Swaragini ( will u be mine forever ) episode 7

Hey guys I am with my ff …I know most of u must have forgot about this ff …if u want to see ..at the top right corner there is a search button u can type and see …if u want ….
Its been 5 years …after that day she never talked with me ..she totally forgot a boy sanky in this world …
She never smiled seeing me …she only talks with lucky and ragini …I have asked her thousand times for forgiveness …she didn’t reply me anything …I was totally broken …I don’t know what is happening with me ..its not my fault even …they y ..she left me in 10th star and joined in Delhi itself ..I still can’t forget her y …don’t ask me ..because I don’t know ….
Now I am getting into collage …excited ..but stills feels like ..never mind
Ap : sanky sanky …come fast have ur break fast don’t be late for ur first day of collage …
Sanky : sanky is never late mom ….
Ap : OK come have this and leave …

Sanky finishes his breakfast and leaves ….
THE RADELINE COLLAGE (name of collage )
Sanky comes in black BMW
All girls stare him ..
Sanky comes out wearing black glasses …
He takes the glass… all girls go to their imagination world ….
Sanky : hey lucky ..
Lucky : hey man ….I have waiting for u ..
Sanky : y any problem
Lucky : this ragini is driving me crazy
Sanky laughs …

Ragini comes wearing red long skirt ,black sleeveless top and made french hairstyle …
Sanky : oh oh ragini looking hot
Ragini : thanks sanky …see how he praises me ..u r good for nothing lucky ..
Lucky : oh really ….by the way which department ..
Ragini : mechanical ..
Lucky : me too
Sanky : me three ..
Ragini : super
They have friendship hug
Ragini : can u imagine we r in collage ..its just like we were in 8th ..
Laksh : seriously ….
Sanky : I guess so .
Ragini : I would love if Swara was also with us
Lucky : correct ..even I miss her ..
Sanky : OK OK come let’s go
Ragini and lucky winks …
They go to class …
Everyone cheers for them and gives HiFi ..

(Sanky is popular in collage also …)
Sanky : so guys what’s the plan today …
Ankit: we r waiting for the answer from u sanky …
All girls cheer for treat …
Sanky : OK OK girls and boys ..today in pub ..OK .
Whole class cheers ….
Lucky : sure ….
Professor enters ….
Professor : good morning freshers …
Whole class : good morning sir …
Professor : I am not gonna waste time by asking u all ur name …because I already know all ur name
So let’s get started with lots of fun and masti ….
Whole class cheers ..

Professor : today is ur first day ..so u all can enjoy go and see the collage enjoy and classes start from tomorrow …thank u and bye …
Whole class cheers ..
All go out to see the collage …
The whole is out standing in corridors
In garden
In canteen …its free that day ..
Sanky and his group heads towards canteen …
Sanky in middle surrounded his gang of 8 members ….
Sanky : so guys order whatever u want …
All cheer and heads towards the counter
Sanky is sitting with seeing something in phone ….
A girl laughs from behind ..(it was so beautiful )
Girl was standing surrounded by her gang of 8 members ,..
(Tania,Sasha ,avni,mehra,ranveer,raj,kabir,manik including her )
Tania : really yaar today treat at pub super

Avni : for us or for ur boyfriend
Manik smiles (manik is played by parth samthaan )
Girl : come on yaar ..
Raj : OK at 7 pm
The girl and raj gives HiFi
Mehra : OK I will inform my mother …
Ranveer : OK meh …
All gives HiFi to the girl …..

Sanky’s hanky falls ..he bends and picks it up ….
His heart beats fast …the air blows ….
He turns to see ..but the girl is surrounded by her members ….
Sanky smiles ….
His friends come …
Lucky : we ordered u go and pay …OK baby
Ragini : yes here is the bill dear ..
Ankit : don’t see …
Kavitha : of course let him see it …..
Kavya : no no …..
Sanky opens it ….
It goes till his leg …
Sanky : u guys ordered or brought the menu card ..
Sidhant : we brought the menu now go and pay ….
Sanky : OK OK I am going ….
Sanky leaves to counter …
The next table ..
The girl’s gang ..

Manik : I will pay the bill
Mehra : no no let her pay
Raj : don’t see pity on her OK ….control bro
The girl : OK I am paying ..she goes to the counter …
The girl also heads towards the counter …
Sanky and the girl comes from opposite side ….
They stand together ..without facing ..
Sanky : here is the bill
Waitress : one second sir ….
Sanky feels something ….the air blows ..
The girls hair touch his face …
Sanky feels happy in his thoughts …
The girls feels happy …..
Waitress: here is ur bill sir …
Sanky : thank u he turns to leave …
Her scraf get stuck in his bracelet ..
The girl : sorry …she turns …
Her hair covers her face …
She leaves ..

Sanky heart beats really fast ….
Sanky sits in the table ….
Ragini : I just hate them yaar ..
Sidhant : they are really overacting ..
Lucky : from now on they r our enemies …
An kit: OK ..
Sanky : hello hello what happened what enemies ….
Lucky tells
When sanky leaves ..
Ragini turns to go washroom …
She dashes with raj ..
Ragini : sorry …
Raj : don’t u have eyes ..can’t walk properly ….
Ragini : hey Mr I said sorry OK now leave …
Raj : u know who we r robotics group ..so keep ur mouth shut OK
Ragini : u know who we r mechanic …so u keep ur mouth shut ..
Raj gets angry ..
Lucky comes
Lucky : what happened ragini
Ragini sees raj

Lucky holds raj collar …
Raj : hey leave my collar ..
He also catches lucky’s collar ..
They both start beating ..ankit from mechanic and manik from robotics comes and they get into fight ….
Mehra comes
Mehra : guys stop it yaar ..we came to study not to fight with these rats .
Kavitha : oh hello who r rats ..u r monkeys …
Tania : oh just shut ..u know what will happen if we say to our leader …
Kavya : u know what will happen if we say to our leader ….
Kabir : robotics guys let’s go …after a while we will teach thses mechanic a good lesson …
Lucky : first go idiots ..
Both gangs go facing opposite direction ,,,
Fb ends
Sanky was fumimg in anger
The other table
Kabir says this to the girl
The girl fumes in anger ..
The screen freezes on the two angry birds …

Precap : robotics vs mechanical …………sanky vs the girl ……masti ki time …girl revealed ……..

How was it guys ..I will update episodes from 18th march onwards ,,,,keep reading and wait for a short time ……
Plz I beg u all comment

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  1. maybe the girl is swara

  2. Girl is swara?? Who has lost her memory.

  3. Superb episode. Please don’t separate swasan.

  4. Awesomee yaar…..sanky super

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  7. Girl wide be swara probably

  8. Nice story line yar….

  9. Awesome ……. i just loved it .

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  12. superb…….I think the girl is swara.am I right??

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  16. Hey
    I was waiting fr ur update yrr
    Itna tym q lgaya yrr
    Ab plz esa mt krna
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    M jst sying this cz ur ff is amazing:*
    #love u:*

  17. Swara is that girl

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