Swaragini ( will u be mine forever ) episode 5

Hey guys …I know u all r thinking about this much romance in this age …I am sorry in upcoming episodes I will reduce and focus on story ….OK guys …so let’s get started .-
Swara comes to school by cycle ..as her parents went on business trip
She Parker the cycle in the parking lot ..
At that time …
Sanky also comes in cycle ..
Swara was surprised seeing him in cycle ..as he always comes in car
Swara : sanky u ..
Sanky : haan Swara …new cycle ..only for u …
Swara : oh …for me
She smiles …
Swara : OK come let’s go in …

Sanky : OK …
They chat and goes inside their class room …
Swara : OK bye I am going to my bench ..
Sanky : bye ..
She goes …..
Swara and lucky sits …
Lucky : what’s going on between u two …
Swara : he is just a good friend of mine …what else ..
Lucky : hmmm……OK .
Ragini : hey guys …ready for English test ..and today maths test marks will come ….I am super happy …
Lucky : Swara can u switch off the loudspeaker ….
Ragini gives fake anger look …
Swara laughs …..
Sanky : what’s going on here …
Ragini : see sanky laksh is teasing me ….stupid .
Sanky : I am taking ur side dear ..hey lucky how dare u …
Swara : then I am taking Lucky’s side …
Lucky and. Swara give HiFi
Sanky : acchaa ..so bad ..

Swara : first preference to bench partner …
Ragini : OK guys …mam will be there any min …so will sit in our place ..
They all go to their respective places …
The teacher : good morning students …..
Whole class good morning mam …
Teacher : so here we have a new student …
A boy in the class : mam how many new students to ur class
Teacher : just shut up and sit ankit …its academic year ..so everyone will …..so students here he is
Manik malhotra ..( he is played by party samthaan only )
( he looks too dashing and handsome ) with blue bag …
Manik : hello friends ..I am new here …I first studied in ICSE international school in Delhi …
Swara says to lucky
Swara : even I studied there …hey wait he is manik VII B I was VII A
Lucky : so u know him ..
Swara : haan bit I don’t talk with him that much ..
Teacher : silent students ..manik go and sit next krithi …
Manik sits ..

Teacher : so here is ur maths test marks ..,only some did good others need to concentrate …
So ankit 78 ( out of 100)
Good but improve
Ankit comes to mam and takes his paper ….
Teacher : next ragini 96 …
Very good just try to get 100 ..learn from her class …
Whole class clap …
Ragini : thank u everyone ..while going to her bench manik winks at her .
Ragini gets memerised seeing him …
Teacher : sanky u got 95 good …at least in studies u r good
While class claps and says sanky sanky ….he is very famous …
Sanky : I know I would …
Swara winks at him …
Sanky smiles and sits in the bench ….
Teacher : so next ..hmm..Swara 99 …outstanding performance dear …..
Whole class claps for her ..
Ragini gets bit upset that she isn’t the topper in maths …

Swara : thanks mam
Sanskar winks at her …
While going back manik ..gives a naughty smile to her ..
Swara notices this and but ignores it …
Teacher : so lucky 96 again …same as ragini ..
Ragini and lucky have a eye lock and smiles ..
Again the whole class clap ..
As teacher goes on ..
Teacher : so topper is Swara …
Second is a draw between lucky and ragini ..
Third is sanky ..
Whole class claps …
Teacher : so u all better start studying ..next is English right prepare for it …if u finish exam ..u should go out and prepare for tomorrow’s exam OK ..am I clear to u all
Whole class : yes mam ..
The teacher leaves ,,,.,,.,
Lucky : so Swara 99 good …he gives hand to Swara ..
Swara shakes
Swara : ya I am super happy and even u did good …there is something between u and ragini …(teasingly )
Lucky : no no nothing OK bye I am going to library to return the book bye meet u soon
Swara : sure bye ….

Manik comes
Manik : Swara right even u r from Delhi ICSE right ..
Swara : ya ..so y u came from there ..u were popular there ..
Manik : dad transfer ..
Swara : me too
They chat about their school ..
Sanky sees this and fumes ……sanky comes towards Swara ..
Swara : hey sanky
Sanky controls his anger : hey Swara new boy ..
Manik : hi ..I see u r quite popular here ..
Sanky : yes I am ..if u excuse me I have a work with Swara ..
Manik : sure ……he leaves
Swara : so what work sanky
Sanky : nothing just came to tell good ..that’s it ..so today after class I am coming to ur house right ..
Swara : haan for studies only OK ..
Sanky : OK ..
He leaves giving a smile to Swara and an angry smile to manik ..
Manik is confused seeing him like that …
Swara was preparing for English …
Kavitha comes ..

Swara : hey kavitha what’s up ..
Kavitha : will do a favour for me …..
Swara : sure dear ..u helped me solo much and one of my best friend ..
( Swara and kavitha good friends from childhood ..their family knows each other well kavitha helped Swara a lot )
Kavitha : listen yaar I love sanky ..I love him so much …..so will u help me to get him ..
Swara was shocked ….but with fake smile
Swara : sure ..but y u r asking me …
Kavitha : I asked this with ragini …but she said she won’t help me ..Swara because u talk with sanky …sanky only talks with u and ragini and no other girl in the class …so will u help me ..
Swara : ha…an !
Kavitha hugs and leaves …
Swara sits on the chair shattered as her friend is asking to give her love …
After some time …teacher comes
Teacher : so start ur English exam
Swara was only thinking about it and not writing ….
Sanky notices this. He signals her what happened ..
Swara signals nothing

Sanky smiles ..
Swara gets memerised seeing his smile and thinks not to lose him …..
But stops when kavitha comes in her mind ….
Swara writes the exam fast and leaves …
She goes to the washroom and cries ..thinking what to do ……….
Precap : what Swara will choose …best friend or love …….

So how was it guys ..I know this episode was only involving in school ,…,.,.,.I am sorry I will try to make next episode interesting
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  1. Kavita shuld be-ve plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I request you to do this for me.


  2. She should not sacrifice her love for her bestfrnd or anyone.This is my POV.

  3. Wow parth sam… i love him so much… nd today epi superb dolly.. so wt hav u planned for us?? Im waiting eagerly…

  4. Interesting dear..??

  5. Dolly your plot is inspired by one of the one shots right?…its good but let a leap of some years come coz i want to know what happens in future.?

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  12. Triangle love story? !!!! Please don’t make that, story is interesting n good. Sorry if I hurt u.

  13. plz don’t separafe swasan..its a request.

  14. Awesome episode. But why kavita always come between swasan .

  15. so nyc… awesome keep triangle love story for swara

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