Swaragini ( will u be mine forever ) episode 8


Hi guys I am really happy with ur responses ..I couldn’t control …even though I have exams I am writing for u all …so keep supporting and commenting. ..so let’s get started …
@sanky class (mechanical )
Sanky : don’t worry guys ..by lunch time we will teach a lesson to them …how dare they mess with sanky friends ….
Lucky : yes sanky
Sidhant : OK we will meet them in lunch and give them warning …
Sanky : OK good idea …
Ragini ,kavitha and kavya .. : we need give such a waring that they will never forget it ,.,.
Sanky : OK girls don’t worry …
Sidhant : today we r going pub ..so don’t spoil mood girls
Ragini : OK OK …

@the girl class
Kabir : how dare they …too much yaar
Manik : don’t worry we will give them warning …..such a warning they will never forget ..
Mehra : Swara y r u not speaking anything ..
Yes the girl is Swara ..(u all guessed correct ) …
Swara : don’t worry guys …just chill ..we will give them warning …we r going pub today ..so don’t spoil ur mood ..
Tania : correct year
Raj : for u Swara i am changing my mood …
Swara smiles …
Avni : oh oh ..can’t u see other girls standing here raj …
Raj : OK OK for all my girls ..
All share a group hug ..
The bell rings ..

Sanky : come let’s go and give warning ..
Swara : come guys …we will show who we r …
The group comes from opposite side ..
Sanky heart beats fast ….
Swara heart smiles …
The both group comes closer ….
Sanskar pov
The world stopped rotating ….the birds stopped flying ……the wind didn’t dare to move …..the leaves were standing still …..

My heart skipped a beat ….
I couldn’t realize ..that I saw my SWARA !!!! ..ya she is my Swara ..
I don’t know how happy I was …..the same Swara ….in eight …everything is same ..,……
How …this is happening ..god ..u r great ….I don’t know how to express it …,I wanted to hug her tightly …..my Swara ..I got her ..
My friend …my love …I got her ,,,
Swara POV
Wait ..what I just saw …sanky …its hallucination …no its not ..I came to know after I pinched myself …..
He is the one ….oh god ….how could …..sanky is here in front of me ….the same look the same dashing attitude …the same smile …
The look which he gave me on my first day of eighth ….no no I could not go close to him ……
I am scared …..no no I am not scared ..because y should he is mine and he won’t hurt ….but I feel something …
Should I hug him …..
No Swara u can’t do that ..u will become weak ….no don’t even think ……
(Everyone was shocked to see sanky )
(Everyone was shocked to see Swara )

Ragini : Swara
Swara : ra ..g.i..ni (she wanted to hug her ..but stopped herself )
Lucky : Swara what a surprise ..u here in Kolkata …
Swara : I actually got merit certificate here …..
Manik : Swara we came here for something other ..
Sanky is speechless ….Swara sees him …..
Sanky : OK listen u all did wrong by messing with mechanic ….say sorry and leave …
Swara : wait I should say that .,…,,….u did wrong by messing with robotics ..u say sorry and leave ….
Ragini : but it was ur gang who misbehaved with us ..
Manik : if he said ..y ur gang member caught his collar …
Lucky : that’s because our gang member was a girl and urs was a boy ..
Kabir : so ..u did it and we did it back …that’s it …
Kavitha : but ur gang member over reacted …
Avni : even ur OK …stupid ..
Kavya : hey how dare u call her stupid ..wait we will show who we ….
Kavya takes sand and throws on avni …
Raj gets angry ….

He slaps kavya ..
Sanky comes and raises his hand …
Swara holds sanky’s hand …..
(Sanky POV )
Oh my ..the touch which makes me weak ,..not again
Sanky POV ends .
Swara : how dare u
Sanky : that’s what how dare he slapped our member ……that too girl ..even u r girl right don’t u know this …
Swara : then y ur gang member thrower sand on her ..even she was a girl ..ur gang member don’t know …what u all r blind .
Swara laughs and so the gang ..

Sanky holds her ..
Sanky : listen I think u know what will happen if I get angry …
Swara gets scared but doesnt show it….
Sanky understands and leaves ….
Swara sees him and gets angry and scared also ,……
Mehra : what yaar Swara ..what happened to u now ..see they gave us warning ..
Tania : OK guys leave that all they are in collage only know we can handle them whenever else want ..
Manik : ya u r right ..Swara don’t feel sad …
Swara : no no i am not sad …..by the raj u did right by slapping her ..
Raj smiles …
Swara : it should have been more harder next time OK ..
Kabir : OK Swara leave that all ..so today pub …ohh …ohh …
They again have a group hug …
Sanky group ..
Sanky : see we gave a good warning to them ..

Kavya : oh my god sanky that terrifying look which u gave to Swara ..even I was scared ..
Sanky smiles ..
Sanky : its not new ..now no one will dare to touch sanky and sanky group ..
Kavitha : is it paining kavya …
Kavya : no no its OK …
Sanky : tommorrwo we will teach them a good lesson …so they will also get pain ..
Ragini : correct ..but how come Swara ….she is changed man .
Lucky : yes u r correct ..she is showing too much attitude ..
Sanky thinks …..
Sidhant : OK now forget that …we see tomorrow matter tomorrow ,….now think about pub guys …cheer up ..
Ragini : yes sid is right….cheer up
Lucky : OK ..

Sanky and group hug
Shekhar : so u started huh …OK be careful OK ..
Mishti : y we need to worry ..our sons And daughters are there (means her friends the gang …shekhar and mishti knows them very well …they all call them papa and ma …so they take them like their own son and daughter …they even let them stay in their house )
Shekhar : then OK …
Group comes ..
They take blessings from SK and mishti ..
Mishti : tania ,mehra , Sasha ,avni here is ur chocolate ,.
All four : wow ma ….thanks a lot ….
Kabir : where is ours mom …

SK : here bets ..
All four boys : see see dad is our side ..they give HiFi ….
All waves bye and leaves ……
Swara gang
As soon as girls comes inside ..they go to dance floor ..
The boys goes and sits in sofa and starts drinking …..
In dance floor Saturday Saturday plays
Swara dances stylishly ,…….all see her and dance ….
Kabir : we are really lucky to get these girls as our friends ….
Manik : true ….
Raj : correct bro’s ….
Ranveer : all crazy see how they r enjoying …..
Sanky gang enters ,……
All go and sit in a large sofa and starts ordering drinks ..
Ragini : we girls vodka ..

Lucky : we boys black wine …
Sanky : OK I will go and order ..
Sidhant : OK ..
Sanky goes to bartner
Sanky : here is the order ..
Bartner : just 2min sir plzz sit here …
Sanky was seeing everywhere ..
He sees Swara and gets shocked ..
She was dancing with the girls …
Sanky took a juice and was enjoying seeing her ..
Bartner : here sir ..ur order ..
Sanky takes the tray and goes to their table …….
Sanky : see guys even that robotics is here ..

Kavya : wow its good ..we can take our revenge here ….
Lucky : correct ..what plan sanky …
Sanky : listen we will go to dance floor and dance with robotics girls ..we will make the boys angry…
When they will fume ..u girls take them to dance floor and dance with them ….so the girls will fume ..and they will automatically break their so called friendship ….
Ragini : super plan ..
Kavitha: y we are waiting …
Sidhant : we will signal then only take the boys to dance floor ..by the time take the video of their anger OK ….
They all give HiFi …
The boys goes to dance floor …
Lucky shouts DJ change the song
DJ changes it sw(Gf bf re plays )
Sanky goes towards Swara ..
Swara doesnt notice ..

Sanky from back hugs her …..
Swara feels it and turns ..
He hairs touch sanky’s face ..
Swara was shocked to see sanky …..
Sanky : hi enemy ….

Precap : pub embarrassment ………..enimity getting increased day by day …..

How was it guys ..whenever I will get time I will post it OK ..
And plzzz comment ……plzzz

Credit to: Dolly

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