Swaragini – window friends – one shot by priyu

WINDOW FRIEND ♥♥ – Heyy !! This ♥priyu♥ …. well some of you know me …. this is my second one shot …. hope you all like this too ….

Third person’s POV :

The mehra and sharma families were neighbours and bussiness partners too …. they stayed in seprate large mansions …. but life is unpredictable …. any thing can happen in life …. the two families who were close friends became one of the biggest rivals …. due to a mere misunderstanding …. but still they are neighbours ….

Swara mehra …. a cute yet naughty girl of 13 …. was running in their large backyard …. suddenly she heared large sounds of cars horns …. from other side ….

Swara’s POV :

aahh these cars sounds …. but this horn sound is from diffrent car …. this is not any of sharma uncle’s cars …. let me check …. and then i peeped the other side pretending to water the plants …. i could see the a girl coming out of the car …. waittt …. she is Ragini …. Ragini sharma …. omg she is back after 3 years from london …. Ragini is the daughter of sharma uncle …. same of my age …. but i am 22 days elder to her …. when our families were friends 3 years before we were too friends …. wait …. just friends no bestest friends …. actually the thing is when i and ragini were 9 our families became friends in bussiness and real life too …. and i and ragini became best friends , allll continued well untill a year …. now we were 10 …. suddenly one day i and ragini were playing , we heard both of our families shouting on eachother …. then suddenly my mom came to me jerked off ragini’s hand and took me away …. that was our last meeting probably ….

After that all of our joint bussiness separated …. and ragini was sent to her massi in london …. i know how much i missed her …. now seeing her back is making me speechless ….

Ragini turned …. saw me …. both of our eyes became wet …. i just wanted to go to her and hug her …. but suddenly papa called me …. i went to my home ….

At night i was in my room thinking only about ragini …. and went and stood near a large window …. which faced to a window of sharma uncle’s guest room or some other room …. i dont know …. suddenly the window was open …. to my wonder the window opener was none other than ragini herself ….
” Swaraaaaaaaa hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii …. how are u ?? How are ur studies going ?? Do u know how much i missed u ?? …. she scremed ….

” shhhhhhh ragini …. what are u doing …. dont shout , any one will hear !! …. i said with almost with the tone that ragini could hear …. and i got to know that the window belongs to the room given to ragini …. i was on cloud 9 …. and we spoke until 2 am at late night ….

Morning as usual i went to school and heard that a new admission joined at school …. in our class …. the class started …. we saw a girl entering …. for a moment i was freezed …. our teacher introuced the girl as …. RAGINI SHARMA …. omg only i could say at that time ….

Ragini was a bit nervous …. bit no damm nervous …. she didnt even lift her head …. teacher instructed her to sit in 4th bench …. wait …. what 4 th bench …. i realised my position …. i was too in fourth bench …. bubbles of happiness were forming in my stomach …. ragini didnt even look at the one who is sitting beside her …. of course me yaar …. after 2 periods in interval time finallyy dhe lifted her head …. well u might have gussed what her reaction might be …. ???? yess u all r right …. she was shocked ….

Days passed usually we met through window and in school …. we were window friends ….

One day i accidently stepped ragini’s feet …. and said ” sorry sorry i didnt see …. oh god i am too careless …. did get hurt any where ?? ”

” swara i am fineeeeeee …. and its ok dont say sorry ”

” thank you ragini for forgiving me ”

” No swara …. no sorry and no thank you in friendship ”

” ufff ragini i hate that rule from my childhood ”

” whyy ?? ”

” ragini Sorry and thank u are the two words which help us to express our guilt or gratitude and sometimes these two words save the relations ”

” what a point of view ”

Summer arrived ragini went to her grandma place and i was missing her sooo much …. mom prepared mushroom masala and mushroom manchuria for me , i quickly ran down stairs …. mushrooms are my favorites and i saw buttersctcoh ice cream my beside …. omg this was my favorite ice cream …. i knew mom prepared this for me just to lit up my mood ….

Soon ragini returned or i can say my face glow returned ….

At night asusual at our window meeting i said ragini about my new craze …. sad shayaris …. she giggled thinking it to be the shayaris which they show in movies , but i explained her that these are diffrent …. i said her about my favorite shayari ….

” kabhi roke mushkuraye kabhi mushkurake roye
Jab bhi teri yaad ayi tujhe bhula ke roye
Ek tera hi toh naam tha jisse hazar baar likha
Jitna likh ke khush huye usse zyada mita ke roye ”

Ragini had tears in her eyes …. but i dont know who wrote this shayari ….

One day we heard our families fighting again …. we were fed up of this …. we decided to unite our families ….

We started investigating …. we had our own sources …. we got to know that our joint company manager created misunderstanding between our families and we made a plan such that the manager himself tell the truth to our families ….

The day arrived when we should apply our plan …. we were very nervous ….

We were standing at the window staring at each other …. ragini broke the silence ….

” what do u expect swara ?? will we suceed ??



And they went to apply their plan ….


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys …. how’s it …. so what ever the end is it depends on ur imagination …. mushroom and buttersctcoh are my favorites and no sorry no thank u rule i dont like it and sad shayaris are my new craze …. so u can say i poured myself in swara and ragini is a cute innocent girl ….

I dedicate this os to all of my friends on telly updates ….

And of course to helly and tejasswi too ( i sm biggest heltej fan ) ….

Sorry if u dont like this os ….

Credit to: ♥priyu♥


  1. Sree

    |Registered Member

    Very sweet story yaar???
    I loved their bond?
    When i read Swara’s favourites i was litterally smiling ?
    I imagined as they suceeded??
    Loved it dear
    Love u???

    • ♥priyu♥

      Thank you sree …. glad u like it …. swara’s favorites are my favorites ….

      I too imagined as they succeded in their plan ….

      Take care …. ????

  2. Tinker

    Hi…it ws awesome !!!u kno most of the ff shows love stories(nd I’m nt against it)…bt a frndship story..that’s something unique…and the best part I liked ws every story doesn’t need a lover for its completion(no sanlak na..) ??

    • ♥priyu♥

      Heyy !! Thank you so much tinker …. ???? …. whatever u said is very true …. glad u liked it

  3. Dharsha

    Super Priyu ?
    Came just for u but each just for me…!
    Lovely OS and sorry for short comment… 2mr math exam sis…! ?

    • ♥priyu♥

      Dharshaa diiii …. thank you so much for commenting even when u were sooo busy …. and what you too ?? Actually i too have maths exam tomorrow …. glad that u liked it ….

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