swaragini- its written (episode 1)


Episode starts in Kolkata. A woman is doing pooja in temple. She is tensed. Today is her day of making a choice- of deciding her life. Panditji of temple recognizes her.
Panditji- child swara, today you are alone. But Y r u tensed.
Swara- nothing panditji. Just thinking about the game of life.
Panditji- go at the back of temple and meet a blind man..he will solve all your problems. He has some powers. He is a child of god. He can only help u.

Swara goes at the back and meets him. She was about to speak to him when that blind man says: My child. I know your problem. Sailing in two boats simultaneously is impossible. And that’s the mistake you had done..remember wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.
Swara: But am confused. Iam like that leaf in river which is continuously flowing with the flow of water without knowing its destiny. I know Where my heart lies but am confused between my love and my responsibilities. What should I choose.
Blind man: My child, you are confused about your love itself. Go at the bank of river ganga, close your eyes and you will realize your destiny.

Swara says but….and turns back and nowhere finds that man..he is gone.. Swara sits on the bank of river ganga, and closes her eyes..
Precap- five years ago.
Sorry readers for short one..From next episode I will make it long..

Credit to: simran

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  1. Superb start..

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  2. update soon

    1. I had updated.. 🙂

  3. ohoo flash back…..good n make it longer

    1. Thanks..n I will make it long.. 🙂

  4. I know it again gonna be Ragsan
    so plzzzzzzzzzzzz no need to say I will make pair & all
    huu :-/ :-/

    1. Avni, first it will be ragsan den it will be swasan forever..even am a swasan fan but this story need ragsan also..I request you not to feel sad or angry. And I want yo know from you what you want so that I may not disappoint you.

      1. Do you mean that ragsan will marry each other?? Plz don’t make them marry please…. i want only swasan….

  5. nice arrrrr

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  6. First I read it..den I got intro of this ff…so i read intro first and den this episode. Then I understood. Its nice.. Good one..

  7. wow…nice start

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  8. Thanks everyone…I thought noone will like my story…thanks a lot 🙂 🙂

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