarm clock early in the morning , im sleeping more
shumi : what shekhar early morning joking c’mon get up now i hv to go check those badmash sisters also now or
else they will keep sleeping only like u .. c’mon get up now
shekhar : okay my mamma 5 mins pls pls
shumi : nooooo , shekhar if u dont get up now i will not talk to you at all
shekhar : okay okay … good morning my jaan
shumi : good morning now go bath

and pushes shekhar in the washroom …

shumi : now ill go to my cute lil bachi’s or else they will miss the first day of collage

and she goes to her daughters room

shumi : OMG ! shona , laado get up dear it is 6:00 am dear ull get late for the 1st day of collage….

then a girl is seen coming out of her pink blanket … she is our shona …

shona : good morning maa
and goes to the washroom ..
shumi : laado get up beta see ur di also got up …
laado : oh ma its the 1st day of my collage why dint u wake me up before .. and rushes to the other washroom

on the other hand in MM

a lady is shown doing morning arti she is AP along with sujata after doing the arti ap says to sujatha

AP : suju go and see na our kids woke up or not or else they will miss the first day of their collage …
a girl wearing a school uniform is seen coming down with messy hair she is uttara

utts : ma pls tie my hair na pls this is not getting tied only
suj: ke utts u became soo big n u don’t know how to tie ur hair only …

then two boys are seen coming down they are our hero’s SANLAK
sanlak (together): chachi ma dont scream at our lil sis she is still so small
utts: god from where did the sun rise from badi maa my bhai’s got up so early ….. some1 pinch me
lak : pinches utts
utts : aaaaaa lucky bhai it hurts
lak : what did i do u only told to pinch so i did
utts : sanky bhai see na lucky bhai is teasing mee
san : lucky leave that lil fellow why do u always be behind her lyf
utts : ha bhai see na he is troubling ur liil teddy bear … saying this she goes to hug sanky
and says good morning Bhai
lak : makes puppy face, my teddy bear forgot to come to me
then sanutts go to lucky n hugs him from the back n says gm lucky bhai
and lucy hugs them n says gm then sanlak go to ap n suj n take blessings n say : badi ma , chachi ma bless us as its our 1st day in collage ..
ap,suj : may god bless u
dp n ram from the back : gm ladies n bacho
ap suj utts sanlak : gm
then they sit for breakfast and have a good time

on the other hand
in GM

swara come wearing pink gown wid royal blue cloth on the bottom and sleeves wid golden embroidery on them (sleeveless)
n rags with blue gown wid white embroidery done on them (sleeveless) they luk like princesses
n they hug each other n say gm to each other then they go to elders take blessings n sit to hv breakfast

screen freezes on both swaragini n sanlak having breakfast n njoing wid family ….


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  1. Awesome start make swalak plz

  2. Good story but do try to update it soon

  3. nice start yarrr

    1. thanks di … i ve read all ur ff’s n i love them too

  4. thanks to all ….
    Tina – ill tell the pairs only after few episodes soo sorry
    Addu – actually i have exams coming up so ill update this week but from next week ill update only on a few updates im soo sorry

    atiya – sorry pairs are supposed to be kept as a suspense ill do my best to entertain u
    zaara — soo sorry pairs r suspense
    maya – thanks a lot

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