hello guys this u r friend riya i know u all r curious about to know who actually pairs r ?? but i will say something abot this story IT’S A LOVE TRIANGLE (but between whom u have to guess )THIS STORY IS BASED ON- WHAT HAPPEN WHEN LOVE TURN IN TO A OBBESION ??? THIS STORY IS THE FIGHT BETWEEN LOVE AND REVENGE SOON IT WILL TURN INTO A SUPERNATURAL TRACK AND IT’S END WILL BE TRAGIC , so guys keep reading and yah those who have commented on my last episode i will take their name on my next one



(laksh was in his washroom , he was taking shower ,after few min he came outside from washroom .he was just in towel in his low waist ,after this he came near mirror and was trying to make spikes suddenly he notice his back ,on his back he has small sign )

LAKSH- what is this ?? i think it’s small tattoo ,but i have made tattoo only on my arms then from where this came ???


(ragini suddenly wake up and saw swara beside her ,she was sleeping peacefully .ragini put her hand on swara’s head with love and affection and stamp a kiss on her forehead )

RAGINI(on her head )- why r u behavouing like this swara from last night ?? what i have done wrong with u ??

(after thinking for few min she goes to washroom and get ready , she wore a plain green anarkali with little make up and was looking really pretty then she came downstair where her ma and baba were drinking the tea )

RAGINI- good morning ma ,baba (hug to both of them )

SHEKHAR- good morning lado !!!

SHERMISTHA -lado where is swara ???

RAGINI – ma u know na she is still sleeping !!!

SHEKHAR- that’s nice we can discuss about her b’day plan ri8 lado ??

RAGINI – haan baba but not now i am going to……………….

SHEKHAR – but lado today is sunday how can u go to office ??

RAGINI- not office baba i am going to temple and after coming we will discuss about this !!!

SHARMISTHA – fine lado go and come fast !!!

RAGINI- yah ma !!!

(after this our lado leaves for temple ,she was walking towards temple then he saw a couple fighting over there )

MAN- hey !! plz listen me once !!!

GIRL-plz leave my hand i want to go !!!

MAN -plz listen me once yaar !!

GIRL-i said leave me don’t u have brain and go to hell !!!

MAN- why r u overeacting like this ??

GIRL- just shut up !!!
(saying this the girl ran away from there and the boy also ran behind her )

(after watching all this suddenly her and laksh’s incident flash on her mind that how he was just asking the reason for tears in her eyes and how she overeacted )

RAGINI-o god i think i have overeacted with that guy he was just trying to console me and i burst all my anger on him ,now what ?? how i will say sorry to him ??even i didn’t know his name ,plz gannu ji i want to meet that guy only for once and want to ask sorry for my rude behaviour !!!

(saying this she entered the temple , as it was a windy day suddenly her dupatta flew in air and cover the face of a guy then ragini noticed it and went toward him to take her dupatta back)

RAGINI- I am so sorry it was mistakely……………..
(suddenly the guy remove dupatta from his face and it was none other laksh)

LAKSH- u ??

RAGINI(feels happy)-hey u hai !!!
(suddenly laksh turn his face after handling dupatta to her

RAGINI(hey baghwan ye toh ja raha hain isse kaise roku )

(suddenly she came infront of laksh way )

RAGINI- hey !! wait where r u going ??

LAKSH-what ??

RAGINI – i said wait !! isska matlab hain ruko english samajh mein aati kya ??

LAKSH- what nonsense ??

RAGINI – wait !!! plz

LAKSH- ab kya hua ??

RAGINI – wo.. wo.. sorry !!

LAKSH – what ????

RAGINI – i said sorry go and clean u r ear !!!

LAKSH – don’t speak rubbish and by the way why r u saying sorry to me ???

RAGINI- for that day , i was really rude towards u !!!

LAKSH- whatever i really dont care !!!

RAGINI – but plz forgive me !! and yah can we become friend ??

LAKSH- oh hello i am not interested in u r friendship do u get that ??

RAGINI – but anyways my name is ragini gadodia and ur s??

LAKSH – laksh !!! happy ?? now i am leaving !!!(then he leaves )

RAGINI – how rude …..!!!!!!

episode end on ragini’s cute face


Credit to: riya kapoor

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