swaragini- its written (episode 17)


Hello everyone…this is simran…sorry for late update..Thankyou everyone for regularly appreciating me..thanks to all silent readers as well..
Recap: Sanskaar decision of finding swara’s love.

Next morning:
Sanskaar: Maa, I have to go to agra for three weeks.
Annapurna: Agra..why?
Sanskaar: Business work…
Annapurna: I know sanskaar, you want to avoid swara..thats why you want to keep yourself busy in business work..
Sanskaar: What should I do maa…she had many questions to which I have no answers..and she expects answer from me..so its better i should go for business trips..
Annapurna: You can run away from everything..but what about mishti?
Sanskaar: Swara is there with mishti…you are there..chachiji is there…
Annapurna: But..
Sanskaar: Maa…give me some time…
Annapurna: What are you saying?
Sujata comes: Let him go jiji…sanskaar you do your preparation..
Sanskaar left.
Annapurna: Sujata, I was talking to him na..he has to move on.
Sujata: Jiji, I understand..but give him sometime…everything will be fine but it will take time…try to understand..
Annapurna nods. I hope so..

At night, sanskaar was packing his bags.
Swara comes.
Swara: Your coffee..
Swara: Where are you going?
Sanskaar: Am going to Agra for business work…
Swara: Ok..you should have told me..i would have packed your bags..
Sanskaar: No..i have done it…you take rest..
Swara: Am resting only. Now resting time is over…its time for my responsibilities..
Sanskaar: It’s ok..i will manage…
Swara: Ok..I will go and give coffee to maa…sanskaar nods.
Swara gave coffee to Annapurna.
Annapurna: Swara, coffee is good…and listen sanskaar don’t like this coffee….he likes dark one…
Swara: But maa, I gave him this coffee only..
Annapurna: He don’t like it…
Swara: I will go and change it..
She went to room.

Sanskaar was doing his work.
Swara sees the cup..it was empty…
Swara thinks: He don’t like this coffee then too he drank it..she felt good..she smiled…
Sanskaar took his file and stands.
Swara: Where are you going now…this is your room also…yesterday also I saw you sleeping in guest room.
Sanskaar: I have some work in study room…i will be late.. you sleep here..
Swara nods…

Next day, sanskaar says bye to everyone ..
Swara comes running from kitchen but she doesn’t find him..
Swara: Maa, where is sanskaar..
Annapurna: He went swara…why..what happened…
Swara: Nothing maa…
Annapurna: Okaay…me and sujata are going to temple…you take care..
Swara: Yess maa…she was hurt…
Swara thinks: What happened sanskaar.. Why are you ignoring me……

Two month passed…sanskaar was in Agra..he kept busy himself in work..he called swara but only to talk to misti..swara noticed …she cared mishti..she spent most of her time with misti…..
Annapurna called sanskaar.
Annapurna: Sanskaar, you went for three weeks. Its two months now..enough…think about swara..come back tomorrow itself..
Sanskaar: Yes maa..am doing everything for her only..
Annapurna: Neither I don’t understand what you are doing nor I want to understand…you come tomorrow ..thats it..
Sanskaar. Okay maa..I will come in some days..
Annapurna: Ok byee..
Swara was cuddling mishti.
Annapurna thinks: You proved to be a good mother..now its time to prove you relation…to prove you can be a good wife too…

After some days.
Sanskaar returns home..he greets everyone…he had lunch with his family..he tries to feed misti .
Swara laughs: What sanskaar..as if you don’t know that misti drinks only milk….
Everyone laughs…even him…

At night. In sanskaar’s room.
Swara: How was everything.
Sanskaar: Everything was ok.
He stands to get up. But swara holds his hand.
Swara: Please sanskaar…sit with me for sometime..
Sanskaar sits..there was silence in the room.
Misti cries..swara cuddles her and make her sleep…sanskaar watched her..
Sanskaar thinks: Swara has managed everything…
Sanskaar starts doing his work there only.
Swara: Sanskaar may I ask you one thing..
Sanskaar without taking his eyes off the file: Hmm..
Swara: Who gave her name misti? That’s a cute name..
Sanskaar remembers something. His hands stop working.
Sankaar: No..her name will be pari..she is my princess..
Ragini: No no no…her name will be mishti.
Sanskaar: No ragini..see pari is a beautiful name.
Ragini: No sanskaar…but mishti suits my cute baby..
Sanskaar: No..pari..
Ragini: No..her name will be mishti..
Sanskaar: Okay mishti…but I want another daughter now..
Ragini: What.
Sanskaar: Yes..another daughter so that I will keep her name pari..
Ragini: As if Daughter will come in two days ..she laughs..
Sanskaar: Yes ragini….I have to do something now…he comes close to her..
Ragini in a low voice: Sanskaar..
Sanskaar kiss her on eyes.
Ragini blushes.
Sanskaar was about to kiss on her lips but..
Ragini: Maaaa
Sanskaar: Where
Ragini laughs and runs away…
Sanskaar smiles: Ragini……
His memories were broken when someone shakes him.

Sanskaarrrr..where are you lost. Am talking to you. …who kept her name misti.
Sanskaar: Her mom kept.
Swara: Okay…I only kept…she makes a sad face..
Sanskaar: What happened .
Swara: See sanskaar..i forgot everything…my important part of my life…and I felt so incomplete…something is missing..i can’t make you understand..
Sanskaar: Everything will be fine…don’t worry..
Swara: Ok..now I will call my mishti ” gudda”.
Sanskaar: Why
Swara: Because I feel so..she is my doll..mishti is a good name but gudda is very cute…my gudda..
Sanskaar: You call whatever you like to..but her name will be mishti.. He said in a cold tone.
Swara noticed this. Not only this she was noticing everything…
Sanskaar stands.
Swara: Wait sanskaar..what happened to you..why are you behaving like this.
Sanskaar: What do you mean.
Swara: As if you don’t understand..you don’t know anything….i had lost my memory…but instead you are behaving differently.
Sanskaar: Nothing like that..
Swara: Am not a kid..i understand everything…
Sanskaar: Swara, you had an accident…you should rest…you should not take stress..
Swara: And this stress is because of you only.. I understand I lost my memory..you want to give me time..but am trying and you always ignore me.
Sanskaar: I don’t want to talk about it..take rest.
Swara: But I want..am your wife..i have the right….
Sanskaar looks on..

Swara: At least tell me what I have done….its enough now..i can’t understand anything..
Sanskaar face was turned.. He was silent.
Swara shouts: Am talking to you..tell me something..speak up something….
Sanskaar: Swara, I will do everything fine..give me some time.
Swara: You cant do anything…i will do..i will try to find out my past..i will do anything but I will try to find it out..
Sanskaar closes his eyes his pain..
Sanskaar thinks: I know swara, you are hurt..but I don’t have any answer.
He heard sound of breaking of glass…he turns..
Sanskaar: Swara…he rushes to her..
She fainted…
He called doctor..her checkup was done..
Annapurna: What happened to her doctor.
Doctor: She fainted due to stress…stress is not good for her..recently she had an accident…stress can negatively work on her….
Sanskaar: Yes doctor..
Doctor: I had given her Injection..she will be fine..
Doctor leaves.

Annapurna: Take care of her sanskaar..she leaves.
Sanskaar goes to her: I know swara you are tensed..but I will do everything fine..am doing everything for you only.
He stands and turns to leave..he heard her voice.
I know sanskaar, you want to give me time. But we can be friends atleast..
Sanskaar smiles.
Sanskaar: Yes.. We are friends now. Now you take rest. I will go and make my coffee..
Swara: I will make..
Sanskaar: No..you rest here only..i will go and make coffee for me as well as for you..
Swara nods. He went..
Annapurna accidentally watched them..she smiles..everything will be fine…
Annapurna thinks: Now it’s time to call her…..and she smiles..
A week passed….sanskaar and swara became friends…

One morning..
Sujata: Jiji, swara had managed everything like ragini..
Annapurna: Yes..she has managed everything well..mishti got a mother…and they two also became friends.
Sujata smiles: Ragini would be very happy.
Annapurna: Yes..we miss you ragini…
Ragini…who is ragini? Says swara.
Annapurna: Swara tum.
Swara: Yes maa…who is ragini…
Annapurna and sujata looks each other.
Sanskaar: Swara, go and get ready fast. We have to go to hospital.
Swara: Hospital.why.?
Sanskaar: For you regular checkup. Now you go.
She nods and leaves.
Sanskaar: Maaaa…please take care..
Sanskaar thinks: Now it’s time I have to visit Mumbai and search swara’s belongings..i will surely find something..
Swara got ready.
She thinks: I know sanskaar. But don’t worry..I will know everything about my past…

After a week.
Sanskaar: I have to go to Maharashtra..
Annapurna: For a business trip..
Sanskaar: Yes maa..but don’t worry I will come in three days..
Annapurna: Okaayy…
Sanskaar says byee to everyone …
Swara: Byee..take care….
Sanskaar smiles : Byee..
Sanskaar reaches Mumbai.

At gadodia house.
Door bell rings.
Sharmistha: Sanskaar…how are you..
Sanskaar: am fine maa.
Sharmistha: Come inside.
Sharmistha: How is everyone..
Sanskaar: Everyone is good.
Sharmistha: Swara…is she able to manage everything?
Sanskaar: Yess maa. She managed everything…
Sharmistha: It’s good…
Sharmistha: I will go and make tea for you.
Sanskaar: No maa. Am in a hurry..actually I have to take some books of swara..sharmistha ok..you go and take..till then I will prepare snacks..
Sankaar nods.he went to swara’s room…he saw a big shelf of book..
Sanskaar: I should do my work fast..
He seaches the whole room…cupboards..drawers..files….he found nothing….he was tired.
He went to bookshelf..he was seeing books..there were only academics books…magazines…
At one side, he found a book
he took the book…it was the only novel in the bookshelf..he opens the book…

Just then a letter falls.
I know we are good friends but for me it is not just a friendship. It is more than that. I am afraid to say it directly to you so am writing this letter.
I love you swara. I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride. I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving..
Am waiting for your reply..am waiting and will always wait..

Just then sumi enters, sanskaar tea is ready. Come fast. He kept that book in bag…
Sanskaar thinks: So his name is laksh.

An important message.
Guys I won’t be able to update for few days..am going to Himachal pradesh for some days…my next update will be on 7 April…..i think todays episode is boring..so I will make it interesting next time..byee.. 🙂 🙂

Credit to: simran

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  3. Sorry guys… the book name is “THOSE WHO LEAVE AND THOSE WHO STAY”
    It was a typing mistake..and I noticed it just now.. 🙂

  4. Simran its nice episode. Not at all boring. I love you ff a lot. Please don’t stop your ff. Update next part soon.

    1. Thanks a lot..am not ending it….am taking a break because I have to go to hp. 🙂

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    1. Hey divya..thanks dear..and yeahh sure..i will fulfill your pre- birthday wish..i will surely update next episode on 6 April…I will write it today itself…but will post on 6… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Nce can u just tell me is swara recalling everything becz I’m starting u mentioned swara sitting near manjiri plzz clear my confusion

    1. Thanks dear.. 🙂
      Yeah..in starting I mentioned swara sitting near river ganga..so you can assume she is recalling everything… 🙂

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  9. its ok dear..
    n it’s not boring.. u r going right way..

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