swaragini- its written ( episode 13)

Hello everyone..this is simran…sorry for late update…i had to reset my phone due to some issues and I had lost all the episodes I had written…am giving a short update today..next will be a long one…

lets start with the story.
Recap: Ragsan moments. Ragini reached Mumbai.
Ragini reached gadodia house..everyone greeted her and welcomed her..
Ragini: Dadi, how are you. I missed you all very much.
Dadi: Iam fine.we missed you too…now you are here..i will fulfil all my wishes. Afterall now grandma of maa…hainaaa guddia…she took misti ( baby) in her arms and cuddled her..
Sharmistha: Ragini you go and get fresh..swara will take care of misti.
Ragini nods and went inside..
She calls sanskaar.

Ragini: Hello.
Sanskaar: Hello Ragini.. Had you reached..
Ragini: Yes sanskaar I had reached home…and we didn’t faced any problem..you don’t worry..
Sanskaar: I worry about my life..
Ragini smiles..: So what are you doing.
Sanskaar: Till now I was waiting fir your phone call, now I will go to office..you tell how is everyone at home.
Ragini: Everyone is fine..
Sanskaar: How is misti. Say her papa is missing her very much..
Ragini: Misti is fine…misti is saying me and mumma is missing papa very much..
Sanskaar smiles: So y mumma went home leaving papa alone?
Just then sumi enters, Ragini come fast. Have snacks..
Ragini: Ji maa…sanskaar I will talk to you later..okaayy…bbiee…
Sanskaar: Okay.. Byee.. I love you.
Ragini: I love you too ?
Ragini had a quality family time spent.

At night, in swaragini’s room,
Ragini was cuddling misti.
Swara: Dii, you want to drink coffee?
Ragini smiles and says no..
Swara: Okay..want to eat cake?
Ragini: No.
Swara sadly: Okay di. Aaaaaaa…….dii tomorrow we will go for shopping..okay..
Ragini: Swaraaa calm down..what happened..what you want to say to me..
Swara smiles: Diii, actually i,met laksh. And he asked me about our marriage.
Ragini: Okayy…so you want me to talk to papa.
Swara: Haan di.. Am afraid..i cannot talk to him..you have to talk..
Ragini: Okayy swara..i will talk to him..
Swara excitingly hugs her: I loved youuu dii..you are the best…..
Ragini: I love you too..and misti loves you too…
Swara: Ohhh my baby…maasi,loves you too….
Then they both played with misti….

No precap.

i want to convey an important message to ragsan as well as swasan fans..please read with patience..
Firstly, this ff is a combination of many movies as I had told you earlier many times…but I had only taken the concepts from different movies..my way of presenting will be different…so tell me till now though my story is common, nothing new in it..don’t you enjoy it? Is my way of presenting till now is not different from those movies..plzz do reply me..i need to know so that I may not disappoint you all in future….
Secondly, for all swasan fans, in my ff swasan phase is starting now..so plzz comment and tell me is there anyone who is reading this story and is a swasan fan….
Third., from starting only I said that first it will be ragsan and then swasan..and many of my readers had guessed the story… But now I had read comments my readers don’t want me to kill Ragini…and even I don’t want to disappoint anyone..i understand…but this was my plot…if I don’t kill Ragini, then my story will be a boring one…and I have no other way to make it swasan….i had thought a lot upon it…i didn’t find other way…..
Now I had got two options and you can choose what you want among the two..
First: I will kill Ragini in this ff. But only her character will end..her role will not end..she will play a major role in uniting swasan…
Second: I will end her role temporarily and then she will return…but after returning, her character may turn into negative if my story needs so..
I pefer first one…..but my preference is of no use..your prefernces matters..,now you have to decide what you want..my final decision will be on your choices……because am going to end ragsan part, my last episode was full of ragsan scenes if u guys had noticed…I tried my best and will try to Improve further.
So now my story will shape according to your choice..if you guys want, I will end this ff incase you don’t like my ff.
Guys am writing this ff for you..so that you can read..you can enjoy..i don’t want to disappoint anyone…
Plzz everyone reading this comment and let me know your choices….silent readers plzzz do comment and tell me what you want……
I will wait for everyone’s comment till ..and then will upload my next episode…because for me your preferences matters.

Credit to: simran


  1. Anu

    I am a SwaSan fan and reading it from start… Its jst amazing… Continue with ur plot.. Loving it a lot…
    I dont think it ll be good to turn Ragini negative so i too prefer first option…

  2. no no pZ dont end it da track of story is impressive & coz i am a big fan of swasan so im eagerly waiting fr dat part let dat part be big . waiting fr da twist in tale im sure it will be v interesting

  3. I am sry to say this i dont choose none from your option
    Wat will happen to laksh then
    Dont change pairs as your wiah
    Lossing love is worst face in any one life.
    Swara wants to take care of rags baby then no need to marry sanskar.
    She can marry to laksh and can look after her also..
    If u want to kill .kill her and laksh also.
    Then make them swasan marry

    • Ya am ok with aliya option here both the pair’s r in deep love if u want to kill ragini wat abt laksh & if it’s abt misti let’s swalak tc of her r with any twist pair the raglak with swasan I know it’s really bad option..

  4. This ff is very sweet but ur 2option also I didn’t liked. really on going track was well fine to carry on but I remember starting itself u mentioned that this is sanswa but it’s not fair ya after showing this much of ragsan now u want to separate r kill ragini it’s not looking fair.. I dnt like 2option also & I had no any other option also if I get it I suggestion by next comment..

  5. if u want to kill her means it’s not required of this love u want to show here.. by showing this much love now if u kill means not ready to accept it ya..

  6. divi

    1st is better from two options but here ragsan and swalak true love so its bad to to sperate them if u kill rag then what about laksh if swara marrys sanskar

  7. elena

    Hey simran. Am a silent reader of your story. I don’t want Ragini to be killed. But on the other side if u had thought something, that is also right. You are right, u have to shape your story. And in movies also directors kill heroine and we had no option. So its your choice u can do whatever u want. We are readers and we have no right to create boundaries for your thinking. Am with you. Do whatever u want. I love your story.

    • swara

      I agree wid u Elena. Simran tumhe jaisa theek lge waise kro.. I like your story..pllzz don’t end it. We have no right Ki hum tumhe story change krne ko bole. 1st option is better.

  8. kaira

    sory but ur options r not good if u kill ragini and swasan ger married then what about laksh. Plslz let it be ragsan and swalak don’t want swasan their r already so many swasan ffs go with some different idea where swalak and ragsan be together like kill ragini but bring her back and laksh can have some connections with maheswaris so he can enter MM and swalak can unite and u kill ragini also if laksh is in mm swalak can unite and swara can take care of mishiti ….. Sory if i hurted u i just kept my opion love ur ff ……………..

  9. pooja

    I hate your name..your story …not because am a ragsan or a swasan fan, I hadn’t read any,of your episodes and I will never read it…
    So better you stop writing it….who gave you an idea of writing a fan fiction. Don’t you have brain,.? I don’t know why everyone else is reading your fan fiction…….i don’t care anyway. Just a plead DONT WRITE AGAIN. loser….n noone need to say anything to me, am right..she should not write..a loser writer.

    • preeti

      Dear pooja, if you don’t like her story den don’t read it..go away.. Noone is forcing you to read it. And who are you to ask her not to write again. It is her choice. Don’t you have manners..you don’t know her then how can you say this much to her. Ms.pooja infact if this is your behaviour then noone will read your fan fiction If you write it ever..so dear carry your hatredness with yourself..and go.. Noone will listen to you.

      • Eva

        Lila…i guess there is a prob in replying to any of her comments…as all r giving same logo but totally different views……they r opposing and bashing eachother…how come they r one person?

  10. Aahana

    I will chose 2nd option nd dear dont end for some readers in starting only u said na that it will be swasan so dont need to end be ause now we want swasan

  11. Sinzo

    its ok Simran u carry on with ur story……i am a Ragsan Fan….but its ok u have already decided ur story…….yeah but both options are hurting….neither we dont ragini to be killed nor we want her to be in Negative role…..i dont knw wat to say…….i knw that Ragini will die but plzzz give some imp role to laksh …its my request ……

    ur story is awesome

  12. charu

    Simran didi, am a silent reader of your fan fiction. And plzz don’t end it. Write your story as you had planned. I feel sad for ragini and laksh but its okay…you are always right. Not all love stories are completed.

    • Lila

      Ur not a silent reader….u were being rude before saying u hate her in the name of pooja and preeti

    • Anahita

      areh….app kitni buddhu ho…..y r u commenting with different names? And that too so many views? Koi bhi ek dusre seh nehi milta hai…ek meh bash karrahi ho aur dusre meh useh oppose kar rahi ho…seriously……

  13. divi

    that is her story who are u to say pooja just be in limits dont cross
    simran dont feel bad for her stupid comments u carry on with ur story

  14. your option gave me a big shock i thought u will plan something to make swasan untie but not these things from first itself u should have done it i mean before their marriage see u r hurting many fans including me i like swasan but not by killing or negative ragini . then wat about laksh yaar . its not fair yaar srry to hurt u

  15. anu

    Hey simran… Don’t worry about comments…. B’coz doz who bash u, r ragsan nd ragini fans… Everyone have dear on choice… So dey can’t accept it….u alrdy told dt first it w’ll be ragsan den swasan… So u carry on with ur plot.. Many of us with you.. Actually I’m silent reader.. I know many ragsan nd swalak fans w’ll not read swasan nd raglak ffs nd vice versa….. They choose their choice so don’t worry abt it…

    • anu

      Hey simran…. Many of them saying dt , if u change de couple… Dey w’ll stop reading .. Bt from de beginning itself u said dt first ragsan den swasan forever…. So don’t mind about dem… Write as u plan…. U can’t satisfy everyone…. I can also say dt .. If u not change de couple every ragsan and swalak fan support u nd swasan fan bash u.. Its normal so don’t worry abt it… Actually it is a diffrnt story line…. Carry on as u said….

  16. unknown

    There is nothing new and u r going to turn ragini into negative…. So u tell me wht’s new in ur ff……???? It’s better end ur story.

  17. L Khan

    Nce…..yes I’m a swasan fan nd as u told in first that it will first revolve around ragsan nd then swasan so that’s the reason I’m reading it……..nd i have also noticed that u have only taken ideas of movies not fully copied so appreciate this…..nd ya ur first idea is superb

  18. Aish

    If u want kill ragini,kill sanky also
    and make swalak(bcz they r in deep lv how can separate) they r tc misti
    its my opinion

  19. Jwala

    hi simran.. i was a silent reader of this ff. i want to say that you should follow your heart. don’t change the story based on comments. so many loves your idea. i loved your idea totally. if you wrote on basis of comments it will be a big disaster. may ragini fans don’t like it. but don’t worry. you can’t write an ff by satisfying all.. swasan fans love this track. ignore negactive comments and follow your heart. it will give you satisfaction. waiting to read swasan part

  20. Bresh

    Plzz Simeon don give a damn shit about the badger…. They say they hate nfir ending ragasan and say for example if u decide to keep ragasan they tail like ‘love u’ and will appreciate your work… So plzzz forget about it.. If they don’t want to read their choice there are many other ragasan ffs they can’t read… Plzz continue with you own plot…I am a Swasan fan but u have been reading from start even though it was ragasan at the beginning… Plzzz do t worry about them…

  21. Sinzo

    Guys plzzzz……dont say anything….juz think twice while commenting….i knw u guys are hurt….even i am hurt….but try to understand her …..many pervious episodes were only for us (Ragsan Swalak fans).remember guys…but now its turn for Swasan fans…..if it will be not like this then her story will be not like she decided earlier……….
    yeah it will be painful for us to see Ragsan and Swalak separating but for sometime lets juz forget about pairs and enjoy the story together…..ryt….lets juz try to understand her point of view….her story…..her ideas…..

    plzzzz lets juz dont waste tym on fighting with each other buts lets juz be together and enjoy her story…..plzzz guys…respect her decisions…..

  22. divi

    guys if want leave without commenting coz she may feel bad due to ur comment atleast think how bad she will feel when u talk like this and say to her and her ff

  23. Pls don’t fight frnds pls allow her to write wat she planned..pls present wat u thought dear it’s nice..don’t bother for negative comments I love ur fiction very much but update regularly I m waiting for next part…egarly waiting for twist

  24. Sarita

    Ragini mar janegi?….Simran …don’t so this..I mean this is not done na….how can u change the couples like this? I had been reading this ff from its first episode…..I’m a swasan and Raglak fan..but still u should not do this…i mean think about Laksh…….tbh I’m not a couple freak….but i don’t like such ffs which plays with readers feelings….and other people who r advising u to ignore the comments..actually they r too happy that u r writing Swasan….if u change your couple to swalak then i bet…they will be the one who will bash u…if u make this swasan then so sorry I’m not reading this……remember this that a swasan fan said that on your face…

  25. Aaradya

    R u kidding me…what is the point of killing ragini and separating ragsan…I just don’t get it, if u try to separate ragsan then a lot of people are going to dislike ur ff including me. I’m not trying to be rude but I just wanted to to tell u this. Since the first epi I started reading ur ff, I’m a huge raglak fan but after reading urs and some mother ragsan ff now o stared liking them. Again I’m sorry if my comment hurt ur feelings, I have no intention to hurt u. Please keep it ragsan and Swalak. If sanskar will forget ragini after she die then how is his love true for ragini and how will Lakshya feel.i can never agree
    With swasan and raglak pairing in ur ff. It’s just my opinion and no hurt feelings please

  26. very nice episode n i want rags to play crucial role in uniting swasan n what about laksh n i like ua plot a lot soo go on with it

  27. Anjali

    I saw the comments and then decided to read all the episodes..
    I had actually started it long back… but I had lost track of it in the middle…
    Anyways just finished reading and I have to say this….
    Its ur idea and ur work… you are writing for yourself ..not for us…
    You should write something that makes you happy….and when you write from ur heart, ppl can see it reflected in your chapters…so don’t bother about the comments… you do what you want.. even a single comment shows that there are ppl who care about you and like this ff…
    Simran, don’t get disheartened….it is really hard to think of ideas, believe me I know…and we readers are a tough crowd to please….
    Just write what comes in ur mind at that moment…as that is the best writing which comes straight from ur heart…
    If you felt annoyed by my comment… Im Sorry….
    Anyways I loved the story till now…
    I will not choose any option…rather I want you to choose the option, please don’t have polls… bcos then it seems like ur writing for others…
    Write for yourself.. write what makes you feel satisfied and happy….
    I can see that in eva’s writing, mandys, nehas…
    That’s why they are really awesome ffs…. bcos they write from the heart…

    Anyways sorry dear… didn’t mean to hurt you or anything, just counsel u…

  28. meena

    Option 2 ragini came back nd try to seperate swasan but sanskar loves swara nd she iz preagnent also laksh involved in it after some time they both fell for each other nd live happily ever after

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.