Swaragini ( will u be mine forever ) episode 6


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Swara was packing bags …
Sanky : so shall we leave to ur house …
Swara : wh….at ..(kavitha was seeing them )
Sanky : u wanted to do group studies so I thought ya we can …
Swara : may be some other day sanky …now I have some work …
Sanky (angry ) : what do u think that I am fool ..that I will follow all ur instructions …..
Swara (scared ) : I am sor……ry sanky but please understand ……
Sanky : listen I am controlling my anger ..so plzz go once I loses control I don’t know what I will do ….so leave ..
Swara : but sanky listen ..
Sanky (angrily ) : I said leave !!!
Swara has tears ….
Swara leaves crying. …….
Sanky cools down …
Kavitha comes to sanky. …….
Kavitha : r u alright sanky !?!?!
Sanky : leave me and get out ..
Kavitha jerks …
Kavitha leaves …
Manik sees these things through window …..
Swara was standing in parking lot with her bicycle …..
Manik comes ..

Manik : hey Swara …
Swara wipes her tears : hey manik what’s up …
Manik : vo … I was passing by …..just came ..
Swara : OK bye meet u tomorrow in class …..
Manik : I know about sanky ….
Swara : what u know about him …and y r u telling me ………
Manik : r u getting what I am saying ….I mean about sanky’s sudden attitude toward u ….
Swara was shocked ..
Swara : what do u mean ..
Manik : OK come with me ..
He takes her to the park and sits in the bench ..
Manik : listen ..my father is a doctor ..he is the one who is involved in sanky’s case ….
Swara was shocked …
Swara : what case ..
Manik : wait Swara first listen …….I have always heard of sanky’s reports ..my father used to say that his reports are in real and are really rare …
He is been affected by his past ….I don’t know how to say ….he is molded by his past ..that means he is reborn …..
Swara : how come that possible …
Manik : first even I didn’t accept the fact …but later on sanky’s parents used to come often ….he has been affected by a multiple personality….
Which could be his past ..my father was shocked as he never heard of such cases …..he used to alwys do researchers based on it ….
Sanky is very different from others …he gets really angry when someone doesn’t accept his approval ..which even he is aware of …
Swara thinks about that day …
Manik : but after some days …his results came to be normal …he really controlled his anger ….that’s an impossible task for someone to control
His \ her characters but he did it ….
Swara : when that happened ..
Manik : its when u stepped into his life …..
Swara was shocked and confused …
Manik : sanky’s parents knows about u …..the business trip ur father and mother went are with sanky’s parents ….as to talk about this matter ..
Swara I think u have some type of connection with his past life …
Swara was shocked ..
Swara : I don’t know whether to understand or not ….by the way how u know ,y parents went to business trip ..
Manik : vo …..actually my father said ..
Swara : how ur father knows it ….
Manik : hmm ..I don’t know that and all ….OK come we r late see the time its 5:30 bye ..
Swara : bye …
They both gets up from the bench and was about to leave ..they see sanky standing there angry ..
(Guys he don’t about what manik said …he is angry to see Manik and Swara together )
Swara ( scared ) : u here …San….ky
Manik : see Swara he is not in his senses so don’t talk ….
Sanky : y r u with him ….he comes closer ..

But manik comes like a shield to Swara and stands in front of her ….
Sanky : u o away ..its between me and her ..so u don’t come …
Manik : sanky listen …he keeps hand on shoulder ..
Sanky fumes and hits him …he falls …on ground ….
Swara gives to him
Swara : MANIK MANIK ..
Manik lyes unconsciously on ground ..
Swara : don’t u have heart sanky …y u always behave with everyone who comes close to me …
Sanky : that’s because I can’t see u with anyone except me …..
Swara : by the way who r u to me …huh just a class mate. that’s it OK …..
Sanky : oh only that’s ..how rude u r Swara …
Swara : I should ask that OK …u just leave I know how to take care of myself …manik is more better than u …
Sanky gets angry and goes towards her …….
Swara gets scared and moves back ward s ….
He catches her hand …..
Sanky : how dare u say that ..
Swara : sanky its hurting ……….
Sanky : I don’t care ….OK ….
Swara pushes him
Swara : I hate u sanky I just hate u from my heart now on don’t even dare to see me or talk with me ……bye ..
She leaves
Sanky was shattered …..

Preacp : 5 years leap

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Credit to: Dolly

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