swaragini -yeh hai aashiqui (epi-6)


The episode starts with
Swara -dadi what happened what did I do
Suj-you want to know what you did then read this Swara
Swara took the letter from suj hand .
Dadi-read it loud
Swara- dear Shona
I don’t know how to thank you because what ever you did for me is really invaluable. Thank you for helping me for escaping this marriage. You are the best sis in this world. Thanks for accepting my decision and supporting me. Don’t worry I’m Fyn I’ll be in contact with you and don’t feel hesitate in asking me any help. Once again thanks Shona
yours Ragini
Suj-what the heel is this Swara
Swara-Chachi pls trust me I didn’t do anything , how can I play with my friend’s life . She turns to laksh who is completely collapsed.
Swara -lucky do you trust all this
Laksh brushes off Swara’s hand and moves away from her .
All the guests begins to gossip about Swaragini and the family.
Dadi-I know you did all intentionally because you love laksh and doesn’t stop yourself from losing him. Shekhar do you remember before ladoo’s engagement also she tried to convince us that ladoo nd laksh are not meant for each other . You only did this .
dida-enough Parvathi Shona can never do like this. She cant even think of hurting lucky , don’t forget that she only convinced all of us for this marriage.
Dadi-ok then swara if you want to prove that you are innocent and want to restore what everybody lost because of you, you have to do what ever I ask you to do.
Swara -ok dadi….. I’ll do anything for you
Dadi-marry my grandson, didn’t you get it marry laksh (guys ap and Shekhar are dadi’s children)
Ap-maa have you gone mad how can Swara marry laksh, everyone knows that laksh loves rags only. If Swara marries laksh her life will be spoilt
Dida-ha Parvathi pls don’t do this with Swara
Dadi-Swara think of it can’t you do this much for this family. Remember what ever love and care you received from this family and tell me if you accept my proposal
Dida -Shona pls don’t accept it

Swara -dadi if everything gets backs to normal if I marry laksh, then I’ll marry him for my family
Dadi -what ever I’m doing is right you Il understand it later. Laksh did I do anything wrong
Laksh doesn’t reply anything but he goes and sits in the mandap
Swara is made ready as a bride and brought to mandap. All the rituals completes.
Pandit-place this mangalsutra in the bride neck and fill her hair line with this vermilion
Scene sifts In airport a man is shown getting into taxi
Man-I’m back Shona nobody can separate us get ready to be mine forever
Scene shifts

Laksh fills Swara’s hair line with vermilion.
Pandit -the marriage is over from today onwards you both are wife and husband. Take your elders blessings.
Laksh-do you know why did I marry you Swara because I want to see you lose everything as I lost because of you.I HATE YOU SWARA and he walks away from the mandap breaking the ghatbandan
Just then Shekhar falls down
Swara -baba……….. , bade papa we have to take baba to hospital. flashback ends.
Rags goes near Swara and holds her hands
Rags-Swara I’m sorry because of me you need to face all of these. But Swara trust me I didn’t send any letter.dadi,dida ,maa,baba nd everyone I did all of these intentionally. Swara doesn’t know anything about this. She is unaware of all these.
Swara -bass khijiye RAGINI SANSKAR MAHESHWARI enough …
The screen freezes on angry face of Swara and distressed rags

Precap-rags comes to know about the truth of Swara’s helplessness in marrying laksh. New characters entry.

Guys a few questions to you all

If rags didn’t send the letter then who sent it?
Who is saahi….l?
Who is the person in the airport?
What is dadi motive behind making Swalak’s marriage?
Why did rags runaway from the marriage?
Answer these questions in the way you think. Il be back with nxt epi so soon revealing more facts ?
Keep smiling Swara

Credit to: swara

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  1. awesome….plz soon update next….

  2. nice plzz love ragini scene

  3. Awesome one

  4. Saanvi

    Wow..Swalak is pair in this ff?? Then I’ll definitely follow your ff..?
    I don’t know answer for any question but just loving the suspense..reveal it soon?

  5. Dharani


  6. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Smiling??? Yeh ff parne ke baad mujhe sirf confusion aati hein, smile nehi aati???.Anuway,very nice chappy.Waiting for nxt.

  7. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Smile??? Yeh ff parne ke baad mujhe sirf confusion aati hein, smile nehi aati???.Anuway,very nice chappy.Waiting for nxt.

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