swaragini- its written spoilers

Hello everyone. I read all the comments. And I had decided that I will carry on with the plot. I know many of my readers are hurt due to this decision. I can only say plz forget about the pairs and enjoy the story…thanxx for those who had supported me and respected my decision. I wasn’t able to reply anyone’s comments. Special Thanks for those who had read my story till now and who will be reading it in future.
Laksh went to Africa for 7 months. Swara and ragini went for shopping. Their car met with an accident. Ragini dies. Swara had severe injuries. Sharmistha said to shekhar : Don’t worry. Noone will tell anything to swara. She has to accept this truth only.

Guys one more thing..
As I had said many times, only ragini’s character will end and her role will not end. She will play a major role in uniting swasan. And sanskaar will not forget ragini. She was his first love and will always remain.
Laksh role was just a supporting one…yet it is strong..he too will have a major role in uniting swasan..
And everyone asked about laksh love. I can only say that:
Not all love stories are completed. And love can happen twice…
So plzzzz try to understand…forget about pairs..just enjoy the story…and don’t fight amongst yourself…dont bully others by changing different names.
I will upload next episode today itself.

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  1. It’s kk dear don’t feel sad we at least I respect ur feelings so continue we r with u

    1. Thanxx for understanding … 🙂 🙂

  2. when u will update next ep

    1. Hey divi..thanxx,for your comments on my last episode…they really motivated me..i will upload it till tomorrow morning.. 🙂 🙂

  3. Simran.. I am a swasan fan and I am reading ur ff from starting.. No prob yaar.. Do what u want .. IF the writer will not only have interest in writing the story then there’s no chance that any reader will b entertained so I always support the writers nd their concept and guys u should also do so.. It’s completely ridiculous when a writer does not put the pair according to ur choice and u are bashing them .. On reading comments I am starled when writers add a twist and for sometime they separate our fav couple and people start bashing them.. Readers start calling then selfish .. That’s bad guys so please cooperate with the writers.. Please do so ..

    1. Thanks a lot riya…thanks for supporting me and understanding me.. 🙂 🙂

  4. I know some love stories never get completed but if it’s true love then none can forget their first love and it’s totally lame that a girl forgets her lover who is still alive and loves her a lot and marry her sister husband and falls in love with her

    1. Hold on ridhi…. You had guessed the story yourself..i didn’t mentioned anywhere that swara will forget her love who is still alive…atleast wait for the next episode…wait,for the twist….sorry if I had hurted you but I felt bad and hurted when many readers guessed the story on their own and upon their imaginations, they talk badly..

    2. I understand what you all are feeling but am helpless too…so I request you to have patience…pleaseee…

  5. Hello everyone. One of my fan asked my id saying she wants to send some suggestions. But my id was hacked. And in last episode there was someone who commented with different names sometimes opposing me and sometimes supporting me..now,I had recovered my account and added security..so now there will be no inconvenience……. 🙂 🙂

    1. Whoever you are, please don’t do it again..it is very unethical. Now noone will be able to hack my account….but don’t use another account too..please…

  6. well carry on and best of luck….
    waiting for nxt update

    1. Thanxxx..i will upload it soon.. 🙂

  7. Hey
    Plz stop ur ff yr..
    I will be happy if u r writing for ur self but u r just trying to satisfy ragsan and swasan fan.u asked us and my true opinion is there is nothing new.if u want swasan then u have to write ff on them and different ff for ragsan.how can some marry wid sister’s hubby.
    I know u will ans me for that child.if she will become that baby’s chachi,then also she can give same love to that baby.u r doing same thing as serial.u r insulting love,most imp u r insulting love of mother.olz dnt cover ur thoughts under that line some love stories never get completedcompleted(sanskar’s 2 love story completed,swara’s love story also except lucky…wow).. That line realy has meaning. Dnt use that line for ur stupidity.. It’s better end ur story.and write 2 different ff for ragsan and swasan…u r just Carrying ur story like Bakwas daily soup.and plz love is love.it’s not a race 1st and 2nd…….i really dnt wannna hurt any1.because of this writer i m commenting. It’s better for me dnt weast my imp time on dis ff.

    1. I totally agree with what u said…Simran…u r trying to satisfy both swasan and ragsan fans….but playing with the pure word called love….tbh u r going to lose many readers after this step….some love stories remain incomplete..but u can’t use this line for this ff..cause u showed swalak and ragsan love story..and then u seperate the couples….this is really not what u call an incomplete love story….

    2. Hey unknown..
      First thing, you hadn’t read this story from beginning..if you had read, you would have known that in,my ff, laksh and sanskaar are strangers..they are not brothers. Sanskaar has only one sibling uttara and they live in Mumbai..laksh Khanna is resident of Delhi..so how can swara become baby’s CHACHI. but you don’t know that….
      I know there is nothing new…but atleast am trying. I just want to say: Have patience. Nothing more…..

  8. good one ………n go with ua plot ….

    1. Thanxx naimi..thanks for regularly appreciating me and now supporting me… Thanxx a lot 🙂 🙂

  9. sorry dear for last comment, that u starting itself u mentioned sanswa & started with thr intro only but when continue with the fb I felt that u may end up this by 2 r 3 part so for am ok by that.. well u didn’t stop thr part & very well carried thr love that’s y am disappointed by separation but yes as per ur ff u want to go through by ur idea then specially u mentioned that by second love never 1st love will going to b fade that’s true.. so u continue with ur plot..

    1. Rasha I understand what you all are feeling…but at least understand my point of view too….and I too thought that I would end ragsan,part in,2-3 episodes but readers asked me to atleast show it to 8-9 episodes..and I tried myself to end it as soon as possible…I know you are disappointed by separation but have patience dear….i will not disappoint you anymore…and no need for,sorry…i understand… 🙂 🙂

      1. I know very well love it’s not glue with only one person al my so now it’s time for space to another person also & well I know rag will going to b stay as soul of swasan life..

      2. You are very correct…thats what I want readers to understand…Ragini,will play a,major role in uniting them…thanks a lot for understanding… 🙂 🙂

  10. Serious..I’m really not understanding your story plot..matlab…couples herr dusre dinn badalte rehete ho app…kya twist hai…jo story Ko hii nada deta hai…i hate such writers like u….even another ff was like this.Samjhota….i read every episode and at last….the saw the couples changing..hate Eva….and also u…because u r also doing the same…just playing with everyone’s feelings..so that both swasan and ragsan fans read this…may be u r doing this for comments….no prob…I’ll never read this ff…

    1. If you had read my story from starting, den would had understood…and am not changing my couples every another day….it’s the first and the last tym…and it was clear from starting only…if you think am doing everything for comments den you are wrong…because in my first episode only I told that it will be swasan at the end and at that time I had no idea how many comments I will get…..i know about that episode..what you all did with eva was wrong….in starting you all appreciated her den you all abused her..which was very unethical…

      1. U r supporting her only because u r following her footsteps….is separating lovers very ethical to u?

      2. Simran..dear I understand your pain..cause I went through that..no worries…bashers will be always there for bashing..and Navya….if u hate me then write on my ff page…don’t bash others by including my name….of u hate me…then that’s up to u…Simran..i read this ff from day one…though hardly commented….but thank u for supporting me…such couple freaks don’t understand the value of any story…keep writing dear…Navya…i guess u have never written an ff that’s why I don’t know the hardwork needed to write even a single episode…plz respect others ffs..and feelings..if u r hurt by the couples change then go for the other ffs…

    2. Navya am not supporting her because now am in the same situation…i supported her at that time also when she was writing…and because she is one of the best writer, I had always supported her and will always support her..

      1. No need to worry about bashers…we all know that everything cant go well…and no need to give explanations dear..as people only hear what they wanna hear…we support you totally. I know i never commented but i have read every episode of this ff…its like movie bewafa na starring anil kapoor,kareena kapoor,shushmita sen and akshay kumar…

    3. Thanks Eva… 🙂 🙂

  11. Wow I like last lines it’s true pls continue

    1. Thanxx Divya… I will update soon.. 🙂

  12. preethi kalian

    nice dear u continue

    1. Thanxx.. I will continue… 🙂 🙂

  13. Pls don’t fight u can’t bash writer… She already mention in first its ragsan then swasan.. So she don’t cheat anyone her plot was her way of writing let itbe…pls don’t say eva ff as bad its very good one … Pairs not matter only story .. So enjoy story ….

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