swaragini- its written (episode 3)


Hello everyone. This is simran. Am back with another episode. Links of previous episodes:

swaragini- its written (episode 2)

First of all i would like to say that In my story there will be ragsan first n den swasan forever. Even am a swasan fan but my story needs ragsan also..so plzz try to understand readers..and enjoy the story.
Lets start with the story..
Recap- ragini says: Remember swara, wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure..
At present: Swara suddenly opens her eyes because of her phone ringing..the screen shows name- sanskaar.
She receives the call.
Swara: Hello
Sanskaar: Hello swara..where are you..
Swara: I came to temple sanskaar..what happened.
Sanskaar: See gudda is crying..come fast.
Swara: Sanskaar i will come in few hours. You please handle her…
Sanskaar: I will handle her..but she needs her mom right now.
Swara: Okay sanskaar. Let me talk to gudda..give her the phone.
Sanskaar puts phone on speaker.
Say hello to mom.
Swara: Gudda what happened my princess. Mom will come in few hours..till then you play with papa..now stop crying..

Gudda stops crying hearing her voice.
Sanskaar: Wow swara. You are perfect..
Swara: No sanskaar..am not perfect.
Sanskaar: What happened.
Swara: Nothing..
Sanskar: Okay..come home fast..gudda is waiting for u……………………………….and even me.
Swara: Okay. Am coming in few hours. Bye.
Just then she remembers the blind man said the same words ragini had said. “WHERE YOUR HEART IS, THERE YOU WILL FIND YOUR TREASURE”
Swara thinks: How is this possible . She again turns to find that man but he is nowhere.
She again sits on the bank of river and…..
Flashback continues.
Ragini: Remember my words swara.
Two days later. Maheshwari family comes to gadodia house.
Everyone gathers.
Swara was excited to see her jiju…swara shouts: Maa am sooo excited.
Sumi: Shhhhh.. Swara..dont shout..its don’t look nice..go and see if ragini is ready..and bring her in hall when you will be asked.
Swara goes to swaragini’s room..
In hall, everyone meets each other..ap, rp n sujata had come. They all were chatting.
Shekhar: Where is sanskaar ramprasadji.
Ramprasad: Shekharji, sanskaar will arrive in few minutes. There he is.
Sanskaar enters.

He had wore a blue shirt and black trousers. Namaste everyone.
Everyone is happy to see him
He takes blessing from everyone and sits down..shekhar n dadi talks to him. Skekhar signals sumi to bring Ragini. Sumi goes inside.
In swaragini’s room,
Swara: Wowe dii.. You look beautiful..that boy will faint seeing you.
Ragini: Swara… His name is sanskaar.
Swara: Ohhhhh diiii….my dii is so cooll….but tell me one thing .. How you will know that boy is made for u…he is the boy whom you can love.
Ragini: Lower your voice swara.. Everyone is outside..swara to love is to loose control. Complete surrender. Love cant be discussed. It just happens. love is much like a dam. if you allow a tiny crack to form through which only a trickle of water can pass, that trickle will quickly bring down the whole structure and soon no one will be able to control the force of the current.
Swara: But , how will know about it.
Ragini: Swara, if we look for love courageously, it reveals itself, and we wind up attracting even more love.
Remember my words swara Love has its own voice, it speaks for itself.
Just then sumi enters. Ragini is right. Sumi: I don’t know when my doll grown up..you are looking so beautiful.
Shekhar is calling you..swara bring her.
In hall, Ragini enters. Everyone look at her. Annapurna says: I feel an angel is walking to us..she is so beautiful.
Sanskar looks at her..he is mesmerized.
Ragini sits with them.
Everyone talks to her. Then they ask Shekhar to let Ragini n sanskar know and understand each other.
Swara leads them to roof.

Swara: Hello. Am swara.
Sanskaar: Hii..sanskaar.
Swara: So will you keep my dii happy and..
Ragini pokes her..swara stops..
Sanskaar: And…
Swara: Nothing..you talk with di..i will continue later. She goes giggling.
Ragini: Am sorry..she is naughty that’s why..
Sanskaar: No need to say sorry..its ok.. Ragini smiles. They remain silent for some time…den both began to say something at the same time..and they laugh…then they feel comfortable and talks with each other..after some times they leaves for hall..
Ragini goes inside the room..
Ap asks sanskaar: Sanskaar nods in yes.
Sumi asks Ragini: Ragini blushes and says yes..
Sumi blesses her n leaves to inform everyone.
Swara: Dii tell me also.
Ragini: What swara…
Swara: How is sanskaar.
Ragini: He is just like papa. He had a good heart.. I feel like he is made for me..i like him..and she blushes.
Swara: Omgggggg, my dii is blushing…am so happy dii….finally love is coming in your life..I mean he had come.. and hugs Ragini…

In hall, ap says we want to do engagement today and then marriage after two week because sanskar has to go on business tour then. Sumi says: But it cant happen..we have to do a lot of preparations….how will we do everything in two week…but Shekhar says: We are ready…we will handle everything..sumi they told me this earlier befor coming to mumbai..sumi n dadi worries..
Ragini and sanskaar exchange rings..engagement ceremony is finished happily..maheshawari family rise to leave..Ragini takes blessing from everyone and goes inside..
While leaving, sanskaar search Ragini..ragini sees them from roof..sanskaar smiles seeing her..Ragini blushes and smiles..they says bye to each other with their eyes..
Sanskaar thinks: i promise to keep you happy always…
Ragini thinks: I never knew sanskaar that am so lucky that I got u..i promise to love u always..
Swara thinks: Am soo happy for dii…maybe one day I will also find my love…then she remembers laksh and she smiles silently…

Precap: Marriage.

Credit to: simran

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  1. ohh great n i liked your track , but one question , is ragini still alive in present , i mean swara is recollecting her words right ???

    1. Thanx naimi…thanx for regularly commenting..and you guessed very well..but I cant say it..my story depends on that only..thanks for your support..

  2. Sooo nice yaar

    1. Thanks dear for your support.. 🙂

  3. Swa like lucky
    San and rag likes each other
    And you said your are going change pairs
    We have to wait for that then
    How you will change all pairs

    1. Yeah..it will happen after few episodes.. 🙂

  4. Loved it plss post the next one soon deae..

    1. Thanks 🙂

  5. yaar plz dont make like that ragini nd sanskar got married nd then ragini died after giving birth to sanky’s baby nd then swasan marry nd they both fall for each other plz its common now i have already read 2 stories like this nd i cant even imagine ragini nd sanskar as couple i just want swasan to fall for each other i want sanskar first love should be swara not ragini plzzzz yaar

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