swaragini- its written ( episode 12)


Hello everyone….am back with 12 episode..
Recap: Swalak moment. Ragini was rushed to hospital.
Ragini was rushed to hospital.
In hospital,
Doctor: Nurse bring her to delivery room fast.
Ragini’s eyes were searching for him but he was not there..
Ragini: Swaraaaaaaaa.
Swara: Yes di…don’t worry..everything will be fine..
Ragini: Where iss………….where is sanskaar….
Swara: I had called jiju..he will be here in sometime…
Ragini was crying in pain…..operation starts.
Sanskar departed from office as he gets swara’s call…but there was lot of traffic jam..he was strucked..
Sanskar calls swara.

Sanskar: Swara..how is Ragini.
Swara: Di needs you jiju..come fast..she was asking for you..
Sanskar closes his eyes in pain: Am coming…
Some hours passed..
Sanskar reached hospital..
Sanskar: Swara where is Ragini..
Swara points towards the room: There…
All were waiting..
After sometime, doctor comes..
Doctor: Congratulations..she gave birth to a baby girl..
Everyone was happy..
Sujata and Annapurna hugs each other..
Sanskar: And how is Ragini.
Doctor: She is fine…right now she is unconscious..you can meet her after 1 hour…
Sanskar: And about my daughter..
Doctor: She is healthy. And we will keep her under observation for one hour. Excuse me..
Everyone was happy..they were overjoyed.
Swara calls sharmistha: Maa..we have a little princess at our home..
Everyone was happy..
Sharmistha: Me and Shekhar will come tomorrow…give me updates from time to time..
Swara: Yess maa..
After one hour.
Ragini gains consciousness. Doctor brings baby too..

Doctor gives the baby to Ragini..
Tears starts rolling down from ragini’s eyes..
Ragini: My daughter..my princess…
Just then sanskaar comes.
Sanskar: Ragini am soo happy..see our daughter….thankyou for giving me such a beautiful blessing of my life..
Then whole family enters..
Swara hugs Ragini…dii am soo happy…..everyone took the baby and loved her..
Annapurna: Ragini you are fine na..
Ragini: Yess maa..am fine..
Annapurna: Thank you beta. This feeling is different…i had become grandmother…I can’t control my happiness..
Sujata: Jijii…we will do a grand function..i will organise everything myself..
Ragini smiles…and she hugs her.
Next day:
Ragini was discharged from hospital..
Annapurna do their aarti…
Suajat: Ragini, first you two came..this tym you are three…next tym you should be four..
Everyone laughs..
Ragini was welcomed..sanskar and swara was fighting for the baby..

Swara: Jiju..i will play with her..am her maasi..
Sanskar: Am her papa..so first right is mine to play with her.
Swara: Noo jiju..first I asked from dii..please I will play with her..
Sanskar: But she wants to play with her papa..
Swara: Noo jiju..my princess wants to play with her maasi…..haina princess….
The baby was sleeping..
Sanskar: See swara, baby is saying she wants to be with papa.. That’s why she didn’t respond you..
Swara: Jiju stop making fool of me..she is sleeping….and by the way…I have two relations with her..massi and maa…
Sanskar: What.
Swara: I mean maasi is like mother only..so now give me..i will cuddle her..
Sanskar: No no no..i know this is your strategy..i will play with her..am her papa..
“Princess will not play with any anyone..she will be with her nani” a voice came..
Sanskar and swara both looked. It was sharmistha’s voice.

Sharmistha and Shekhar enters.
Swara runs and hugs her..am so happy maa…come..
Sharmistha comes to Ragini.
Sharmistha: How are you? I missed you soo much
Ragini hugs her: Am fine maa..i missed you too…..
Sharmistha : Swara bring princess..
She takes baby in her arms..
Sharmistha: Am feeling am holding little Ragini in my arms…ragini smiles..
The day passed..everyone was happy…..
Next day: Sharmistha and Shekhar asks to leave…
Sanskar : But papa maa, yesterday only you had came..you have to stay with us..no…
Shekhar: Noo sanskar. I have my business meeting. I cant stay..we will visit again.
Sanskar: Maa you can stay na..
Sharmistha: No sanskaar. I will come some other time..i had to go..
Ragini: Maa please….please stay..
Sanskar: It’s not fair..am sad..baby is also sad..see baby..you nani nanu is leaving today itself.
Swara: And maasi also..
Ragini: What swara..
Swara: Now I also had to leave dii..i had my exams next month..

Ragini: But swara
Swara: Please dii…
Everyone was sad..
Swara Shekhar and sharmistha greeted everyone and leaves..
Swara: Byee dii…i will miss you..i will miss everyone..everyone gave me so much love..
Ragini: We will miss you too..and my princess will miss her second mother..she hugs swara..
Shekhar, sharmistha and swara leaves..
3 months later…
Location: Mumbai, gadodia house.
Laksh came to meet swara.
In hotel room, swara came to meet him.
Laksh hugs her: Hello..how are you baby.
Swara: Am fine..u tell.
Laksh: Am good..so hows Ragini..
Swara: Dii is fine..and baby is also fine..
Laksh: Okaayy..that’s good…
Laksh was happy to see her happy..they talked about many things..
Laksh: So swara when are you going to talk to dad about our marriage.
Swara: Dii will visit her soon.she will talk to dad..i can’t talk to him …am afraid.
Laksh: Okay…i will wait..but please don’t make me wait for long…waiting is painful.
Swara rests her head on his shoulder..
Swara: I miss diii a lot..i miss baby..she is soo cutee just like dii…and she goes on talking
and talking..

Laksh was just listening her as always and he wants to listen moree and more………….
Laksh: Soo you like baby.
Swara: Yes
Laksh: So you love baby.
Swara: Yes.
Laksh: So you want to meet baby..
Swara: Yess..
Laksh: So you want baby.
Swara: Yes..
Just then she realised what laksh said..laksh you….
She blushes and she gets up…
Laksh hugs her from behind.
Swara closes her eyes.
Laksh: I love you swara. I love you very much…i can’t live without you….I want to spend every second of my life with you..if you are with me, then with you otherwise dreaming of you…

He places her hand on her waist..and kiss on her neck….
Swara: Laksh..
Laksh turns her..he ups her chin….
Laksh kissed her..the kiss was long..both were lost in each other……….just then swara phone rang…
Both came into senses…
Swara: Hello..
Sharmistha: Swara where are you…come home fast..
Swara: Am coming maa…i came to meet a friend..am coming in an hour..she ends the call.
Swara finds it hard to look into laksh’s eyes..she cant face him..this was the first time they came so close..
Laksh: So you are leaving..
Swara: Yes..I need to go..byee..swara was about to run but laksh holds her hand…laksh bring her close to her..he placed her chin on her shoulder..
Laksh: I know swara you are feeling awkward..but that’s ok..i love you.
Swara blushes..i love you too..byeee..
Laksh frees her hand and she runs away…laksh smiles……
Few weeks passed..

Ragini : Hello maaa..how are you..
Sharmistha: Am fine. Plzz come here..i want to meet you..
Ragini: Even I want to come maa… I will talk to sanskar…
At night,
Location: Kolkata. Maheshwari house.
Ragini: Sanskar, I want to go to mumbai…i hadn’t visit them after marriage..
Sanskar: How will I leave without you and my princess..
Ragini: Please sanskar..maa had asked many times..and I also wanted to go..
Sanskar was in romantic mood…okaayy you go…but on one condition.
Ragini: What?
Sanskar: I want my gift tonight so that I don’t miss you..
Ragini: What Sanskaar..so that you don’t miss me..
Sanskar: I mean so that I can live without you till you come back..
Ragini : No sanskaar. Don’t change your words..u said you will not miss me…
Sanskar: Noo Ragini I didn’t said that..
Ragini: Don’t talk to me..when I will go naa, then you will understand me and my value…
Sanskar pins her to wall..
Sanskar: Don’t say like that ragini..i will never let you go…i cant live without you..I can’t imagine my life without you..
Ragini: Sorry sanskar..i was kidding..
Sanskar: Losing you is not a joke..
Ragini hugs him.sorry sanskar..i don’t mean it..

Ragini: So how much will you miss me?
Sanskaar: Ummmmmm………If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini was leaning back against a wall and sanskaar was leaning into her. One hand around her waist, the other behind her head. Their lips met. He was slowly pressing his lips against hers…
He took her in his arms after sometimes and rests her on bed…she had closed her eyes in shyness..Ragini held her arms around his neck..he leaned on her..he entered into her..they both made love the whole night…the two souls met and both want more and more…..whole night passed…and in morning, she peacefully slept on his naked chest..
Time was 8 am.
Sujata knocks the door..raginiiiiii….raginiiiiiii..no answer….she again knocks..sanskaar….
Ragini wakes up…ohh godd..chachi..
She wakes sanskaar but he was sleeping…
Somehow she managed to make him wear shirt…she weared her gown..
Ragini opened the door.
Sujata: Raginii..why you took so long..and where is sanskar…ragini: Chaachi ji sanskaar is sleeping..
Sujata then noticed love bites on her neck and her messed up lipstick..she understands..sujata
hugs her..come fast..she smiles and leaves..

Ragini thinks about last night…she smiles…she goes to sanskar and caresses his hairs..
Sanskaar gets up..
sanskaar: baby you want it more..
Ragini: Sanskaar…and she tries to runs away..but sanskaar catches her and kissed her….the kiss was full on passion…he breaks the kiss….he holds her hand I will miss you..
Ragini: I will miss you too sanskaar..and I will be back soon…now get up..everyone is waiting for us downstairs…am going to take a bath..
Sanskaar: Should I also come..? And he winks.
Ragini: Sanskaar…..and she laughs and runs to bathroom……..
At evening ,

Ragini bids bye to everyone…she comes to sanskar..
Sanskaar: Come princess, come to papa….papa will miss you a lot and you mom also..
Ragini smiles..he kissed on Ragini’s forehead….
Ragini sits in car along with her princess and goes to mumbai……
Sanskaar thinks: When you loved someone and had to let them go, there will always be that small part of yourself that whispers, “What was it that you wanted and why didn’t you fight for it?..I
don’t know Ragini..am feeling restless………………………

Precap: Ragini reached mumbai..everyone greets her..swaragini moments.

Credit to: simran

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  1. She will no more plzzz yaar dont do like thia

    1. Hayathi I want to thank you for regularly appreciating me….and you know it will be swasan….ragini will die but her role will not end….. 🙂

  2. Nice
    plz dnt separate ragsan

    1. Thanxx…dear it will be swasan as per my ff… 🙂 🙂

  3. Befawa and hum aapke hain kaun combine together

    1. What if she make it like that also.i don’t understand y u people always bind your thinkings on writers..let them think. You people bind their creativity. If she write the story like this also den it will be different as it will be swasan at the end.
      Unknown am sorry for this but you noticed that its like bewaffa n hum apke hai kaun. But u failed to notice that she wrote it so well today.
      Simran am with you. Go on with the story as you had thought. Am sad for Ragini but so what. We cant stop directors of serials and movies when they kill heroine so we don’t have any right to stop you.

    2. I had combined many more movies..there are at least 3-4 movies…

  4. Iam reading in a tension always ki what will happen to rag nd i dont want anything happen to her

    1. Am sorry pav..i didn’t meant to give tension to you..am sorryy…. 🙁

  5. dont make this like hum apke hain koun movie dr

    1. It will not be like that movie.. Because it will be swasan..

  6. nice ……u are making me restless……ragini will be no more oh god !!!

    1. Thanxx..but dear you know na it will be swasan…but on your and my daily reader’s request i will try to find a different way to unite swasan…i will give you option in next episode and readers can choose accordingly they want… 🙂 🙂

  7. Same here Pav…. I also read diz ff in tension if something happen with ragini then….

    1. Am sorry kirti..i didn’t meant to give tension to you…am really sorry… 🙁

  8. Nice…today every scene was perfect on its place..i really liked it….awsomee….

    1. Thankss hema.. 🙂

  9. Please don’t separate ragsan….

    1. Dear it will be swasan.am sorry…plzz read my next episode to make a choice.. 🙂

  10. Simran didi aap ka ff bohot acha he .pls update it soon make swalak mrg soon as well.more swalak scenes pls.

    1. Thanks a lot asmitha…but I think you don’t know that it will be swasan and not swalak…so I don’t want to give much hope to swalak fans…n that’s why I chooses them to be a resident of different states..swara of Mumbai and laksh of Delhi..and am really sorry ..swalak marriage will not happen.. 🙂 🙂

  11. Super..bt pls give sum more swalak moment..nd dnt seperate swalak yr laksh loves swara vry much pls..

    1. Am sorry kittu…but I think you don’t know it will be swasan…….and of you had read all the episodes then you must had guessed the plot..it not, then I will give you a hint..swalak will not ne there…i know laksh loves her very much..but not all love stories are completed… 🙂

  12. amazing move..

    1. Thankss.. 🙂

  13. Ha ha ha hi kirti mee too dont want to sep ragsan

  14. Same here pav…. I love Ragsan….

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