swaragini- its written ( episode 16)

Hello everyone..this is Simran..Thankyou everyone for reading this and connecting with it..thanks all silent readers.. 🙂
Recap: Sankaaar gains consciousness. Sharmistha conveys sansaar.
Sharmistha: Shekhar, where is sanskaar?
Shekhar: I don’t know..he must have come..
Just then sanskaar enters..
Swara: Maa. Who is he.
Everyone look towards sanskaar..

Just then dadi enters..
Dadi: Sharmistha, misti is crying.
Sharmistha: Awww my baby…what happened…she was cuddling her but misti was crying…
Swara felt restless…maa give baby to me..i will handle her…
Sharmistha: No swara.. You take rest…
Swara: No maa…I cant see her crying..please…
Sharmistha: Okayy..here you go..
Swara cuddled Mishti..Mishti slept in her arms..
Sharmistha smiles.
Swara: you didn’t answer me…
Sanskaar looked on.
Shekhar shakes him: Sanskaar beta, we are waiting for your decision…
Sanskaar: Yes papa…Am your husband swara…and she is our daughter Mishti..
Dadi was shocked..
Dadi: Sanskaar, what… sumi cuts her words.
Sharmistha: Maa, swara should know that she is mishti’s mother.
Swara: What…why maa..why I didn’t remember anything..how can I forget everything…how can I forget my family, my inlaws, my husband and my daughter..i have a lot of responsibilities..how can I forget them….
Sharmistha: Don’t worry beta..everything will be fine…i know you will fufill all your responsibilities. Now you take rest…give Mishti..i will take her..
Dadi leaves angrily.

Swara: No maa…i will take care of Mishti…
Sharmistha: But you need rest..
Swara: Don’t worry about me…i will handle everything…
Shamristha blesses her..everyone leaves….
Shekhar: I will stay here…you all go home..everyone nods..
At home,
Sharmistha was preparing dinner…
Dadi: Sharmistha…how can you do this..
Sharmistha: Maa, what happened..what have I done..
Dadi : Come with me..
Dadi and sharmistha left to dadi’s room..
Sharmistha: What happened maa..
Dadi: What have you done…why are you spoiling swara’a life..
Sharmistha: Maa, I have thought a lot and then taken this decision.
Dadi: Sumi you are doing all this because yesterday I asked you…i was wrong….n now you are doing wrong.
Sumi: No maaa..iam not doing this because you asked me to… I have done this for Mishti…
Dadi: For Mishti, you are spoiling swara’s life…no I cant let this happen…we had lost ragini..and you want to spoil her life now..

Sumi: Maaa…listen to me..its swara’s age for marriage…we will think about her marriage in 3-4 months…so why not now…sanskaar is a good boy…we are not spoiling her life…she will be happy with him…and mishti will also get a mother..
Dadi: How can she be happy..what do you think sanskaar will love her..no..she will only remain misti’s mother always…then what about her life…
Sumi: Maa I understand…when right time will come we will tell everything to swara…and we will not force our decision on her..we will give her full freedom to decide what she want..
Dadi: Don’t you think it will be very late at that time..
Sumi: We will see it later maa..and even Sanskaar agreed for this..
Dadi: I dont know what happened to all of you..do what you want..but remember, when swara will know the truth, you all will repent..you are doing wrong…
She leaves angrily.
Sharmistha thinks: Yes maa…i must be doing wrong yesterday but today am not doing wrong…i had seen swara’s love for mishti….

At night,
Location: Hospital.
Sanskaar: Swara, where is mishti..i hope she is not disturbing you..
Swara: No sanskaar..what are you saying..why she will disturb me..see how beautifully she is sleeping…
Sanskaar caresses mishti’s face…he was about to leave when he heard her voice.
Swara: Sanskaar. Where are you going. Please sit for sometime..
Sanskaar sits there.
Swara: Am sorry…i may not remember anything..but I will not forget my duties…am your wife and I accept this relationship from my heart…
Sanskaar gives a fake smile.
Swara noticed it..
Swara: Tell me everything about our family..
Sanskaar tells her everything….time passed..
Sanskaar: Swara you will be discharged from here day after tomorrow…now its late…sleep now..
Swara : Okayy..you also sleep..
Sanskaar: No..i will take a walk outside…you sleep..
Swara smiles and nods.
Sanskaar went outside..
Outside, in the park..

Sanskaar was watching the rabbits there..
Suddenly someone hugs him from behind..
Voice: Why are you sad?
Sanskaar: Ragini
Ragini: Yes..its me…what happened..
Sanskaar remained silent.
Ragini: Come. Lets sit there..she said pointing towards a bench…
Ragini: Now tell me what happened..
Sanskaar: Am doing wrong..i should not lie to swara…this is wrong…
Ragini: Why you agreed for it?
Sanskaar: Today I was not ready..i thought that I will tell her everything…but….
Ragini: But….
Sanskaar: But when I had seen her love towards misti, i don’t know what happened to me..i agreed..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskaar: You are smiling..
Ragini: Then say the truth now.
Sanskaar: No..if i tell the truth, papa n maa will make her marry with someone else..
Ragini: So what now?
Sanskaar: I don’t know..
Ragini: If you want, then do something for her..
Sanskaar stands.

Sanskaar: Yes ragini. You are right….i can do something… I will find out her love..i will not bind her in this relation..i will not spoil her life..i will help her in recovering her memory…and then will free her from this fake relation.
Ragini smiles: Yes sanskaar. You take her towards her destiny..i will take you towards your destiny…
Sanskaar: What?
He turns and finds noone..he checks the time.
Its 2’0 clock..
Sanskaar: I should check mishti…
One Day passed ..swara was discharged from hospital….one week passed…swara was taken care of by family members…
Sharmistha: Swara, are you ok now..
Swara: Yes maa….why?
Sharmistha: Actually sanskaar will be leaving for Kolkata tomorrow…so you Pack your items..
Swara nods…
Next day: Sanskaar and swara got ready..
They greeted everyone…

Sharmistha: Sanskaar, take care of swara..
Sanskaar: Don’t worry maa..i will not snatch her happiness for our needs.
Sumi looks on..
They both bid bye to everyone and leaves..
Sanskaar calls Annapurna: Maa, me and swara are coming…have you arranged everything.
Annapurna: I had arranged everything…i had kept ragini’s belongings in your study and locked it..
Sanskaar: Hmm…will meet you at home..byee..
Sanskaar calls his friend Ajay.
Sanskaar: Ajay where are you..
Ajay: Sanskaar..am sorry..when my friend needed me the most, I was not there..
Sanskaar: Its ok Ajay..now I need you..I want to meet you today at 8 pm..
Ajay: Okay..i will come to your house..
Sanskaar: Okayy..byee..
After some hours, they reached home.
Annapurna welcomed them.

Sujata: Mishti, grandmas missed you a lot..comee…
Sanskaar remembered the moment when he and ragini were welcomed when mishti was borned…everyone words were echoing in his mind.. Uttara was teasing them. His happy moments were distributed when Annapurna shakes him..
Sanskaar, where are you lost..come inside..
He came back to his senses and think now everything is changed…
Annapurna: Sanskaar you go and check the room..and we had put everything in the room beside the study…I know ragini’s memory are precious..she smiles and leaves..
At night,
Ajay arrives.
Ajay: Hello swara…you are here…
Swara: Sorry..who are you…
Ajay: How can you forget me… We met when you and ragi..sanskaar shouts Ajay..
Everyone looks him..
Ajay: Sanskaar…how are you..see swara had forgotten me..
Sanskaar: Come with me. We will do our work at roof.
Swara: I will prepare some snacks.

Sanskaar: No..its ok..you take rest..come Ajay..
At roof,
Ajay: Sanskaar, swara forgot me…
Sanskaar told him everything what happened in few days..
Ajay hugs him.
Sanskaar: Ajay, I know you had secret crush on swara.
Ajay was shocked. He thought how he knew this.
Sanskaar: Don’t be shocked..I know you from childhood..
Ajay: No sanskaar…i mean yes..i had secret crush..but you know me naa…i almost try everyone..still am single..
Sanskaar: I need your help Ajay..
Ajay: I will help you anyhow..tell me what I can do..
Sanskaar: Swara loved someone..she now don’t remember anything..but I will unite them both..i don’t know anything about him….i never met him…
Ajay: But sanskaar, what about mishti..you agreed for this fake relationship for mishti only.
Sanskaar: No Ajay..i will not spoil her life…i will not use her..so you try to find him..i will give you some details in few days..
Ajay: But from where you will get those details.
Sanskaar: From swara’s home, I had gathered some documents and a lot of things…i need time to analyse them…am sure we will get some clue from there…
Ajay: Ok..you send me details.. I must leave now…

Sanskaar hugs him..
Ajay: Am always there with you..don’t worry……he pats him and leaves..
At night,
Sanskaar went to his room..he saw swara waiting for him.
Swara: Who was he?
Sanskaar: He is my childhood friend, Ajay.
Swara: Okay..
Sanskaar: Misti..
Swara: Misti is with chachiji…
Sanskaar: Okay..you sleep now..you need rest..
Swara: Where are you going.
Sanskaar: I have some work. Am going to study.

Swara nods.
Sanskaar comes to guest room beside study. The room had all the belongings of ragini..
He takes out a photo of ragini….he speaks with it..and slowly slowly the darkness of night was transformed into dreams…

Guys you can imagine Sehban Azim as Ajay…. 🙂

Credit to: simran


  1. sapna

    Amazing dear. I loved it. I read all your episodes and I must say you are an amazing writer. The way you had presented your story is superb. You hooked up your reader with every episode. In today’s episode, I love sanskaar’s role..finally he realized his mistake and took some step. Waiting for next episode. Please update it today only.

    • simran

      Hey…thanks a lot sapna..thanks your spending your time reading all episodes…i,will,update next episode as soon as possible.

    • simran

      Thanks a lot Eva..its a big thing for me to have a comment from you.. Thanks again.. 🙂 🙂

    • simran

      Thanks a lot sinzo…..now is it ok? I had shown others view on this decision..please reply..i need to know so that I can improve further.. 🙂 🙂

  2. simran u r a cheap when u gave us two option u comment to ur ff in different names
    the names are swara,elena,pooja,preeti,charu today only i came to know it because ur symbolis same with other commentors symbol if u have dout u can check in episode 13 and in before episode that is 12 u comment as simran hw cheap r u

    • simran

      And in next episode, I think you hadn’t checked my comment…someone asked my account for giving suggestion..and my account was hacked..i was not able to recover my account….with lot of difficulty, I recovered it and added security…..it was that person only who used different names for bashing me…he/she taunted me in ever way possible…even I was hurt…and next day I came to know that person used my id for commenting…so am not cheap….sometimes I feel you guys only know how to bash others…its enough now…i too noticed that..and even I had commented on my next episode…..you can check it..

    • Eva

      Why do u people bash other so much? Seriously..without reading the episodes u came here to call her cheap…even i saw those comments…all those where bashing ones…now u tell me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…why will someone bash herself? And yes…people r not so bevakuv..that they will comment from the same account…knowing about the symbols……..plz check everything before bashing someone….cause this really hurts….no hard feelings…

      • eva u cann’t tell like that some people are cheating like that am not saying simran the can cheat even i had doubt because am reading from the first i know her symbol sindhu rm,lila, abi,venni and so on so that not only me every on knows some smybol so they are saying this am not saying wat xxxxxxxxx did is right but see she asked srry also and she also given the link she is right simran did not mention clearly its both of them mistake so plz leave this

      • Eva

        i had no intention to hurt anyone..but u see using the word cheap…is really mean..and Simran is a good friend of mine..i know she would not do such a thing..so just wrote what was in my mind…..sorry..if i hurt anyone…..but bashing really hurts…and about cheating…using the same email address and commenting with diff name is cheating..but everyone can understand that can’t they?

      • simran

        Guys i didn’t mentioned clearly because at that time i was not able to understand much..i was shocked how can someone use my id for such purpose……thats why i just gave a small note about it..
        And xxxxxxxx: Its ok..it was a misunderstanding…
        And one more thing, I didn’t noticed it even..it was when Lila commented, I noticed…and then I worked upon the issue..

      • simran

        Thanks a lot Eva…thankyou soo much for understanding me…thanks for trusting me…I never thought I will get a friend of mine here..but I got a friend..thankyou so much for standing beside me and supporting me….this really mean a lot for me..

  3. niki

    Please change name of ur ff…..
    Name of simaran’s ff is MAIDAN-A-JANG????????????????????????????????

  4. HI simaran..
    sanskar is really good yar he didn’t see mishti’s happiness n he want to find whom swara loved..
    story is going too much interesting..
    n if possible pls try to write on some present part also..
    n for other’s mistake we don’t have to feel bad u r not at all in fault..

    • simran

      Hey falguni…thanks dear….yeahh am trying to shape sanskaar’s character..and ragini is showing her the path…
      Dear even I thought of giving some present part after 1 episode but right now am making my story…am still thinking about future…so I don’t want to give a present scene that later on works against the story…i hope you understand.. 🙂
      If you had any more suggestions then you are welcomed to share them… I would be glad… 🙂 🙂

  5. Ur welcome dear .. n no its ok simran ..
    take ur time for present story.. i will wait.. 🙂

    i told last line bcs i saw someone bashing u.. n i really felt bed for u.. when Saba ended the story SWASAN A PATH HATE TO LOVE every body bash her.. i feel like y people don’t want to accept truth n reality.. writers r true on their story n they better know how to create story n shape up the characters.. that’s it..
    i don’t want to comment on others bcs it’s public platform n we can’t judge anyone.. so i wrap up in short..

    sorry if I HURT anyone ..

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