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hello guys this is riya ,thanx to those who have commented on my last episode i will take those names in next episode ,guys u all r my strength keep supporting like this and DONT WORRY ABOUT PAIR just enjoy twist and turn ,so here is next part ,enjoy


(guys who was the guy, the guy was none other than laksh)


RAGINI -tum!!!! tum to wahi hona jisne baba ka accident kiya tha !!! kahin tum hamara picha to nahi kar rahe????

LAKSH-oh hello miss behave u r self mein nahi mujhe to lagta hain tum dono mera picha kar rahi hona ???

RAGINI -tum dono ???

LAKSH- haan tum dono !!!! mera matlab hain u and u r sister jahan jata houn kali biilli ki tarah aa jati hoon mera rasta katne !!!!

RAGINI -hey dont call us like that mujhe nahi pata tumhe swara kahan mili but mein yeh (pointing toward his t-shirt) jaan bhuj kar nahi kiya do u get that ???

LAKSH- yah i know very well ki kisnekya kiya aur kya nahi kiya so keep u r mouth shut meri puri branded t-shirt kharab kar di !!!!

RAGINI- u just shut up bara aaya branded t-shirt bandar ke sir pe chameli ka tel huun !!!!!

LAKSH- mein bandar to tum black cat blo*dy black cat !!!!

RAGINI- black monkey !!!!!
(after this fight they both leave from the cafe angrily )

(ragini enter the office murmering to herself then suddenly she collided with sanskar )

SANSKAR-hey miss gadodia r u fine ???

RAGINI -no …..mera matlab hain yah sir i am fine !!!!

SANSKAR- ohk fine where u have gone without informing anyone ???

RAGINI -wo sir i was in the cafe for launch !!!

SANSKAR -oh so u take 45 min for launch ri8??

RAGINI -no sir its not like that i was just coming ……….

SANSKAR -no more excuse miss gadodia its u r first time thats why its not bother much but from next time i dont want to see this type of irresponsibilties do u get that ???

RAGINI (in a low voice to herself ) -wahan wo kala bandar aur yahan yeh mr kharuds do no ne mera jina mushkil kar diya hain

SANSKAR-miss gadodia aap ne kuch kaha ???

RAGINI- no no sir nothing and again sorry sir my mistake !!!!

SANSKAR-fine !!!!!
(after convo with ragini sanskar left office and after 15 min later sanskars car was running on a muddy road when suddenly his car splashes muddy water on someone )

GIRL-o god what is this puri jeans kharab ho gayi !!!!! heyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!! dont u have eyes ?????

(after listening a girl voice sanskar came out from the car and walk toward the direction of voice )
SANSKAR-oh so sorry it mistakely happen plz forgive me meri wajah se aapki kapre kharab ho gaye so sorry actually it is a muddy road so…………….

(sankar was saying alot of word but this girl was just stairing him like mad )

SANSKAR-(patt the girl shoulder )-oh hello !!! r u listening me !!!!

GIRL- haan ??? haan !!! yah !!!!

SANSKAR-i said sorry !!!

GIRL – no,nothing no problem u carry on it so sweet !!!!!

SANSKAR- what ????

GIRL – o god !!! nothing it means i forgive u so just relax it happens sometime !!

SANSKAR-so sweet of u !!!!
wase what is u r name ???

GIRL (again lost in his charm)-haan??? yah !!! my name is swara (yes guys the girl was swara )

(after this sanskar was talking with swara but she was just lost in his charm and after much bakbak sanskar left the place leaving swara in her own world )
(after few min she came into her sense )

SWARA-oh god !!! who was he ?? he was so handsome !!! pata nahi aesa kyun laga ki mein ise barso se janti houn ,i think he is my prince charming (blush hard)oh come on swara ek handsome ladke ko dekha nahi aur bus shuru but there was something in him that was attractting me what was that ??? when he was near me my heart feel something strange oh god what is this ???

(after convo with herself she also leave from that place )


(ragini came from office was really tired suddenly swara came)

SWARA- di when u came and how was u r day ???

RAGINI-mat puch swara it was hectic !!!!

SWARA- yah !!! di i can understand !!!

RAGINI -my workaholic boss is too much arogant and rude !!!!!!

SWARA-who ????

RAGINI- arre that sanskar maheswari !!!!!!!

(after listening sanskar name swara skipped her heart beat and simile unknowngily )

episode end with swara similing face


so guys how was it did u enjoy plz comment and give valuable feedback so keep similing and stay healthy bye ///////////////////////////////////////////////////

Credit to: riya kapoor

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