swaragini- ye hai humari collage life. (Episode 1)

Hi guys as I said that in my next ff pairs will be decided by the readers of my ff so here we go this is my latest ff so now you all have to decide the pairs and whichever pairs will get more votes will be the pairs so let us begin with the story.
Two girls were seen sleeping peacefully but their sleep we’re disturbed by sunrays .one of them got up and went to take bath and after sometime she came out .
Girl- di untho late ho gaenge please get up na
Ragini- swara please let me sleep
Swara- di sanyukta or sunny Bhaiya collage chalejayenge please di iam really nervous.
Ragini- if this girl na Accra ok aim getting up now it’s fine .
Swara- hmmm ok now go and take bath
Ragini- hmmmm

Ragini went to take bath and meanwhile swara arranged the bags
Ragini- ok my lil sis lets go downstairs
Swara- ok di
They both came down to have breakfast
Ragini- sanyukta come have breakfast with us na
Swara- ha sanyukta please come.
Sanyukta- no aim getting late sweetheart
Swara- late but collage open home mein one hour is still left
Sanyukta- ya but sweetie that’s for you but for me today is a special day
Ragini- ok but why
Sanyukta- today is sanlak’s match ok I have to go
Swara- shall I paratha’s for you
Sanyukta- now ways aim not like you who can eat any thing
Ragini- sanyukta……..
Swara- it’s ok sanyukta you go
Sanyukta- hmmm bye
Sunny- my lil sis don’t mind her words ok
Swara- yes Bhai but Bhai….

Ragini- who are sanlak
Sunny- you don’t know about them
Swara- no no
Sunny – they are the heartthrob of our collage
Ragini- hmm heartthrob impressive
Swara- bas heartthrob
Sunny- and sanskar and laksh are the best basket ball players
Swara- nice

Precap- entries of our heroes
Guys please tell me the pairs quickly

Credit to: Shanaya


  1. lata

    according to the story and the intro of the character i think swasan and raglak are better as one will be fun loving and cool and other might be studious thus balancing the pair and fun will remain there otherwise one pair will be total bore and other will be funny and fighting……. whereas swalak can become good friends and same goes with ragsan as best buddies and the partners in crime… what say?????……

  2. Only nd only Ragsan..bcz Sanskaar luks prince bcz he is charm and calm…nd Ragini is Princess….ah ssssooooo beautiful (like in holi she wore pink dress..How can smeonne can b beautiful)..so this jodi could be better for ur story…

  3. swasan...

    Serial mai swasan… cvs r more intelligent than us they think swsan is a better couple so plz make it swasan. …actually swalak n raglak is ok with me… BT I can’t imagine ragsan as a pair… they are good in sis Bro bond or as frnds. .. plz I can’t imagine ragsan

  4. Naira

    People why r u commenting so many times that to with different names? Show some maturity….these r couples only…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.