swaragini -yeh hai aashiqui (epi-2)


The episode starts with On road Girl- bhai what is this? Come lets go home. It’s too late.
Laksh-yes uttara it’s already late,I lost everything because of Ragini. Leave me alone.
Uttara -bhai don’t say that everything ll be ok lets go home pls
Laksh-no…no l won’t leave you Ragini I….. won’t………leeeeaveee..uuuuuu. Saying so he dozes off .
In hospital
Dida-you need not say anything
Mishti-mom listen to me pls actually………. Swara….
Swara listens everything standing behind Mishti . She Goes out crying ?. Dida follows her. Just then Swara receives a call ?
Uttara -Swara is everything alright?
Wiping her tears -ha everything is ok . Did you find lucky?
Uttara -ha Swara, he is drunken ,I think it will be good to take him home
Swara-ha uttara don’t worry ,after everything gets fine i ll reach home. Actually Pari Bhabhi is alone at home.
Uttara -ok then i ll take care of bhai
Swara-thank you so much.
Uttara-don’t worry Swara i am always with you ? , bye.
Dida -did she find laksh?
Swara-ha dida he was found drunken on road. She took him home. It’s all because of me.i did this to him. How can I trust Ragini that much when I know everything about her.
Dida-don’t worry Shona everything will be alright. I’m there for you na pls don’t cry.
Just then a doctor arrives
doctor-miss jaiswal
Swara-yes how is my father
doctor-he is absolutely alright. It’s just a mild attack you can take him home. But remember he should not be given any stress.
Swara-ok doc thank u
Annapurna(ap)-if its the case we all will leave now. Actually uttara, laksh and Pari are alone in home so it will be good if all of us leave together.
Dp-ha don’t worry about what happened today, will think about it later. Come lets leave.just then Shekhar is brought out . Everybody heads towards the cars and reaches home.
Ap-I want all of you to stay in our home tonight. By next morning the home gets cleaned then you can go. Uttara pls show them the rooms.
Everybody gets inside, Swara was about to enter but sujatha stops her-hey chori stop there. Don’t pollute this house with your legs.i won’t let you inside. Because of you only everything happened. Get out you don’t have any right in this house.
DP -sujatha stop it. Swara beta come get inside.
Sujatha-but bhaisa
Ap-sujatha what ever happened is wrong but we can’t say Swara can do that. We will talk about it later. For now uttara take Swara to your room.
Uttara -ok badima
Ap-Swara beta you need not cry we trust you now go and have rest.
In corridor
Uttara-Swara you wait here I ll clean my room and come
Swara enters Laksh’s room and sees him sleeping. She goes near him and cries holding his hand-I’m sorry lucky for whatever happened today. Trust me I didn’t do anything. You trust me na.
Laksh frees his hand and murmurs -I hate you Ragini…….
Precap : Swara’s fate. Ragini’s entry, truth revealed ?☹

Credit to: swara

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  1. Riyaprincess

    Awsm update next prt soon…

  2. don’t show ragini in negative role please,

  3. Pls don’t make ragini negative…
    And hope that it’s RagLak…

  4. Awesum..wow ragini wil be negative its superb give her grey shade fr sumtime..nd make swalaksan love triangle

  5. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

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