HELLO guys this is u r friend riya i hope u have not forget me so thanx guys for supporting u r this stupid friend thanx to SUJATA,LOVELY,ABDUL HAFIZ, RAKHI and many more who have commented i surely take u r name in my next ep so lets start the story


(shekhar was admitted and he has fractured in his left leg so he was sitting on wheel chair then suddenly sharmishta and a girl came )
(the girl was in jump suit pink in color with high heels and was looking hot )

SHARMISTHA -RAGINI what happen ,how and when

GIRL-di, baba are u both fine???

RAGINI-relax ma,swara(yup the girl was none other than swara)baba is fine

SWARA-but di, how it happens???

RAGINI-only because of him (pointing toward laksh who was busy in his phone)

(swara goes toward laksh and patt his shoulder)

LAKSH-yah!! who??

SWARA-who am i???i am the daughter of that person who has suffered a lot only because of u!!!!!

LAKSH -oh!!!! hello miss it was just a mistake wait wait u r the sister of that PATAKA BOMB???


LAKSH- Yah!! u r sister!!!

SWARA- hey dont u dare to call my sis like that !!!!

LAKSH-ohk !!!! calm down wase i am leaving so good bye !!!
(then suddenly ragini came and stop the way of laksh by raising her her hand)

RAGINI-o hello mr where r u going without??????


SWARA-without paying the bill !!!!!!!!


RAGINI yes u have to pay the bill only because of u my baba is here so u have to do this!!!!!!

LAKSH-but this is not fair !!!!!!!!

SWARA-what not fair ??? u have to do this !!!!!!!!

RAGINI- yah u have to pay the bill otherwise


LAKSH- o stop it u both dramaqueens !!!!!

RAGINI-dramaqueens !!!!!!!

LAKSH-yah!!!! u and u r sister both!!!!!!

SWARA- shut up!!!!!

LAKSH-u shut up!!!!!!!
(suddenly laksh phone ring then swara quikly take the phone from laksh hand)

SWARA-u go and pay the bills i will this who ever is he that u r busy !!!!!!!

RAGINI-yah!!!! swara is ri8!!!!!!!
LAKSH(ANGRY)-ohk !!!!! fine !!!

(after paying the bills laksh went from hospital angrily)and give hi5 to each other)
SWARA-di this boy will never forget us hena !!!!!

RAGINI-never !!!!!!

SWARA- but what was his name ???

RAGINI-who cares???come lets go ma and baba would be waitng for us

SWARA-lets go di !!!!!!!!

(after one hour all reches badi and sat for launch)

SHARMISTHA- shekhar is it paining very much ????

SHEKHAR-no mishti i am ohk but???

SWARAGINI-but what baba???

SHEKHAR-nothing beta relax have u r launch!!!!!!!

(swaragini understood allthe matter)

RAGINI- baba plz dont worry for money i will find job u only take care urself !!!!!!!

SWARA- yes baba i will also find some job and help di home expension !!!!!!

RAGINI- no swara u r di is here na u only concentrate at u r studies

(as i only said that swara is in last year btech in iit delhi soory i cant imagine other clg because i myself studing in iit delhi lol…….)

SWARA- but di …………

RAGINI- swara dont worry i am here na then??????

SHEKHAR-but ragini bete it is not that easy only because of me u have to take this much responsibilites !!!!!!

RAGINI-dont worry baba everthing will be fine !!!!! i will find job so u just relax ,,,,

SHEKHAR-but beta ???

RAGINI-baba plz !!!!

SHEKHAR -ohk fine but promise me u will take care u r self !!!!!

RAGINI- haan baba promise ab to kush !!!!!!!!

SHEKHAR- yah !!!!!

(after this convo all have a family hug )

…………………………………………………………………………………..FLASHBACK ENDS ………………………………………………………………….

(guys remember this was a flasback that ragini was remembering while getting job in maheswari industry and was thanking to his gannu maharaj)

so guys how was it and yah dont forget to give u r sweet coments and valuable suggestion and yah regarding about pair dont take such tension just enjoy the story guys plz plz plz and if u find any type of mistake either it may be spelling aur grammitically plz forgive me as u r sister ohk so keep similing and stay healthy so bye guys //////////////////////////////////////////////////

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