Swaragini : writers ( swasan, raglak, swalak and ragsan) + vote for pairs of new story!! Coming!


Hi guys!! You all read stories and share tell our views to wards the story!!. I wanna say a big thanks to swasan, raglak, swalak, and ragsan writers.. A big applause to them for their great work… We need patience , attention , ideas and suggestions before writing stories which the writers have!!

Guys don’t you think we need to thanks them!! Although swaragini had goes off air but they are writing their stories and remind us of the actors.. I’m a silent reader who always read stories but never dare to comments.. I really enjoy all stories whether it’s swalak, ragsan, raglak or swasan..

Just don’t quit!
That’s the message.
We learn something from every experience we encounter, whether success or failure.
Failure should never be the stop sign that makes us quit writing.
Failure is only an unsuccessful success.
Keep writing. . . no matter what.

Hi myself well it’s better not to reveal myself..! I’m new here… I really appreciate all writers writing skill. They are great, awesome , superb , friendly people…. I wanna give a standing ovation to all writers.. I can’t wrote their name as thiers are many.. All all writers here! Writers make us curious by making twist and turn in the story, make us freeze by writing romantic scene, make us happy by writing first meeting of lead, make us sad by writing emotional scene and many more…. I mean omg readers get opportunity to read different types is story. Like love story, romantic story and mysterious story and many more…. Wow…

Guys reading others stories even me somewhere I wanna write my won story. In that story I will express all my feelings.. And many more. Guys I need your support.. Please tell me the pairs guys!!
* raglak
* swasan
* ragsan
* swalak.
It’s not any ff, it’s an os!! With four parts.. Please guys support me .it’s the first time I’m writing a story.. And one more thing for all writers. : always keep writing stories and always Keep entertaining us.. Seriously we need lots of patience… Im sorry if I’m hurt any one.. But please tell me which pairs..??

The story will be little saddy , emotional , and their will be love triangle!! So tell me which pairs should be lead and which supporting role. If I wish I could have finalize the lead by myself but I want your opinion.. The story will be in ten parts… We say naa a writer try the best to make their readers satisfied . Even I wanna be a writer… Even I wanna write a strong..!! But will need you all support.. I love swasan , raglak, ragsan and swalak… I love all.. And I love to encourage writers. In the story I can say that it will be little interesting one.. ……

I’m soorry if I bored anyone. But i waanna you all truly and honestly your support, and love.. Please tell me..!!

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  1. Anurta

    Well di can I call u diii bcz I’m only 16 year and u r correct a big salute to all the writers……….all the writers !!!! U all r just amazing even through ur writing u make us remember of our favourite actors of the serial
    U all r just superb love u all especially ur writings I always love to read ur stories they r amazing
    Coming to ur story write ur os on swasan plz………..plz………….
    I’m huge swasan fan
    And will love to read ur story post it soon…………….
    Waiting eagerly for it and sry for my nonsense blabbering from so long
    Waiting for ur os

    1. Babydoll

      I got a new sister!! Cries ***..love you chotii!! Nope you didn’t say anything thing nonsense …okk I will keep your suggestions in more and thanks for commenting!! ???

      1. Anurta

        Yiippee I for a sis a sweet and tight *hug* from ur small sis
        Love u diii
        U r best
        Yahoo!!!! I got an elder sis otherwise everyone in my family treat me as a small kid *pout*
        Lucky to have u dii by the way di can I ask u what is ur real name

      2. Babydoll

        I will reveal my name sooner.. Choti don’t worry….awwwwww lol… Don’t worry I’m here.. Naaa!!

  2. Sherin

    heloooooo………good to see u writing an OS…..my support is always with you…my favourite is always swalak and ragsan……many dont like swalak but i prefer them because there is something special in that couple and its the first love which is always close to heart….anyways its ur wish…..

    1. Babydoll

      Thanks sherin for your comments and suggestions !! I will keep your suggestions in mind. Don’t worry sisyy! ???

  3. Hi Di.I can call u sis right ???I don’t want permission from u I am gonna call u sis that’s it.ur sis will support whatever u write. Its ur story ur creation so u itself choose the pair.so that u will feel comfortable to write the ff.I am tejaswiholic.I know I am talking too much but u have to bear me no other gooo.so update ur ff soon .

    1. Babydoll

      Areee ek min!! Breath in breath out.!! Hshssh awww chotii.!! Thanks for commenting well you are correct but I want your all support and suggestions that’s why I wrote vote for pairs!! …otherwise I could have wrote the pair by myself!! ..okk will keep your suggestion in mind. ???

      1. Ragsan or raglak.thanks for accepting me as ur choti

      2. Babydoll

        Hehehhhh don’t worry I won’t disappointed anyone!! Chotiii. ???

  4. Hemalattha

    I love raglak and swasan. keep them as pair dear.

    1. Babydoll

      Thanks hemalattha sisyy for your comments suggestions!! ???

  5. Asra

    raglak or ragsan…i like both pair dear….tkcr dear….

    1. Babydoll

      Thanks asra sisyy. For your comments and suggestions!! ???

  6. AMkideewani

    RagSan and SwaLak badi jaan

    1. Babydoll

      Chotii jaan you are very smart love you.!! Thanks for your comments and suggestions!! How did you came to know that it’s me?? ???????

      1. AMkideewani

        Cause Badi jaan, you have the same profile pic in Watty too❤❤❤ and love you too???

      2. Babydoll

        Very smart heehhhhh …!! ???

  7. Saba

    Yes…We have to thank all the writers for their wonderful stories….Can u make Raglak or Ragsan as lead and Swalak or Swasan as side characters….And ALLL the very best for Ur os ….Dear have a great day..

    1. Babydoll

      Yes we should really thanks all the writers!! Thanks saba for your suggestions plus comment.. And really thanks also for wishing me it means a lot.!!. ???

  8. love ragini with any1

    1. Babydoll

      Will keep your suggestions in mind thanks for commenting!! Lisa!???!

  9. Hafsana

    Raglak plzz

    1. Babydoll

      Will keep your suggestions in mind and thanks for commenting hafsana!! ???

  10. I love raglak and swasan pair plzzzz

    1. Babydoll

      Will keep your suugestion in mind!! Thanks for commenting!! ???

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