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Recap: Engagement.
Next morning
Sumi: Shekhar how we will manage everything in two weeks. you should have not agreed and took some time.
Shekhar: Sumi, I agreed because this boy is very good. He will keep our Ragini happy.
Sumi: But don’t you think everything is so fast. After all its about my daughter’s life.
Shekhar: Sumi see, Our marriage happened in a week…and am soo happy.. Because I got you who not only handle my family but gave mother’s love to Ragini…
Sumi smiles: Ragini is my daughter.
Shekhar: I think sanskaar is perfect for Ragini.
Swara hears everything. She says even I think so papa…

Sumi: Swara, go and wake Ragini..only two weeks left..we have to do lots of preparations…you also get ready. We will go for shopping. And yes, Maheshwari family will come to mumbai day before marriage.
Swara nods and says dii is awake.
In swaragini’s room,
Ragini: Swara come fast, your phone is ringing..
Swara: Who is there di..
Ragini: laksh
Swara runs towards phone.
Ragini: I will not let you pick up the phone…she take her phone and runs away.
Swara: Diiiiiii please give my phone. And she runs behind Ragini .
The playful fight continues. Phone stops ringing. Both burst out laughing.
swara makes a puppy face and says: Diii this is not fair…
Ragini: Okaayy my baby..you talk to him..i will go and help mom. And Ragini leaves smiling.
Swara connects the call..
Swara: Hello
Laksh: Hey dear..so you forgot me after leaving Delhi..i waited for your call.
Swara: Am so sorry..actually my dii’s marriage alliance is fixed..its after two weeks..so I will not get tym..i will talk to you after her marriage..
Laksh murmurs: Ohh god..two weeks..I can’t stay without talking to her…
Swara: What?

Laksh: Nothing
Swara: So you have to come for marriage.
Laksh: I won’t be able to.. i have to leave for Canada for a deal this weekend..
Swara: No..u r not going..you have to come here..
Laksh: Its important dear..i will come after returning..
Swara sadly: Okayy…we will see whether you will come or not after marriage….i have to go for shopping..byee…
Laksh: Bye..
Laksh says: Oh god..i love her. After returning from Canada, I will express my feelings to her…
A week passes doing marriage preparations.
Ragini gets a call: The screen flashes name: Sanskaar.
Ragini smiles and picks the call..
Ragini: Hello
Sanskaar: Hello Ragini..i hope am not disturbing you..
Ragini: No no sanskaar… How are you?
Sanskaar: An fine..so what are you doing today?
Ragini: Nothing..why?
Sanskaar: Actually am here in Mumbai..so i want to meet you.
Ragini heartbeat raises..how will I come. Maa will not allow to come as she believes in” girls should not go outside before marriage alone”
Sanskaar: Dont worry..i already asked from maa..and she agreed on the condition that swara will accompany you. So plzz reach ambience mall by 1 pm.
Ragini: Ok…I will

Sanskaar: I will be waiting for you..byee
Ragini smiles and says bye..
Location: Ambience mall
Sanskaar was waiting for Ragini in cafe. Just then she enters. Sanskaar was mesmerized seeing her..they both had an eyelock.
Swara: Hello jiju..
Sanskaar: Hii swara…ummmmm….hii Ragini.
Ragini smiles: Hii…
Swara: What jiju..only hii..where is my gift..
Ragini: Swaraaaaa…
Swara: Oopppss…sorry..first give dii her gift..she cant wait..
They all laugh..then sanskaar gives swara a box of chocolates and Ragini a bouquet of orchids…
Swara: Wowe chocolates…i love them..
Sanskaar: I know.
Swara: Who told you.
Sanskaar: My would be wife told me.
Swara: Ohhhhooooo jiju…would be wife…
Sanskaar smiles and Ragini blushes..
Just then Ajay came..
Ajay: Hello everyone.
Sanskaar: Sorry guys..i forgot to tell you that he will be accompanying us. ..by the way he is Ajay. My best friend.
He introduced them to each other..

Swara: By the way jiju, you came to mumbai for some work or is there some other reason?
Sanskaar: Ummm..actually………..
Ajay: Actually Iam an artist…n I had my art exhibition here in this mall..soo I asked him to accompany me..
Swara: Woww..art exhibition..even I want to see it..
Sanskaar: Suree…why not…ajay go and show her..and he eyes Ajay..
Swara: Ohh…so my jiju want me to go away so that he can spend some quality time with his would be wife..
Sanskaar: Nooo noo..actuallyyy….
Everyone laughs and swara says its ok..lets go Ajay ….swara and Ajay leaves for the exhibition.
Ragini shys and look down.
Ragini: How is everyone at home
Sanskaar: Everyone is fine..they all are busy in preparations..and uttara..she has also come..she teases me all the time…whenever I call you she snatches my phone and runs. They both laugh..
Ragini says: That’s what I do with swara. Whenever she gets his call, I tease her.
Sanskaar: Who’s call..
Ragini: Her….just then sanskaar phone rings..

Sanskaar: Hello..yaa I will reach on time..dont worry..i will be on tym..byee
Sorry Ragini, my secretary called me to remind my flight timings.
Ragini: Flight’s timings..
Sanskaar: Yeahh…i will return to Kolkata today itself..
Ragini: Okay..but..
Just then swara comes..
Swara: Woww jiju..what an exhibition..dii you should also visit it..
Ragini: I will visit it later.
Ajay: Sanskaar we have to leave soon..lets do lunch..
The four had lunch..
Ajay: I think we should leave now..
Sanskaar: Yeahh…soo nice meeting you guys..byee swara…
Swara: You can also say bye to dii..
Sanskaar and Ragini blushes..
Ajay: Come swara..lets wait outside…you both come fast..they both leaves.
Sanskaar: Actually Ragini I want to say something.
Ragini: Yes..
Sanskaar: Actually exhibition was an excuse…i came to meet you..
Ragini blushes and smiles.
Sanskaar: And ………………aaaaasaaa……..ummmmmmmmm….everyone at home is waiting for you………….. even me….. come fast…..he kisses her on her cheeks and leaves.
Ragini was standing still…her heartbeat raised..cheeks become red….she smiles. She wants to shout and reply him but she remained silent and follows him..
Outside swara and Ajay were waiting.
Swara: Ohh god..how much time they will take…
Just then Ragini and sanskaar enters. .

Swara: Come on jiju..fours days only..then you will not leave alone from mumbai..
Sanskaar smiles..
Swara: Or do one thing..today you go alone…next time di will accompany you. And after few time I will also accompany you..den papaaaaa….
Ragini: Swara…stopp…
The four laugh and say goodbye.
At night…
Ragini is standing near the window..she is watching moon..she closes her eyes. she thinks about all her moments with him…she feels on the top of the world..she is in love…she is happy…
On the other side,
Sanskaar smiles seeing ragini’s pic on mobile and stares her pic . then he enters into a world of dreams..his new world where Ragini had made her place.

Precap: Marriage.

Credit to: simran

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