swaragini- its written (episode 2)


Hello everyone. First of all thanks everyone..your comments gave me new confident. I was very scared whether you will like my story or not..
Am copying link of previous two episode so that new readers can connect with it..
Episode 1

Now lets start.
Five years ago
Location: Airport Mumbai.
A girl is shown wearing plain yellow kurti. She is approaching sharmistha
Sharmistha to her: Ragini , where were you..i was calling you from a long tym..I can’t connect with swara. Her flight landed approx 2 hours ago. I don’t know why is she taking so much tym for checkout.
The girl is identified. She is Ragini. Elder sister of swara.
Ragini: Maa, take a chill pill!! It will take tym..I know you are eagerly waiting to meet her n even am too…afterall she is coming back after 2 years after completing her post graduation in Delhi..am soo excited…
Suddenly they see swara running towards them. She hugs sumi..maa I missed you soo much..i missed you too beta was all sumi said by caressing her hairs..
Den she hugged Ragini..dii kaise ho aap…ragini showed anger..
Ragini: Swara u don’t love me…you were so busy with your frnds in Delhi that you didn’t missed me..
Swara while making cute face said: Meri pyarii dii, yaad unko kiya jata h jinhe hum bhoolte h.. we are swaragini..and ..and she hugs Ragini.
Sumi smiles seeing them and they all leave for gadodia house. At house swara meets dadi and Shekhar and everyone pampers her..
At night, the family gathers for dinner..
Shekar: Maa mjhe lgta h aab Hume Ragini Ki shaadi ke baare mein sochna chahiye..
Dadi: Haan…maine toh pichle saal hi bola tha..tumne hi mna krdiaa.
Swara: But maa..dii Ki shaadi..abhi..
Sumi: Swara tum chup rho..Ragini what do you think.
Ragini: Maa Jaisa aap logo ko theek lge..she blushes and runs inside .
Shekhar: It means Ragini is ready. Sumi yesterday one of my friend told about his relative..the maheshwaris. They live in Kolkata. They had one son ..he is a businessman..if u want I will contact them. What do you think maa..
Dadi: Jaise tjhe theek lge..bs chora aacha hona chahiye Jo Ragini ko khush rkhe..
Shekhar goes outside to call his friend. He contacts them and agrees to meet them..
Shekhar to family: I will leave for Kolkata day after tomorrow.

In swaragini’s room
Swara: Di..how can you marry a stranger. I mean I don’t understand..you don’t even know him..how can you marry him..
Ragini: Swara, sbko thode na clg mein pyar hota h tumhari tarah.
Swara blushes: Di, laksh sirf mera dost h.
Ragini: Mein janti hun..pr yeh dosti pyar mein jldi badal jayegi..aur jha tk baat meri h..toh I believe in love after marriage.. Aur shayad isliye hi mjhe ajtk pyar hi Ni Hua. Then winks and says unlike you.
Swara exclaims. Dii aap bhi na..maine kha na woh sirf mera dost h..
Just then sumi enters.
Swara Ragini so jaoo..baba ko kl kolkata jana h..toh jldi uth jana..good night betaa..
Swaragini: Okay maa.. Good night…
Shekhar wenta to Kolkata.. And returns to Mumbai in 2 days.
Sumi: Kaisa rha sb kuch.? Kaise h woh log?
Shekhar: Hold on sumi. I know u r excited but hum jldi Ni krenge..woh log aache h..meri baat hui..family mein ladka h..uski maa h..uske chacha chachi h..ek behen h n uski shaadi ho gyi h..
Dadi: Aacha h chlo..toh kb aayenge woh log yha?
Shekhar: Woh parso aayenge..hume tayaari krni hogi..
Ragini listens everything hiding..she blushes..she had her dreams.. She prays to god in her heart that her dreams should come true..
Swara taps her. Dii where are you lost. Apne suna na woh log parso aayenge..we have to do a lot of preparations. Am soo excited.
Ragini: Aacha..you are so excited because next turn will be yours.. N she laughs.. Swara blushes and remembers something and says oops dii..i need to make a call..
Ragini: I know whom u need to call..go..n remember my words.. You love him..
Swara runs away shouting:no dii..woh sirf mera dost h..
Ragini says to her: I know swara y u don’t want to leave Delhi..you may realize soon..wherever your heart is. There you will find your treasure..

Precap- maheswari family reaches Kolkata.

Credit to: simran

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  1. Is it ragsan and swalak ff

  2. It is ragsan or swasan… If it swasan thn only I will read it so plz make it clear ASAP

  3. Nice

    1. Thanks.. 🙂

  4. Guys even am a swasan fan…but this story needs ragsan..for first few episode it will be ragsan..den it will be swasan..plz try to understand..without ragsan my story stands nowhere..I want your support readers…In my next episode I will assure you that it will be swasan..and I will not end my story with swasan becoming one, the turning point of my story starts after that only so I promise you I will not disappoint swasan fans..

  5. I am wid u.. story needs twist.. so carry wid ragsan to unite swasan.. eagerly waiting nxt part..

    1. Thanks Adi..i had already updated.

  6. super yaar… unpdte next part na… we I’ll njy it gone be a swasan…

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