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Chapter 2—-PLANNING

Swara is standing near mirror lost in deep thoughts….
Shona… Shina shoru!!!!!!!!! A lady shouted… Lifting a girl of 5_6 years…
Thr little girl was laughing whole heatedly and shouted.. DIDA….. DADI… DIDU.
the lady took her in her lap end said SHONA! U know what dida will always be with you always!! No matter what! U know what Shina a sun sets everyday u know why??
The girl nodded no confusing ly and waited for the answer…
Only to rise again it sets and rises again and again!! Moreover whenever sun sets who come u know???
Chanda mamu!!! Giggling hard
Dida smiled and said shona be like sun may be u will fall thousand times in ur life but Shina get up may be no one will be their to support you. .to help you but u will rise… U know what sun sets moon arrive only to set again
Similarly may when u fall moon of obstacles arrive but u will get up PROMISE ME!!!
swara didn’t get anything but promise her and said you will be always there with me I won’t let u go anywhere…
Dida smiled at her innocent talks with deep pain in her eyes…
All her thoughts were disturbed when someone called her… After looking at the call her expressions changed
I will rise dida ….I will ur shina will rise no matter what blocks my life HELP ME DIDA AND COME BACK I MISS YOU..
an unknown place….

Swara went inside it was all dark.. She got scared but thought U R ALIVE AFTER WHATEVER HAPPENED.. U RISED.. this darkness is nothing infront of that..
She moved in and found a another person there…
OS-I am sorry swara i know this place…
SWARA-((expressionless)) r u ready for that?? U can’t backoff later and u know the consequences better
OS –((hesitant).. I know and i won’t back off …I oromise swara I won’t let anything harm u
SWARA (coldly) harm has been already done now nothing could be more worse.
os – but how will you do this I mean he is very sharp moreover powerful it’s dangerous
Swara only replied i will manage and left without further conversation..

every single preparation should be perfect it’s my ragini wedding… No mistakes.. Shekhar instructed worriedly
Shimi was smiling and said last time you was saying don’t worry and now look at you… Don’t worry
Shekhar smiled wheras both were teary eyed as their princess is getting married
Shekhar asked where is ragu!! They will come soon….
Sumi told him that she is getting ready and both went to meet their daughter
Ragini was looking as an angel in heavy red bridal dress with her gorgeous smile.. Happiness was visiible in her eyes when she was talking to her friends
Shekhar sumi were smiling looking at their daughter.. They know how much she waited for this day their trance were broken by ragini she came and hugged them….
Thank you so much for fulfilling my every dream!! And I am gonna miss you
But he will keep you this much happy that you won’t even get a chance to think about us… Shomi said teary eyed assuring her
Ragini was teary eyed too but she knew he will keep her happy her love her best friend her prince her everything her would be husband!!!
May be she always wanted to marry him it’s her child hood dream but leaving her parents was hurtful very hurtful….
But later she composed herself and said now I won’t disturb you with my tantrums because he is going to bear it….

sanskar was shouting at one of his employees…..
Sanskar–do u have any idea??what u have done ….how can u be so careless?? U know how much it matters to me… U r fired get out
Before he could speak anything else he received a call… From UTTARA
where are you bhai??? When will you come?? U know how much importance this day!!!….
Sanskar cut her off and said I know today I have an urgent meeting u know how much i waiteed for this day… If I cracjed this one no one can beat me in business I will be no. 1businesmen.
U already are all the best and please come soon otherwise u know…. Uttara said
I know I will come ok by…. Sansjar said nd cut the call..

In a house….
Laksh where are you?? Her mother asked…
Yes mom coming… Laksh replied and left to meet her
Laksh baccha going at this time is not right?? I don’t know why but I am feeling restless
No mom it’s all just because u hadn’t taken rest… Laksh replied
Is this the time for rest?? Her mom replied amused
Mom promise me u will trust me whatever happens u will trust me laksh said little worried
I will my baccha what happened?? His mother asked worriedly
Nothing mom …he managed to say and left
Laksh thought… Hope you will understand me I hope I can say her truth I know it will break her…. But it’s important on her life important day I want her to know this…

swara called someone and said meet me right now if you want I don’t do anything….
After sometime….
Swara looked surprised and said u came really fast….
What U want now?? A voice reolied
What I want mr maheswari?? Swara replied teary eyed with hatred!!
Then I should tell you….. Swara said
I don’t have time to waste say it.. SANSKAR…..said
Look at this u will get it u r too intelligent.. Swara replied and handled him a file
Sanskar was shocked after reading it but later tear it into pieces…. And smirked…
Don’t be happy it was a photocopy!!! Swara said with same attitude…
R u trying to blackmail me ? Sanskar asked
U r too intelligent… Swara replied
What u want?? Sansjar asked
Before she could reoly she felt her head heavy as someone hit her hard on her head from backside…

baraat arrived but where is the groom?? Shomi asked tensedly….
Ragini who heard about his prince missing ran out side… And holded her mother
Where is he?? Ragini asked angrily
I know he loves me he won’t leave me I trust him….
Everyone tried to calm her down but all went in vain she was inconsolable she felt broken she felt all her dream shatterd shr was just repeating her words that he will come not for others but to make herself believe it… Because she’ was also somewhere scared…..

I know he will come he will come for me I am his best friend.. He can’t do this to me byt different thoughts were disturbing me…. HE IS MY LOVE BUT MAY BE I AM ONLY BEST FRIEND…. whom he doesn’t want to marry
But he could have told me i would have given him his time… NO NO.. He will come for sure
Her chain of thoughts were broken when someone shaked her BHABHI!!! BHAI WILLCOME
do you called his office!??ragini asked
He left long back.. Sanskar bhai isn’t in office. But he will come u know how much u r important for him he loves u…. But I don’t where is he
e I AM HERE.. A voice replied leaving everyone shocked….


What is the relationship between swasan?! What happened witg swara what that file had?? What are Laksh motives?? Who is that unknown person swara talked with?? What is swara upto??
By tata

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