swaragini- its written (intro)


Hello everyone. This is simran. This story is a combination of 2-3 movies but i promise you my way of presenting it will be different. Second I want to request readers not to criticise anyone and not to fight over the pairs..I had already thought about the pairs..so guys enjoy this story, connect with it n welcome into a new world of this fiction..
Let me introduce the characters.
1. Maheshwari family- in kolkata
Sanskar maheswari- a successful businessman. Son of Annapurna( widow of durgaprasad)
Uttara Nitin kalra- daughter of sujata and ramprasad( brother of durgaprasad). Married to Nitin kalra.

2. Gadodia family- in mumbai
Ragini gadodia- eldest daughter of Shekhar and sharmistha.
Swara gadodia- younger daughter of Shekhar and sharmistha.
Ragini and swara resides in Mumbai with their parents and dadi.
3. Laksh khanna- a successful businessman..settled in Delhi with his parents.
Guys in this story sanskaar and laksh don’t have any relation..dey are strangers. I will update next part starting with the story..

Credit to: simran

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