swaragini -yeh hai aashiqui (epi-1)


The episode starts with
On road a man is drunken . He seems like a depressed one.
Man-why always me? What wrong did I do that she left me for someone. She should have told me that she doesn’t love me but she betrayed me. He drinks beer and shouts”I HATE YOU RAGINI” I won’t leave you. You made our lives hell . Saying so he sits on road and cries vigorously-pls god give me a chance to meet her once, I’ll ask her why she played with me? And he closed his eyes
In hospital
Lady-Parvathi your decision is wrong. After all this you still believe in Ragini. She even didn’t think of her family. I’m her dida at least she should have told me. Yes guys it’s dida
Parvathi-it’s all because of you and Swara . You both always kept supporting her you only spoilt her. Swara never wanted this marriage to happen may be she only helped Ragini in all these
Dida -how could you even say that. Laksh is Swara’s best friend. Even in her dream she never Thinks of hurting him. Remember it is because of her only you are able to lift your head . Now stop blaming my Shona
Just then Mishti arrives and stops their fight
Mishti-mom, ma both of you pls stop this is hospital. But Mom I don’t think what ma said is wrong may be Swara knows everything before only
Dida-don’t you dare to take her name. None of you have a right to talk about her. She did alot for you and you all are blaming her. Today you proved that you can never be her mom.
Mishti-mom I don’t mean that.

On road
As laksh opens his eyes he sees a car stopped and a girl came out. She is wearing a white long top and black legging with black and white Chunri . Laksh gets up and runs towards her and hugs her saying-I know you ll come.
In an abandon area a girl is seen talking to a man
Girl-everything is going as I planned but what if something goes wrong with her.
Man-don’t worry Ragini nothing will happen to her. But how will you return back.
Yes the girl is Ragini
Ragini-I have my plan don’t worry and smiles evilly.
The man calls someone
Man -did you find laksh
Other-yes he is taken home by a girl

The episode ends.

What did Ragini do to laksh?
Why Swara’s family is blaming her?
What wrong did Swara do?
Who is the girl who took laksh home?
Why is the gadodia family in hospital?
Who is Ragini talking to?
Who is the girl Ragini worried about?
What’s her plan?
Guys hows the episode , answer the questions if you know. Next epi reveals the truth ?
with love Swara

Credit to: swara

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  1. It’s Awsome yar…. N I think the girl who took laksh is swara….. Update soon dear plz….. N continue…. Plz

  2. Mica

    (Y), woow woow

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