Swaragini: Yeh hai sashiqui (Intro)


Hi guys this is Swara I’m here with my new ff swaragini-yeh hai aashiqui ?

Coming to the characters
Swara rithik goenka-sweet and cute works as a neurologist always fights with her best friend laksh and loves her sister Ragini. Sanskar is her good friend. Her parents died in an accident so she lives with Ragini’s family . She is a NRI. Swara’s mom shivanya and ragini’s mom sharmishta are own sisters
Ragini shekhar gadodia-Swara’s lovely sis. Rich and spoilt. Helps her mother in ngo. Swara always support’s rags and saves her from their parents. Laksh’s love interest. But she doesn’t like laksh. But loves someone
Laksh durgaprasad maheshwari- owns a company. Swara’s best friend and buddy, always makes fun of her. Loves his bro Sanskar. He madly loves Ragini
Sanskar ramprasad maheshwari-helps his father in their company Laksh’s sweet bro. Loves him alot . Swara and Ragini are his besties. Loves his dad and mom.

Gadodia Family
Shekhar-ragini’s father but he loves Swara alot . Cares both his daughters
Sharmishta-homely mom loves Swara and Ragini equally
Parvathi-Swara and Ragini’s dadi. She doesn’t like Swara.
Shiva-Swara and ragini’s dada
Shobha-Swara and ragini’s dida. She loves Swara and fights with Parvathi for Swara.
Shaan-ragini’s own bro. Loves both his sisters.

Maheshwari family
Durgaprasad -strict and angry. Loves his children alot. Has a soft heart but never shows. Treats Swara as his daughter. But acts always strict to rags, laksh and Sanskar. Adarsh and laksh are his sons. He always wishes to marry laksh to Swara
Annapurna-homely mom loves her children alot
Ramprasad-humble bro of durgaprasad . Sanskar and uttara are his children.
Sujatha-modern and trendy mom. Loves laksh more than Sanskar. Hates rags alot.
Uttara-loves her family alot and good friend of rags
Adarsh-good son. Loves his family alot
Parinitha-adarsh’s wife . Modern bahu of the home. Has a daughter, ashi

Gadodia’s and maheshwari’s are family friend since past 40 years. Even partners in business also. Their houses are side by side.

So guys how is the intro i ll update my next episode by this night.

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  1. Wow nicee

  2. nice ..

  3. AMkideewani

    Awesome, hope it’s Swalak and Ragsan

  4. Amazing pls continue m exited

  5. Nice plz continue and reveal the pairs

  6. That’s nice dear….small request for the pairs…if u don’t mind can u plz make them swasan n raglak…plz plz plz…

  7. Superb promo dear….loved ragini’s charecter.. 🙂 …watng for nxt episode 🙂 😉

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    Awesome …. dear ….

  10. I hope itz ragsan iam eagerly waiting for ur nxt post

  11. ??carry on dear. But l m Lil confused bcoz of characters.

  12. Nice but I think u will make swalak as a couple …right????

  13. very good.

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    V.nice dear.

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    Hmmm nice intro dr cntnu

  16. Silent_writer

    its nice but seems u already wrote it n again started right u just rite 3 episode of YHA….

  17. Silent_writer

    its nice but seems u already wrote it n again started right u just rite 3 episode of YHA… so u should continue with 4

    1. Silent_writer

      n sorry if I said something wrng

  18. Superb dear

  19. Superb loved it…swalakrag love triangle interesting…wish to see Laksh as main lead….i wish it will be Raglak….

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