swaragini- ye hai humari collage life. (Intro)


hi guyz iam going to write a another ff on swaragini this ff nowhere relates to the current track of swaragini so guyzs in this ff swaragini are sister and sanlak are brothers . swaragini have came to their chachu’s home to continue their studies and sanlak live alone as their parents live seperately.swaragini have one cousin sis sanyukta and one cousin bro sunny.

swaragini belong to small town and hence her sister dont like them much and is always ready to tease them though they are very close to sunny.

sanyukta is the best friend of sanskar and laksh also enjoys the company of sanskar’s gang.swara is very quite and mature and a very fab singer and a scholar too. ragini is 1 year older than swara she is bubbly , cute and naughty girl who is least intrested in studies . sanskar is a handsome hunk of the colllage and basketball champ and their is a one more hobbie of sanskar about no one knows and that is playing guitar . he is veryfamous amongst girls which irks sanyukta . laksh is a studies guy but he is also ver famous amogst the girls of the collage but he never pay attention to them his only focus is studies and have no other art accept studies . sanlak are the most wanted mundas’s of the collage and have the most mischevious gang too . sanyukta is the diva of the collage and sunny is very dumb and scared of her sister though he is older thwn sanyukta.sanlak have another best friend whose name is randhir. he is also very charming .sanlak group have planned some thing to trouble swaragini as their best friend sanyukta dont like them

what is planned by sanlak to trouble swaragini? will swaragini will be able to survive in this collage? what

Credit to: shanaya

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  1. Nicee.. but its college..

  2. Nice please make it SWASAN AND RAGLAK PLEASE PLEASE _/\_ _/\_ _/\_


  4. Sorry i sent the same comment two times

  5. R u going to write the story like from miley jab hum tum? I would love the story. And I know it is swasan and raglak, isn’t it?

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