hey everybody this is u r friend riya, this is the new episode of my story hope u all guys will like it so lets start


(episode start with early morning in maheshwari mansion where ap is surving breakfast to dp )

DP- AP where is laksh and sanskar???

AP-sanskar is coming but u known na laksh will not come he will do his breakfast in his room only !!!!!

DP-yah magar ease kab tak chalega ap ???

AP- pata nahi ji laksh ko kab apne family ke importance samaj mein aaygi ???

(here sanskar was passing through laksh room so he thought to wish him so he knock his room door )

LAKSH(from inside )-who is this ???

SANSKAR -lucky mein hoon sanskar good morning bhai !!!

LAKSH (open his room door )-tujhe kitne bar kaha hai mujhe lucky mat bulaya kar samjha and yah listen i dont need u r wish so get lost !!!!

SANSKAR-but laksh i was just ………..
(before sanskar could say any word laksh bang his door on his face )
(after this sanskar left from there with teary eyes , he was coming downstair where ap and dp were taking there breakfast )

AP-beta sanskar come have u r dinner !!!

(sanskar touches ap and dp feet)

SANSKAR-no ma i am leaving for office wase bhi i am getting late today is an important meeting

AP-but beta breakfast to kar lo !!!

SANSKAR – no ma i dont have much time so bye ma papa see u in the evening

DP-take care u r self beta !!!!

(before ap could say anything sanskar left from there ap feels bad for him )

(screen shift to maheshwari office where sanskar enter his cabin and then he ring the bell for his P.A.(ragini) but to his surprise ragini has not come yet and get more angry )
(then suddenly ragini arrive and entered in his cabin with a rush )

RAGINI-may i come in sir ?? sir wo sorry i am just 15 min late !!

SANSKAR- (almost shout)-15 min miss gadodia ?? no u r 45 min late, in my office employees are asked to be present 1 hr before the arrival of boss !!!

RAGINI-so sorry !!!!

SANSKAR- what always sorry sir sorry sir haan ??? u always do this irresponsible girl !!!!

RAGINI-sorry sir
(sanskar give an angry look to ragini )
(after few min later )

SANSKAR-fine i am giving u last warning ,this not u r home this maheshwari industry where discpline matter much do u get that !!!

RAGINI- yes sir

SANSKAR – ohk fine go and bring those sharmas project file which i have given u yesterday to complete !!

RAGINI -yah sir !!!
(after few min ragini come with file and handover to sanskar )

SANSKAR(after reading the file )-what is this miss gadodia ??? u have done blunder mistake !!! is this the way to complete a file ?? have u lost u sense ??

RAGINI -sir mujhe jo aata tha wo mein kar diya dont know whether it is ri8 or wrong !!!

SANSKAR -is this the reason karne se phele ek bar kum se kum puch liya hot but no tumhe sirf apne man ki karne hoti hain

RAGINI- but sir ………..

SANSKAR (shout and bang his table with his hand ) -just shut up do u have any idea what u have done haan ??? after 1 hr we have meeting with those sharmas what we will do now ??

RAGINI -sir just give me half an hour i will correct it !!!

SANSKAR -just shut up and leave from here !!

RAGINI – but sir………..

SANSKAR- i said leave !!!!!!!!!!!

(after this ragini leave from sanskar cabin with teary eyes )

(after 15 min sanskar notice that the file which he was reading was not sharmas file actually he was reading another file and after next moment his eyes got stuck on a file which was kept on the table with name SHARMAS PROJECT he become shocked for once then he open that file and to his surprise it was 100 percent correct )

SANSKAR -o god what i have done uss bechari pe kitna chilla diya bina kise wajah ke, o god sara gussa uspe nikal diya ab karoon to kya karoon ???

(after thinking much he walk toward raginis cabin but she was not present there )

SANSKAR (in his mind )- ab yeh kahan challi gayi bina bataye
(then he find kavita there so he asked her )

SANSKAR -hey kavita !!! where is ragini ??

KAVITA – she has gone sanskar !!!

SANSKAR- but why ???

KAVITA – wo she was not feeling well so i gave permission to go her home !!!

SANSKAR -accha tik hain u carry on bye !!!

KAVITA -hey sanskar coffee pene challe ??

SANSKAR (lost in his thought )- (no response )

KAVITA – what happen sanskar i asked u something coffee pene challe ???

SANSKAR – no kavita not now i am very much busy phir kisi din bye !!!
(then sanskar left fom there leaving behind kavita confused )
episode end on kavita confused face


so guys how was it keep commenting and thanx to SUJATA,SANIYA,MAHIMA,SWATI,ABDUL HAFIZ ,CRAZYGIRL,DHARA,TANU,KRIYA,AANYA AND SANAM for commenting so keep similing and stay healthy bye /////////////////////////////////////

Credit to: riya kapoor

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