swaragini -yeh hai aashiqui (epi-3)


The episode starts
In the morning everybody is getting ready for aarti. Swara comes to Laksh’s room and searches for him. He comes out of washroom.
Swara-laksh pls listen to me, let me explain what happened
laksh-Swara no need of your stupid explanations, get out of my room I don’t want to listen to you. Get lost…. Swara starts crying laksh turns the other side a tear escapes his eye.
Swara-laksh I’m…….
they hear some noise from the hall.

sujatha-how dare you to enter our house I’ll kill you… She gives a tight slap to the girl in bridal dress but it hits a boy in formal suit.
Ap-sujatha…… Sanskar……
laksh comes down-bhai…….
yes the boy in formals is our Sanskar.
Swara watches everything from top
laksh-Chachi how can you slap bhai.
Sujatha-no lucky you know what he did … he married that….

every body is shocked except uttara Shekhar-that means you know everything.
dida-you know everything laksh.. Then why did you kept quiet when everybody was blaming Swara.
laksh stands still without speaking
ragini-if your drama is over let me say something aunty none of you have rights to send me out of this house because I’m the daughter in law of this house.nxtly I did everything intentionally.

Shekhar slaps her hard-I never thought that you will stoop like this,I hate to say that you are my daughter .one daughter snatched the happiness of everyone for her will and the other sacrificed everything for others happiness. There is a lot of difference btw both of you. You never deserve anyone’s love.she married that person who madly loves you.

Precap: Ragini’s secret out.swara leaves all forever.laksh’s motive behind marrying Swara.

Credit to: swara

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  1. For the first time I had read your ff. I read all the parts it’s really nice continue will wait for your next episode

  2. very nice.

  3. nice next part soon

  4. Nice

  5. Awesome dear

  6. Mica

    it will be ragsan ? hiks, sorry i can’t bear it hehehe
    btw, your ff awesome dear, it is enjoyable to read.

  7. nice….waiting for ur next episode

  8. Awesome

  9. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    V.nice dear.I want to know about your favorite pairs.Swalak or swasan?? Ragsan or raglak???Waiting for nxt.

    1. Swalak always??

  10. nice
    but plz dont show rags neg i love her plzzjjj

  11. Hemalattha


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