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Hello everyone..this is simran…am back with 7th episode…!!
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Recap- sanskaar left for Russia..

Sanskaar left….Ragini was making a sweet dish as a ritual..just then her phone rang..
Ragini: Hello swara..how are you my baby..and hows maa, papa, dadi…am missing everyone..
Swara: Dii…everyone is fine..we all are also missing you..how are you and jiju..
Ragini: We are also fine..
Swara: Soo what are you doing…and what is jiju doing?
Ragini: Am making kheer…n ur jiju went on a business trip..

Swara: What dii…seriously…on the third day itself…
Ragini: Yes..he is expanding his business..so it was important to go to Russia.
Swara: Important than you di…wait a minute…dii is everything ok naa.?
Ragini: Yes swara..everything is ok…n he will come soon…don’t worry..
Swara: I don’t understand dii….he loves you naa??

Ragini : Swara, we don’t have control on everything. Destiny plays its important role..and its not like he don’t love me..he loves me very much..
Swara: Watever dii, you must have stop him…y didn’t you stop him?

Ragini: Because true love never keeps a man from pursuing his destiny.. I love him..i will never come in between him and his dreams…and it is his father’s dream..so I will never stop him..i respect him.
Annapurna was listening everything. She felt happy..she says to sujata-” you were right sujata. Ragini is perfect. She will make this house a home again..she will bind everything..they both smiles and leaves..

Swara: Ok dii..i hope u r right..
Ragini: Hmm…swara,so when are going to meet laksh..
Swara: Dii he has gone for a meeting..he will come after two weeks..
Ragini: Okayy swara, I will talk to you later..byee..take care..
Swara : Byee dii…
Days passed by..
After two weeks.
Location- gadodia house,mumbai

Sharmistha: Swara, where are you.. Your phone is ringing.
Swara: Swara runs towards her phone..it was laksh..

Laksh: Hello dear…how are you.?
Swara: I don’t want to talk to you.
Laksh: Why? What I have done?
Swara: You were supposed to meet me..
Laksh: Swara yesterday only I came back…i will visit Mumbai in next month….
Swara: Next month…
Laksh: Am sorry darling…plzz……

Swara: Its ok..so how was your trip..
Laksh: It was ok..i missed you so much..
Swara: Why?

Laksh: Didn’t you missed me?
Swara: No..i didn’t…you tell me first
Laksh: Because you are my good friend..is it bad to miss one friend..
Swara sadly: No..its not bad..okaayy…
Laksh: So how was the marriage ?
Swara: It was good..i am missing di so much……amd she goes on talking and talking…………………
And laksh he also wants to listen from her more and more………………………….
Month passed…ragini is managing her home….
Annapurna: Ragini, call sanskaar…his flight must have landed…sujata am soo happy…he is coming back…
Sujata: Yes jijii….now we should plan a trip for Ragini and sanskaar…
Annapurna: Yes..i will talk to him..

Ragini: Maa he will come in approx 3 hours….

Ragini went to her room..
She wanted to look beautiful…afterall her love is coming after a month….she got ready and went to kitchen..
In evening,
Annapurna: Sujata I think sanskar had come..come..lets go to hall..
His voice fell into ragini’s ears…she ran towards hall but….she stops…she look herself in mirror….she was looking perfect…she blushes and ran towards hall…
Sanskar meets all the family members….but his eyes were searching for his love…where are you Ragini…

There his eyes caught her…running towards him…

She came to him…both had an eyelock..sanskaar: How are you?
Ragini: Am fine..how was your trip…?
Sanskaar: Trip was good..i got the deal….by the way you are looking pretty…
She blushes and everyone went to had lunch..
After lunch,
Annapurna: Sanskaar I think now you should spend some time with Ragini…so you both should go somewhere…
Ragini smiles inside..

Sanskar: Maa I had a lot of work right now…I invested everything in this project …i can’t go for a long trip.. Ragini and me will go to our farmhouse outside the city….is it ok Ragini…?
Ragini nods in yes..but she feels sad..
Sanskaar: We will leave tonight…
Everyone nods…uttara teases them…

In evening, Ragini and Sanskaar takes blessing from everyone and leaves for farmhouse….
In farmhouse:
Sanskaar asks her to go inside..he will come after parking the car.
Ragini enters the premises..she saw it was beautifully decorated…garden was decorated with lights….there were rabbits in the farmhouse…everything look so beautiful in this full moon night…..

She enters the bedroom…as soon as she enters, lights were switched on…she saw the bed was fully decorated…there were floating candles in the room…fragrance of roses were making her crazy…she found a packet. …she opened a packet…it had a simple plain red saree and a note..
She read the note,
“my dear wife,
I waited for this day from a month..i hope you like all the arrangements..wear this saree..am waiting for you outside..come fast..
i love you”

Ragini smiles..she wore the saree..and went out..
Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her…
Sanskar: Ragini you are looking so beautiful…just like in my dream you were looking in this saree…
Ragini shys…she saw the floor was covered with red balloons…
Sanskaar goes to her and holds her hand…he brings her to the table..
There was a cake…

Happy married life to you my love..
They both cut the cake…
Sanskar asks her hand for a dance..she smiles..
Both started dancing…they were looking into each other’s eyes and were lost in each other..
Ragini: I want to ask you something sanskaar.
Sanskaar: Hmm..

Ragini: Why you love me so much?
Sanskar: One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.
Ragini remained silent.
Sanskaar: We are travelers on a cosmic journey,stardust,swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share.This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.
Ragini smiles and says ” I love you sanskaar”.I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul…

They both stopped…sanskaar kiss her….This was the kiss they had waited for so long – a kiss born by the river of their love. A kiss that had been suspended in the air as time passed, that had travelled in the world in the souvenir of a search, and that had remained hidden behind . A kiss that had been lost and now was found. In the moment of that kiss were years of searching, disillusionment and dreams..

Sanskar lifts her and brings her to bed. And they consummate their marriage..
Next morning,
Ragini wakes up with a smile on her face…she saw sanskar sleeping peacefully….she got ready as they have to leave for home..sanskar also wakes up..both share a morning kiss…they had breakfast and leaves……………..

Precap: Laksh propose swara..

Credit to: simran

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