hey guys whatsupp??? this is u r friend riya now i have come with a maha episode of my story to entertain u all so guys first of all thanx to SUJATA,LOVELY,ABDUL HAFIZ,PAVANI,RAKHI,NAIMI,LIYA,AANYA,SINDHU,MEGHA,ALIA,AMMU,VENNI,SANAM,NIKKI,KRIYA,AHANA,FRANSI,TANNI,AND SHRUTHI
guys really u all r my strenth keep supporting me and i will try my best to entertain u all and plz guys DONT WORRY ABOUT PAIRS just enjoy my story there will be lots of twist and turns love will not easily blossom here, only destiny will play a major role for this, so guys keep reading and DONT PRIDICT ABOUT PAIRS as i said earlier YAHAN KUCH BHI HO SAKTA HAIN lol……..so lets start the story.


(a deep simile came on ragini face thinking about her new job )

RAGINI(in her mind)-all will become happy after lestining that i got the job thanx alot gannu ji for this luv u lot !!!!!!!
(after few min ragini reached baadi)

RAGINI-ma,baba,swara where r y all see i got selected for the job !!!!!!!

SWARA-O wow di ,congratz a lot u r superb !!!!!!!

RAGINI- thanx swara (hug her tightly)

SHEKHAR-are ragini congratz ladoo i am proud of u beta ,(hug her)

RAGINI-thank u baba !!!!!!!

SHEKHAR- but ladoo in which company u got selected who r they?????

RAGINI-baba they maheswari group of companies !!!!!!!

SWARA-o so nice di wow they r no 1 in bussiness world hena????

RAGINI- Haan meri chotu sister they r (hug her) first of all i was damm nervous but baad mein sab tik ho gaya !!!!!

SHERMISTHA-but beta all this r fine but how will u manage there naye log honge naya mahol hoga tu akeli sab kuch kase sambhalegi lado ????

RAGINI-ma relax everything will be fine,aur wase bhi app log hona mere sath tu phir ???

SWARA-haan ma dont worry when swaragini is here nothing to fear kyun di hena???

RAGINI-haan swara (both hi5 to each other )and giggle

SHARMISTHA-ohk!!! fine !!!!(trio hug each other)

(screen shift to a big mansion naming MAHESWARIS)
(Here a lady is serving breakfast to a man who was sitting on dinning table and was eatting food)

DP-ap?? laksh kahan hain???

AP-ji wo subh subh gaya hain kahin bina kise ko kuch batay app to jante hain na usse!!!!!

DP-magar kahan ????

AP-pata nahi ji !!!!!!

DP- yeh ladka bhi na khabhi bhi apne responsibilites ko nahi samjhey ga aur nahi apne parivar ko !!!!!!
(suddenly a man came running from the stair wearing formals and was looking super hot)

AP-arrey beta sanskar come lets have breakfast!!!!!
(yes guys the man was none other than sanskar )

SANSKAR-ji ma (touches ap and dp feet)

SANSKAR-where is laksh ma ??

AP-dont know beta !!!!!!!

DP-leave it beta tell me if u have completed those malhotras project !!!!!!!

SANSKAR- ji papa i have completed and by the way they r intrested in another project also !!!!!!

DP-thats great beta !!!! u know ,only because of u r hard labour maheswari stood no 1 in market !!!!!

SANSKAR-its nothing like that papa its only because of u r both wishes !!!!

DP- ohk !!! ap did u see the difference between two brother one is gold and another one is …………………
(suddenly laksh came and hear this line and suddenly he spoke)

LAKSH-another one is coal ri8 dad !!!!!

SANSKAR- nothing like that lucky come have u r brakfast !!!!!

LAKSH(angry)- hey u stop u r drama u r no one to me and haan dont u dare to call me lucky !!!!!!
(for those who dont know that laksh hate sanskar very much because he is pamper much by his parents as sanskar parent dies ap and dp adopt him and laksh thinks that only because of sanskar his parents doesnt love him)

DP-laksh is this the way to talk u r brother ????

LAKSH-plz dad stop u r sanskar puran !!!!!!!

DP- lakshhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AP- leave it na ji !!!! laksh come have u r breakfast !!!!!!

LAKSH- not intrested plz send my breakfast to my room when u r over to u r favourite betas drama that is gold 4 u(laksh leave angrily)

DP-yeh ladka bhi na !!!!

SANSKAR -leave it papa laksh is angry now !!!!

DP-but sanskar he is…………….

SANSKAR -leave it papa one day he will understand the importance of family !!!!!!!!!!!!
(after saying this he leave for office by touching ap and dp feet)

(screen shift to baadi where ragini was getting ready )

RAGINI- swara plz tell me na how am i looking ???

SWARA-u r looking perfect di !!!!!
RAGINI – yah i know that i am looking like bhenji hena all my friend said this !!!!!

SWARA(cupping her face )-di plz never say this again u r really loking very pretty and more than this u have beautiful heart which is more important !!!!!!!!!!!!!

RAGINI-awwww my chotu sis become so big hena !!!!!!!!!

SWARA-yes di i have become this much big (saying this she raises her legs to reach ragini shoulder)

RAGINI-ohk my swara!!!!!!!!! (then they hug each other)

SWARA-wase di u didnt told me about u r boss what is his name ?????

RAGINI-sanskar maheswari
(after listening sanskar name swara feel something in her heart)

RAGINI-ohk swara i am leaving for office bye !!!! (side hug her)

SWARA-ohk di bye best of luck 4 u r first day in of u r job !!!!!!
(after this ragini leaves )

SWARA- sanskar nice name !!!!
(screen shift to maheswari group of industry )

(a hansome guy has stepped outside his car and is going towards the entrance of building when suddenly he collide with a girl and the girl was next to fall when he suddenly catches her by her waist )

SANSKAR(yes guys the guy was none other than sanskar,and he was mesmerised by girls eyes but not able to see her face because it was cover with a stole only her eyes were visible )
(sanskar was totally lost in girls eyes )

GIRL- o hello leave me mr !!!!!

SANSKAR- yah!!!!! oh !! what ?? so sorry

GIRL-what sorry?? i know what was u upto ???

SANSKAR-(again lost in her eyes)-huh??what???

GIRL-i know very well about cheap boys like u !!!!!

SANSKAR- o hello look ,it was not all my fault u should also be carefull while walking dont u have eyes !!!!!

GIRL-what u r blaming me ?? it was not my fault it was u rs samjhe !!!!

SANSKAR-whatever i didnt have much time to spend on u (and he turn to leave)

GIRL- yah go i also not dieying to talk to u such a disgusting guy !!!!!

SANSKAR-(who was about to leave suddenly hear this line)-what u just say i am disgusting ???

GIRL- yah u r disgusting and cheap also !!!

SANSKAR -shut u r mouth girl !!!!!

GIRL- u shut up!!!!
(then they both angrily leaves frome there,sanskar enter the building and the girl turn her face to remove the stole)


so guys how it is, so plz comment and give me u r feedback am i really thirsty of u r comment lol,so be healthy and keep similing bye ////////////////////////////////////

Credit to: riya kapoor

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