swaragini -yeh hai aashiqui (epi-5)

The episode starts with. Shekhar -Swara was made to marry laksh only to save my family’s respect. My own daughter didn’t care about me but the one whom I brought up sacrificed everything for me . She was been humiliated by all for your mistakes but she didn’t even said any word. If it were been anybody in her place they would have left us and ran away as you did but she didn’t do it. rags-papa what r u saying Swara married laksh .nooo this can’t happen she cant do this, she cant spoil her life. She… just then swara-what can you do now when everything is over. Swara walks down the stairs,she wore a red saree with golden blouse and has mangalsutra in her neck and vermilion on her hair line. rags-what’s happening Swara, tell me what ever papa said is wrong, you can’t leave saahi…. Just then dida cuts her words. dida-why cant that happen when you are with her as her misfortune. rags-dida pls don’t say like that tell me how did this happen? She turns to laksh-how can you marry my sis when you love me? suj-enough is enough ask me about what happened when you left my son in mandap.
Flashback. suj-Swara, Mishtiji pandit asked to bring the bride pls bring rags. Mishti-ok suj,maa lets go and see whether rags is ready. Swara you stay here and help dad
Swara-don’t worry maa I’ll manage
Swara goes to laksh-what happened Mr.dedhaddi so calm today
Laksh-my dear Shona stop making fun remember I’m no more your dedhaddi, I’m your jiju
Swara-oh omg I’m scared jijarji….. Pls don’t scare me ,I’ll really apologize you. You are too smart but my dedhaddi is really stupid if you had seen him anywhere tell him that he is a stupid.
Laksh-Swara I’ll not leave you. he holds her ears, once I became your jiju I’ll make you straight.
Ap-bas bas both of you now stop your fight . Just then suj comes hurriedly-jiji rags room is locked, she is not opening it. Everybody goes to swaragini ‘s room and starts knocking it.
Suj-I think again this girl has done something wrong.ap-bass suj..
Dp-Adarsh,omi and yuvi break the door.
The door is broken everybody enters the room, but they didn’t find Ragini in the room. Swara tries ragini’s no but she doesn’t lift the call.
Dp-Omi call her friends and ask them if they know any thing .
Omi -ok uncle.
Swara-bade papa Riya said that she saw rags in shiv temple. And she is in trouble.
Omi- Swara lets go, yuvi and uttara you also come with us.
Laksh-Omi I’ll also come
Swara-no lucky you stay here. Swara, Omi, yuvi and uttara reaches the temple. They searches the whole temple but doesn’t find rags there. Just then Utara receives ap’s call
Uttara -hello badima ,
Ap-uttara all of you come back soon
Uttara -what happened badima, is everything alright
Ap-come back all of you quickly. And she cuts the call.
Uttara -guys we need to leave now
Swara-what happened uttara is everything alright
Uttara -don’t know Shona badima is very tensed.I Think we have to leave now.
Swara, yuvi, Omi,uttara enters the house. Dadi comes in front of Swara and slaps her hard.
Precap: Same as Previous.
Guys you I’ll know who is the original villain you Il be surprised ?

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