Swaragini ( will u be mine forever ) episode 4


Hey guys I am really happy with ur responses. .keep supporting ..
Sanky gets angry and slaps lucky …
Lucky also gets angry and both fight ..
They are in a big fight …
Swara rushes to princi room and informs about it. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Princi comes to the ground ..
Princi : u brats stop ur fight and come to my office right now …
Everyone leaves to their classroom
@princi room
Princi : of u belong to a very big background doesn’t mean u can do anything here ..and we have tolerate ….u both are stu dying 8th only ..so concentrate on studies ….am I clear to u both. ..
Sanlak : yes sir
They both come to class
Swara sees. …sanky winks at her ….
Swara gets memerised seeing him. ..
Swara thinks : he always protect me from everyone then y should I be afraid of him …
Sanky comes towards her ..she couldn’t control her fear ..
Sanky : listen I know u r afraid of me …but I am doing this for ur welfare ..now do u trust me ..
Swara nods yes ….she feels relaxed ..
Lucky comes
Sanky : I am really sorry lucky I shouldn’t have raised hand on u ….
Lucky : it’s ok sanky …u r friend ..u have all rights on me ….
They both hug …swara and ragini gets happy seeing their bond …..
After school …
Sanky : now will u come with me to the ice cream parlour …
Swara : ya sure …
They head to ice cream parlour …
Sanky : so what’s ur choice ….
Swara : choco triplet with smoothie ..

Sanky was shocked hearing that …because it’s the way he orders it .
Sanky : make it two ..
Swara : u also like it . .
Sanky : ya ..
They sit in sofa together ..
Sanky : so how u feel in school
Swara : much better after seeing u like this .
Sanky : acchaa …
Swara : haan …so ..Mr maheshwari what’s ur favourite spot …..
Sanky : the beach side ….ur
Swara : central Park garden ..it’s so awesome over there ….I just love it ..
Sanky ; good taste …
The order come…
Swara : take this …
Sanky : thank u
Swara eats like a child …
Sanky enjoys her expression . .

He gets memerised …
Sanky : so let’s leave ..
Swara : sure …
They come outside ..
Swara : so …bye and thanks for the treat .
Sanky : u r most welcome. ..so no return gift ….
She gives a peck and runs away ……
Sanky : cheater …..
Sanky smiles and leaves …
Swara comes home happy .
Mishti : y r u so happy ..
Swara : I got many new friends ….mom can I invite them for a group study …
Mishti : sure beta …now go and freshen up I made ur fav pizza …..
Swara : aww …how nice ..I will come in a minute …
She goes to her …
Swara is in shower …
Swara : sanky u made my day thank u so much …I love u ….I love u the most …..
She wears blue pant and silver sleeveless top with a french braid ….
She looks gorgeous ….
Mishti : looking cute …
Swara : as always ..so mom I am going to buy note book from the school stationery now ..
Mishti : now ..but beta time ..

Swara : no prob I will come fast ..
Mishti : ok come fast ….
Swara takes her pink and blue cycle and leaves waving bye to her mother …..
Swara goes to school ….she goes inside ..no one was there ….she was scared …
Some one from behind touches ..she jerks …
It was sanskar ..
Swara : what r u doing here this time …
Sanky : I came here to talk with my ghost friends …arrey for what u came …for that only I came …
Swara : how u know I will come today
Sanky : I heard ur conversation with ragini ….
Swara : cheater ….ok wait ..the stationery is not open only then how ….
Sanky : ya that’s what …I thing the time got over ..swara : ok come ..I will buy tomorrow morning .. bye sanky .
Sanky : hmmm only bye ….

Swara : then what else u also come …y r u standing …
Sanky comes closer …to her and pins her to a wall ….he goes really close to her ….
Swara : stop sanky …I know ..but we r just in 8th and this is bad …leave me I am going ..
Sanky gets angry ……
Swara sees this ….
Swara : ok ok cool down …sanky cools ..
Sanky goes really close and holds her waist really hard ….he tightens the grip ..
Swara : sanky its paining ….
Sanky : just for once …
He slowly kisses her neck ….
Swara takes his hand ….
Swara : ok that’s it ..now bye ..
Sanky gets angry but he controls it …
Sanky : hmm ..ok bye …he leaves …
Swara comes home ….
Mishti : where is ur books dear ..
Swara : ma store was not open only ….
Mishti : ok come have dinner …tomorrow is ur English exam right …
Swara : haan .. ma well prepared …
Mishti : that’s my girl ….

They have dinner ….
Swara : ma where is papa ..
Mishti : he went to business trip ..and I am going tomorrow. ..
Swara : what .then what will I do alone here. ..
Mishti : sit and study ….
Swara : ma …
Mishti : we will come in 2 days don’t worry ok …
Swara : ok …..
Mishti : good night …
Swara: good night ..
She leaves to her room ….
She calls sanky .through Landline …
Sanky picks up the Landline …
Sanky : hello maheshwari mansion …
Swara : I am swara ….
Sanky : swara u …how u got my no.
Swara : I am swara I can get anyone’s no.

Sanky : ok tell what …is the reason
Swara : tomorrow mom and dad will not be at home …so …
Sanky : ohh ….he smiles ..
Sanky : then we will have group studies pk
Swara : done ….
Sanky : bye
Swara : bye …
Swara and sanky smiles .
Precap : swasan moments. …….

How was it guys ..plz comment …this ff is entirely of swasan ..only some parts raglak …sorry raglak fans ……..

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. dolly dey are just 8th….how can dey romance like dis??

    1. You know now a days everything is changing. Our western thinking.????

      1. No im in 8th only..in our school also pairs n all are there but that romancing is not there. But still this is just a ff so..n moreover this is swasan!!! Awesome ff dolly if u wanna read 1 more teenage story read mines—
        Swaragini [email protected] love
        But read season 1 only…2 is discontinued. Sry if I bored u with this extra long comment

  2. Excellent yar…keep going..and update next part soon

  3. Dolly I too have same question as abi how can they romance like this

  4. Dolly nice ff.. but i think they r doing schooling… im sorry if i hav hurted u….

    1. And i have doubt… y fite btwn sanlak.. ??? Becoz laksh gave his food to swara ah??

  5. awesome. ..am waiting eagerly for the next part

  6. Nice…..

  7. Thanks for swasan really ur ff is totally different

  8. Hey doll..i too agree with abi..they r i jst 8th std… i thnk the romance which u r trying to brew bw them is somewhat vulgar acc to their age….sorry if i hv hurted u…i hv jst givn my suggestionzz…rest is upon u…thnxx..

  9. I think they have somewhat past connection. Awsm part

  10. As usual u rock amazing ff

  11. Fabulous pairs

    1. Fabulous part

  12. Awsm story yr pls never stop writing in middle.

  13. Y did sanlak fight?

  14. Sometimes I feel sanky is not normal.His behavior is very strange towards swara.Y is it so?

  15. I think, there’s some problem in sanskar..i mean he’s so desperate and dominating kind of person..i’m sure dr, you have something in your mind behind the reason his forceable romance..lets see…it’s getting intersting anyway..??

  16. Awesome……but don’t you think that romance in this age is weird. You are right somehow because I know it all as I am also in 8th class but not this much which sanskar was trying to do…….and I’m confused why did sanlak fight?

  17. Awsm part

  18. Fabulous episode n thnx for writing a long episode. .. n plz upload nxt ASAP as I am really very excited for the next

  19. I even don’t understand that sanskar’s behaviour is so strange towards swara…..he gets angry so quickly when swara denies him about anything……he always try to get much more close to her (physically).

  20. I too agree wid abhii..n y sanlak had fyt….n how swasan fell in love..till episode 3 swara use to hate sanky..but in dis episode der r in love..hw little confusion dear..can u xpln…sry i dint mean to hurt u…as i a ff lovr i js askd…rest is up to u…cntu d stry …it’s very interestng…

  21. I too agree wid abhii..n y sanlak had fyt….n how swasan fell in love..till episode 3 swara use to hate sanky..but in dis episode der r in love..hw little confusion dear..can u xpln…sry i dint mean to hurt u…as i am a ff lovr i js askd…rest is up to u…cntu d stry …it’s very interestng…

  22. awesome part continue soon

  23. I think it will be better if they are in 12 grade!.;)

    1. agree with u

  24. Is Sanskar having double personality disorder?? Coz only in that case he might be doing all the things and forgetting everything. Good.

  25. Nce…..but yaar increase their class standard for romance ??

  26. Awsm yr plsss continue

  27. Y they aren’t any raglak scenes

  28. I also agree they r just in 8 th standard u can take a leap…….. But yr ff is nice

  29. Super SE ooper

  30. Hey update nxt…..we all r eagerly waiting

  31. I agree with all.. They r just 8 frnship n close frnds k bt love n romance wierd… Romance in 8 std weird na .. Show at least them in clg then it will be fyn

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