hello guys this is u r friend riya came with the new episode of my story guys plz comment more and more it will encourge me and thanx to NAIMI,ABDUL HAFIZ,DHARA,KRIYA,VANWOLFAN,MEGHA AND AANYA for commenting plz guys keep supporting like this so lets start the episode-


(episode start with the boy holding swara hand then suddenly someone give a tight punch to the boy , yup he was none other than sanskar )

SANSKAR-leave her (shout) i said leave her (again give him a tight punch )

BOY -who r u ?? her bf ??

SANSKAR-it doesnt matter did u get that ?? ( again punch him hardly on his eyes )

(then suddenly sanskar and his friend start beating those boys hardly where swara was standing in a corner and was crying heavily ,then suddenly swara ‘s friend nisha came and swara in such a condition she fastly dialled ragini ‘s no. and called her she split all matter to ragini , after hearing this ragini became hell shocked she madly run towards her scooty and rushed towards iit campus )

(after beating all the boys sanskar and his friend became normal resulting all those boys fled away )
(nisha run toward swara and hug her tightly to console her ,swara was still crying heavily resting her head on nisha’s shoulder )
(sanskar saw towards swara and came near her to console her )

SANSKAR- r u ohk swara ??

SWARA-yah !!!!(still crying )

SANSKAR – then why r u crying ??

SWARA – dont know !!!!

SANSKAR- come with me !!!
(he hold swara hand tightly and take her to juice corner and gave her a glass of orange juice )

SANSKAR – drink this u will feel better !!!!

SWARA – what ???

SANSKAR – yah !!! i am telling the truth drink this u will definetly feel better !!!

SWARA – no i am fine !!!!!

SANSKAR – meine kaha na piyo isse !!!
(he forcefully make swara to drink juice now she was really feeling well )

SWARA- wase thanx a lot, agar tum time pe nahi aate toh pata nahi kya ho jata ???

SANSKAR -kuch hua nahi na so just relax ,wase friendship mein no thanx and no sorry !!!

SWARA – friendship ???

SANSKAR -yah !!! i forgot to ask u can we become friend ??

SWARA – yah why not ???
(both shake hands with each other and swara feels a current passing all over her body )

(suddenly an announcement made for couple dance but there was one condition that all have to wear mask on their face )
(all wear mask as swasan also wear, then suddenly swara ‘s heels twisted and she was about to fall when sanskar hold her hand tightly and her waist also it was looking like that he had forcefuly hold her then at the same moment ragini came and saw them in that position , her blood start boiling ,thinking as sanskar is the one who missbehaved with her sister,(sanskar ‘s face was coverd with the mask) she angirly went towards them hold sanskar collar from behind and slap him hard cccchhhhhhhaaaaaaattttttaakkkkkkkkkkk !!!!!!!!)

(all become shocked at the party )
(episode end on ragini ‘s angry face )


so guys how was it?? and yah !!! keep commenting, so stay healthy and keep similing bye ///////////////////////////

Credit to: riya kapoor

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