hello guys this riya again came with new episode of my story hope u all will like it and those who have commented on my story i will surely take their name in my next episode so lets start the episode here it is ……


(episode start with sanskar talking with his close buddy ARAV on his mobile )

SANSKAR- hey !!! arav whatsupp dude ???

ARAV- hey sanky how r u ,and yah i am fine !!!!

SANSKAR (in a low voice)- i am fine yaar !!!

ARAV- hey !! what happen dude ?? u sound little bit tensed ,is everything fine ???

SANSKAR – yah !! nothing happen ,forget about this, now tell me what on earth made u to call me after such a long time ??

ARAV – nothing like that dude u know na, for about seven years i was in spain thats why i didnt contact u !!!

SANSKAR – yah !! i know but now where r u it seems u r in india !!

ARAV – yah u r guess is ri8 , right now i am in my home but dude did u know our clg’s juniors have organised a seniors reunion party at campus and yah i have to come there !!!

SANSKAR- no yaar it now possible i am very busy nowadays so how can i , u all guys enjoy ,i will later any day !!

ARAV -this not done !!! i dont know anything u r coming so be ready at 8 pm sharply at iit campus !!! (cuts the call)

SANSKAR- hello ! hello !!! arav r u there o god this man such a stupid what to do now ??

(now screen shift to ragini who was walking on road while crying silently suddenly she collided with someone ,the guy was actually doing jogging with headphones around his neck)

RAGINI(without looking at his face)-sorry !

GUY-hey !! u not again, i must say u r fpllowing me ri8 ??

RAGINI (after hearing familiar voice she raises her head to see his face )-oh !! so u r , i am really sorry
(and start walking slowly )

(guys,the guy was none other than laksh )
(laksh feel something weird in her behavior so he start thinking )

LAKSH(in his mind )-what happen to pataka bomb?? why she is talking so politly with me ??
(suddenly laksh hold ragini’s hand )

LAKSH -hey !! what happen pataka bomb why r u not bursting today ??

RAGINI-plz leave my hand !!!

LAKSH-ohk fine (he left ragini hand and then suddenly he saw tears in ragini’s eyes ,then again he hold her hand to stop her )

LAKSH – hey !! what happen ?? why r u crying ?? u can tell me !!

RAGINI (angrily)-leave my hand i said !!

LAKSH -but u r ………..

RAGINI (shout loudly) -i said leave my hand did u get that ??
(after hearing ragini’s loud voice laksh immediately left her hand but yah it touched hi ego )

LAKSH -hey !! u girl dont show me u r attitude ,i was just trying to console u but no u think urself as queen victoria and yah listen girls die for my single touch but u , i know very well about these type of girls (pointing toward ragini from tip to toe) bahar se kuch aur andar se kuch !!!

(now listening these words ragini’s patience broke down all the scenes of morning were running on her mind that, how sanskar shout on her without her mistake and now laksh word were echoing in her head suddenly she shout with all her power )

RAGINI (shout loudly) – shhuuuuuttt up !!!! just shut up !! who r u ?? haan ??who given u the right to give me, my character certificate and yah i am this type of girl typical and bhenji so what will u do ??have u any problem ??and what u just said that u know this type of girl (pointing herself ) but mr. listen i know all about u boys, u people only know how to play with girls emotions and how to use them as a toy so it would be better if u peep on u r own collor and yah dont show me u r face ever ,agar phir se dekhaye diye to yaad rakhna muh todre doungi tumhara samjhe !!!!

(after bursting her anger on laksh, ragini angrily left from there leaving laksh stuuned with open mouth) lol

(after few min she reached baadi and ran toward her room and was crying continously suddenly swara entered the room and saw ragini weeping )

SWARA- di what happen ?? why r u crying ??
(suddenly ragini hug swara tightly )

SWARA-di calm down now plz tell what happen ??

RAGINI -(still sobbing )

SWARA -di plz tell me what happen ?? dont take the test of my patience !!

RAGINI -voh aaj ……….(then ragini split all the matter of morning incident to her except laksh one )

SWARA- how can he do this di ?? such a rude and heartless man !!! i was thinking that he is nice ma but ………..

RAGINI- nice man ?? when u both met ??

SWARA(absent mindly)-in my dreams !!

RAGINI-what ??

SWARA -nothing forget about all this and yah di, its u r first job na so thats why u r hurted very much dont think much all will be fine !!!

RAGINI- (with a little simile )-yah !!!

SWARA -ohk !!! now give me u r big sweet simile i am really dying to see that !!

RAGINI -accha meri pyaari behena yeh le (she simile deeply )

SWARA- haan ye hue na baat, accha di i forgot to tell u that in our clg we juniors have planned reunion party for seniors so i was thinking whether i should go or not ??

RAGINI – offcourse swara u should go !!!

SWARA- but di i am sacred as if i will beautifull or not ??

RAGINI -nothing to fear when u r di is here (both giggle ) i will ready so lets start our swara’s make over !!
(after sometime ragini make swara ready in long black gown with hot high heels ,a silver color clutch having somky eyes and her hair were left open with curls at end and yah she looking hot )
now over swara is ready for the party and the episode end on her beautiful face


so guys how was it give me u r feedback i am waiting for this so keep similing and stay healthy bye //////////////////////////////////

Credit to: riya kapoor

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    Stay healthy

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