hey guys whatsupp ?? this is u r friend riya and this my new episode, so guys big wala thanx to TAPSAYA,DHARA,SINDHU M,KRIYA,HAYATHI,RAKHI,VENNI,PRISHA,POOJA,YUKTA,MEGHA AND PAVANI for commenting on my last episode and those who’s names are left i will mention it on my next episode so guys r u enjoying my story ?? so lets start here –




(laksh was doing push up in his gym and was thinking about swaragini ,slowly slowly all incidence were coming on his mind )

a) accident of shekhar from his car and ragini’s slap
b)troubling from swaragini in hospital
c)arguement between him and swara when he hit her scootty
d)ragini throwing cold coffee over his t-shirt and arguement between them
e)another arguement between him and ragini with ragini’s bold answer

(suddenly he stop doing push up and sit calmly on couch and was thinking )

LAKSH (in his mind )- these sisters are trrible but why i am thinking about them ??? i pray to god plz dont show me their faces ever !!!

(screen shift to maheshwari group of industry where ragini is in sanskar’s cabin and he was signing those papers which ragini has brought ,suddenly DP enter his cabin and saw them )

SANSKAR – papa u r here, if there was something important then u should call me na insted of coming here !!

DP- relax beta don’t worry wase who is she ?? (pointing towards ragini )

SANSKAR – she is my new P.A. papa recently she has joined !!!

(listening her name ragini wishes dp )

RAGINI – good afternoon sir !!!

DP – Yah !! good afternoon !!! (look at ragini for a moment and think something )

DP-wase sanskar i have came here to inform u that malhotra’s r coming for presentation so, be ready till 2 pm !!!

SANSKAR- yah !!! papa don’t worry !!! (then he something in his mind )

SANSKAR- papa i think this time we should give this oppurtunity to over new employee , what do u think ??

DP- yah u r ri8 but whom will take this huge responsibility ???

SANSKAR – my P.A. miss ragini gadodia !!!
(listening her name ragini ‘s eyes got widened )

SANSKAR- I am 200% sure ragini will do this ri8 ragini (said with a simirk on his face )

RAGINI (nervous )- ya..yah sir i will do it !!!!

DP- r u sure u will do it ??

SANSKAR- papa dont think she will do it hena ragini ??(still simirking )

(ragini simply nodded her head in reply )

DP – ohk fine !!! i am leaving now , see u at the meeting !! (dp leaves )

SANSKAR- so ragini u have only 2 hrs to compete the presentation so go fast and be ready at 2 pm !!!

RAGINI – yah sir !! i will try to give my best and thanx for trusting me !!!( she leaves from there )

SANSKAR – i will see miss gadodia how will u give u r best ?? this is the best oppurtunity to take my revenge !!!

(now screen shift to baadi where swara was combing her hair and was thinking about sanskar ,she was remembering how she collided with sanskar , how he touch her shoulder ,how he save her from those boys and lastly his fighting with those boys . then she remember how ragini slap sanskar on the party (lol) )

SWARA -di, bhi na whenever any problem come on me she loses her sense and temper !!! ,how much sanskar was feeling bad at that time ?? i should say sorry and thanx to him personally , now what to do ?? yah idea i should go maheshwari’s office there i will say sorry to sanskar and will meet with di also !!!

(then she take her scotty keys and rushed towards maheshwari’s office )
(screen shift to maheshwari’s office ,ragini was coming with some files holding on her hand she was busy in reading them and from opposite direction sanskar was coming he was busy on his mobile actually he was checking his mails on that ,and then after few seconds they collided with each other as a result ragini fall on sanskar’s arm with closed eyes ,sanskar was holding her tightly, he was hypnotised dute to her innocent face ,then suddenly swara came and saw them at that position . she become shock to see them like this ,her heart was broken into pieces ,when they recompose themself, swara hurriedly hide behind the pillar ,she has covered her mouth in shock ,still she was not in her senses )

(ragini and sankar recompose themself and was avoiding eye contact and then ragini recollect her files and went from there )
(then at the next moment sanskar saw someone hiding behind the pillar and shout )

SANSKAR- who is there ??

SWARA- (now become nervous )- not responding

SANSKAR-i said who is there ??

(after lisenting this swara came from behind the pillar and come in front of him )

SANSKAR- arrey swara u how come ??

SWARA (not able to collect any word )-haan wo ye wo mein ………..

SANSKAR- fine !! i think u have came to meet ragini ri8 ?? i will just call her !!!

SWARA- wait sanskar !!! i have came here to say sorry and thank u to u ,wo actually whatever u have done for me on yesterday night thanx 4 that and whatever di have done sorry 4 that !!!!

SANSKAR (little bit laugh )- ohk fine !!! but we r frirnds na, so no sorry and no thanx in friendship did u get that ???

SWARA- yah !!! i will remember it !!so ,bye see u !!!

SANSKAR- ohk !! bye

(episode end on swara and sanskar goning against each other )


so guys how it is keep commenting and give suggestion i am waiting 4 that so keep similing and stay healthy bye see u in next episode //////////////////////////

Credit to: riya kapoor

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