swaragini- its written ( episode 10)


Hello everyone..this is simran..
Firstly, thanks everyone for regularly appreciating me….your comments are really valuable for me..thanks to silent readers as well…thanks for liking the story..secondly, this is the first phase of my story which will end soon..and then a new phase will start…AND I care for ragsan as well as swasan fans..i just want to say that all love stories don’t have a happy ending.. So I request you all to have patience..and don’t think that I don’t care about you….am giving my best in this story..
Lets start…

Recap: Swara and laksh conversation.

Next day:
Ragini is talking to sharmistha.
Ragini: Maaa, I miss you soo much..i want to meet you..please come to meet me..
Sharmistha: I also want to meet you..but we can’t leave dadi alone here and she can’t travel you know..
Ragini: I understand maa…
Sharmistha: Ragini, now you are entering into a new phase of life..motherhood is a very nice feeling….you have to take care of yourself as well as of your baby…
Ragini: Yes maa…swara is here..she is managing everything so well…
Sharmistha: Ragini but at this time, a wife needs her husband the most..and sanskaar is not there with you..why don’t you talk to him..
Ragini: Maaa, he said he will come soon….he promised me..
Sharmistha: I hope he keeps his promise…
Ragini: maa I will talk to you later…sanskar is calling me….okayy..byee maa..
Sharmistha : Byee…take care…
Ragini calls back sanskar…hello..
Sanskar: Hello..so what is my wife doing ?
Ragini: I was talking to maa..
Sanskar: Okayy..a good news for you…guess what it is?
Ragini: What sanskar?
Sanskar: You guess na..
Ragini: No sanskar…plzz tell na..
Sanskar: Am coming back in a week..i had almost settled my work here…
Ragini in excitement : Really….
Sanskar: Yes..now I will be with my wife and take care of her..
Ragini was overjoyed…
Sanskar: Now I need to go…byee…i love you..
Ragini: Byee….

After two days..
Laksh calls swara.
Hello swara.
Swara: Hello…you were supposed to meet me and dii…
Laksh: Actually swara…am nervous what if she don’t like me..
Swara laughs..so Mr laksh is afraid of something..
Laksh: Wow…here am nervous and you are laughing….
Swara: Hahaa…ok listen..dii will not meet you now..she needs rest..and jiju is also coming so she should spend time with him..
Laksh: Okaayy….thats good..
Swara: What..
Laksh: I mean she should take rest…and we will spend some quality time with each other…
Swara: No..am not meeting you..I will not leave dii alone at home..
Laksh: And what about me..i want to meet you…
Swara: Try to understand…i will meet you once I get back to Mumbai….
Laksh: Okayy…I know you don’t love me…
Swara: Laksh…i will talk to you later….okaayy byee…
Laksh sadly: Byee..
Swara: And…i love you..
Laksh was surprised…his heart was overjoyed…in their months of relationship, this is the first time she had said those magical words..
He jumped in joy….I love you too swara..

Two weeks passed..
sanskaar returned home..
He meets everyone….
Sanskaar: Maa, where is Ragini..
Annapurna: She is in her room..she was feeling unwell so she is resting..
Sanskar: Ok maaa…he smiles and went to his room..
Ragini was standing at the window..
He hugs her from behind..
Ragini was surprised….sanskar…when did you came..
Sanskaar: Right now..
Ragini hugs him…..
I missed you soo much..you don’t know how I passed all these months without you..
Sanskaar: Am sorry…I know waiting is painful.
Ragini: I’ve learned that waiting is the most difficult bit, and I am used to the feeling, knowing that you’re with me, even when you’re not by my side.
Sanskaar: Am sorry…now I will be with you…he caresses her hairs….ragini….
Ragini: Hmm..
Sanskar:,you look more beautiful now.
Ragini: Beautiful…..i had become so fat…..
Sanskar: No…you look beautiful….
Ragini: Don’t make fun of me sanskar..
Sanskar: No my dear…trust me….

Just them swara came.. Dii jiju is right…
Ragini n sanskaar breaks hug..
Swara: Sorry jiju…it’s time for her medicines..so I have to disturb you both..
Ragini: Its ok swara…she takes medicine…
Sanskar asks Ragini to take rest…
Everyone had dinner together…
Ragini was sleeping in her room…swara was doing work in kitchen..sanskar came to her..may I help you..
Swara: No jiju..i will manage everything…you spend time with di..
Sanskar: Ragini is sleeping….let me do it….so you managed everything so well..
Swara: Thank you sir…
They both laugh.

Sanskar: We never talked.
Swara: Yes jiju..because u r always busy..
Sanskar: I had settled my work there..now I will be at home and I will be with her..
Swara smiles..you love her a lot…
Sanskar: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. She is my strength and my courage…
Swara was surprised…this has seen this side of sanskar for the first tine..till now she think he is a person who thinks only about his career, his dreams ,his life..
Swara thinks: I was mistaken about you..now I understand why dii loves you…
Sanskaar shakes her..what are you thinking..
Swara: Noo….Nothing..
Sanskar: Okayy..tell me about yourself…do you love someone?
Swara blushes..
Sanskar sees her…its ok swara..he is not here..
Swara laughs…
Sanskar: So who is he..n what does he do?
Swara: He is a businessman..his name is…..
Just then sanskar phone rang.
Sanskar: Swara, my secretary is calling me..i will talk to you later..okaayy..
Swara: Yeahhhh….

Next day.
While having breakfast:
Annapurna: Now sanskar had also came..i think we should do ragini’s godbharai.
Everyone nods…
Annapurna: Swara beta, you have to organise everything…
Swara: Don’t worry aunty, I will manage everything…
Annapurna: and invite everyone….Call sharmistha ji..i will invite her myself…
Swara: Maa will not be able to come…actually papa is not well..he had a minor accident…
Annapurna: Nothing serious na..
Swara: Yeahh..dont worry….and I will organise everything perfectly….
Annapurna hugs swara.. I have two daughters…
Everyone smiles..

One week later..
It was an important day for Ragini..her godbharai….
Everyone blesses her..everyone had different blessings for her and her child..she was happy….everyone was with her…only her maa papa was not there…she missed them….the ceremony was perfectly organised and everything was completed well..
Ragini thought everything was perfect in her life…a loving husband, a caring sister…a family who had shower all their love on her….she thought ” my destiny was here..i had got a perfect family who loves me soo much”
But she never knew..
β€œYou can never know about your own destiny”
are the people you meet there to play a part on your oun destiny, or do you exist just to play a role in theirs?

Precap- Ragini gives birth to a baby girl..

Credit to: simran

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  1. Are gng to kill sanskar

    1. No….nothing will happen to him… πŸ™‚

  2. Are u write ur story like bewaffa movie.?

    1. My story is a combination of 3-4 movies…i had mentioned it in introduction…I had taken concept from bewaffa movie..everyone guessed it very well…but the sequence of events will be different…my way of presenting it will be different…that I promise you.. πŸ™‚

  3. Going to kill ragini… ri8? … I wanted swasan. ..u told it’s swasan bt I don’t know what you are doing… I thnk after ragini… swara will marry sanskar for his child

    1. Yes..am going to kill ragini..but I will not end her role…. though u may find my story common but the sequence of events will be different…my way of presenting it will be different……:)

  4. Ragini will die and then swara will be compelled to step in her shoes , that is how sanskaar and swara will end up together. It’s a guess.Awesome .loved it and ya don’t worry about the comments yaar .Write the story in a way u have planned .i really don’t understand why people force their choices on writer and create boundaries for their creativity.plz guys don’t do this , just read and enjoy the story.

    1. You guessed it very well..you may find my story common …but I had added a different sequence of events…it will still be different… And thank you soo much………thanks for supporting me…i needed it….. πŸ™‚ thanks…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Kanak i m thinking same…
    I really dnt wanna hurt u simran but if u f going to kill ragini,i defiantly not interested in ur story.i m not saying i m ragsan fan.but i really dnt like dis type of story.u carry on with ur ragsan and after that sansaw.i m leaving ri8 now.sorry simran.

    1. Un I will make everything clear to you…yes am going to kill Ragini…but I will not end her role..she still will be playing a major role….and in intro I had mentioned that this story is a combination of 3-4 movies…but I will present it in a different way…so please have patience……

  6. Nooo plzz dont kill rag i love ragsan

    1. Pav am also a ragsan fan as well as swasan fan..but this story needs it…i will kill Ragini but her role will not end..she will be playing a major role…

  7. I also think this is like bewafa movie Ragini will die giving birth to the baby nd then swara will marry sanskar……..waise it’s nce I’m just loving ur story becz I know in the end it will be swasan only so just waiting for that moment

    1. Everyone guessed right..this story is a combination of 3-4 movies…n thanxx for reading it..i will make everything clear to everyone in next episode… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. It’s kk if u r planing like bewafa movie. I never watch it because I found boring movie but I definitely read ur ff because now u r going to make swasan as couple. So that boring movie also becomes awsm.

    1. Thanks for reading this story…and I will present it in a different way.. πŸ™‚

  9. Nice…… BT only feeling bad for laksh

    1. Thanxx….. πŸ™‚

  10. simran di…just suggesting…you dont have to take this seriously but…what i think readers woud like is that ragsan break up due to sanskar not giving her his time…rather than ragini dying…you can make it raglak and swasan but please dont let ragini die…but honestly the story line is similiar to the movie Bewafa…

    1. Hey payal..thanks for your suggestion…n this is a nice suggestion…but i think swara will never accept sanskar in this way..its not ethical…as she loves Ragini..and Ragini loves sanskar very much..then swara will never come in between them..and same is case with raglak..raglak is not possible…if you have anymore suggestion regarding swasan den plzz tell me… n yes this story is a combination of 3-4 movies…but I will present it in a different way…okaayy.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. Also ragsan part is about to end soon..so I will not create any misunderstanding between them…i will show their moments for ragsan fans..
        But i like your suggestion..And In case i show their breakup and not ragini dead, then suggest me how can swara accept sanskaar… ?

      2. maybe swara overhears sanskar talking to himself post the breakup and understands what a good person he is…maybe two or three instances when swara really gets to know him…maybe at first swasan marry for the sake of rags child…but then love blossoms….just think about it simran di…just a suggestion…

    2. But if swara overhears her, then she will try to reunite ragsan..as every sister will do……anyways I will think upon it more….and thanxx for the suggestion..its a nice suggestion.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. Oh no she will ve ok na

    1. Yeah..she will be ok in the present.. πŸ™‚ ..

  12. Its like bewafaa movie ri8 na..waiting fr nxt bt give some swalak scene

    1. Yeahh..its like bewaffa movie…I will try to give swalak scenes as swara right now lives in Kolkata and laksh is a resident of Delhi..so only telephonic conversation is possible..

  13. nice and what abt laksh???

    1. Thanxx…..i will show some swalak scenes in next episode…

  14. Dr yesterday I have commented but it not shown anyway continue..daily waiting for ur fiction is different ur presentation also different pls update 2 epi daily

    1. Thank you ? ? I will try as am doing my post graduation as well as internship….i write the story while travelling…i will try… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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