hello guys this is u r friend riya again came with the new episode of my story ,and guys thanx to AARTI,MAHIMA,KRIYA,HJTY,ANGEL,SINDHU,PARI,RAKHI,LOVELY AND BIG THANX TO ABDUL HAFIZ to understand me and giving me there valuable comment,so guys lets start the episode

(Episode start with ragini shocking face)

KAVITA-so, sanskar meet with new P.A. miss ragini gadodia and yah! ragini this is u r boss MR.SANSKAR MAHESWARI

SANSKAR-oh hello miss gadodia nice to meet u(raises his hand to shake it with ragini but she was lost in her thought remembering about morning incident)

KAVITA(shaking ragini shoulder )-oh hello madam where r u lost haan ???

RAGINI-oh!! no !! wo sorry sir i mean mam no i mean sir !!!!

KAVITA- what rubbish ????

RAGINI-sorry mam !!!!

SANSKAR-its ohk miss gadodia i think this is u r first job it is natural, so dont be tensed just relax and yah !!! welcome in maheswari group of industry !!!!!

RAGINI (with shiever)- tha…thank u sir .

SANSKAR -most welcome

KAVITA- wase sanskar maine ese kam ke bare mein sab samjha diya hain and yah if u want to tell something than u can !!!!!

SANSKAR- ohk i will see!!!!!!

KAVITA- ohk miss ragini u r cabin will be there (pointing toward cabin next to sanskar cabin)

RAGINI-ohk mam thank u !!!!!

KAVITA-ohk sanskar bye today i am leaving for US for that sharmas project can u handle my department also ???

SANSKAR- OHK fine kavita !!!!

(saying this kavita leaves )
(then suddenly sanskar notice that ragini is looking quiet tensed so he asked ???

SANSKAR- what happen miss gadodia r u fine ????

RAGINI -no………..i……mean yes sir i am fine !!!!!!!!

SANSKAR -so what r u waiting for ?? my invitation !!!!! go and start u r work !!!!

RAGINI-yah sir offcourse(saying this ragini turn her face and try to run toward door when suddenly she slipped and then at same moment sanskar hold her by her waist )

RAGINI (sanskar was still holding her by har waist and was deeply loking in to her eyes)-sir ????????????

SANSKAR-(no respond )

RAGINI – sir i am fine leave me !!!!!

SANSKAR-(come in to his sense)- yah !! so sorry i was just ……….

RAGINI -its ohk sir and thanx for saving me !!!!!!!!!!

SANSKAR-yah !!!!!!!!

(after this ragini leaves sanskar cabin )

RAGINI -hey gannu ji ye to wahi hain subh wala jise meri fight hui thi magar maine ise pechan liya magar isene to mujhe nahi pechan kaise ??/ o thanx god us wakht to my face was covered with stole o my god bal bal bach gayi uff meine to darr hi gayi ek minute keliye to easa laga ki gayi yeh job bhi mere hath se gayi so much thanx to u gaanu ji thankx a lot(littile dance in her head )


(after some hrs of working ragini feels very much hunger )

RAGINI -ab kya karoon jaldi jaldi mein breakfast bhi nahi kiya, ab bhugat i am feeling very much hungry !!!

RAGINI -idea bahar jakar kuch kha kar aati houn yes nice idea, but mujhe phir se use sanskar se permission lene hogi o god plz save me !!!

(after talking to herself ragini walk toward sanskar cabin and peep through the window and to her surprise sanskar was not there )

RAGINI-o thanx a lot he is not here chalo i am free now for enjoy my lunch
(after this she went outside the bulding and came near a cafe which was a nice and famous one) ragini entered the cafe

RAGINI-excuse me !!! one sandwhich and a cold coffee with extra ice cream plz (she places her order )(after waiting for some min she got her order and was going to sit on a table when suddenly she collided with a guy and the cold coffee split over the guys t-shirt)

RAGINI (whithout looking at his face ) i am so sorry plz forgi………..

GUY- u !!!!!!!!!!!

RAGINI (suddenly look at his face ) -u !!!!!!!!

guess guys who was the guy ?????


so guys how is this keep commenting and give u r valuable suggestion AND AGAIN DONT PREDICT ABOUT PAIRS just enjoy the story there will be lots of twist and turns, so keep similing and stay healthy bye /////////////////////////////

Credit to: riya kapoor

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