Swaragini ( will u be mine forever ) episode 2


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Its evening
Teacher : so today’s class is over ..tomorrow finish ur project and submit OK
She leaves
Swara was busy packing her bag she was about to leave ..a hand in the middle stopped her ..
It was sanky ….
Swara : what happened sanky ..

Sanky : can we go to ice cream parlor today
Swara : today ….well I am not interested ….maybe some day …
(Sanky with anger …because he don’t like when someone say no to him )
Sanky : I said come ..
Swara : no sanky I have to go home now …OK some other day bye…
RAglak comes
Ragini : is everything fine
Swara : haan …
Lucky : sanky me and ragini r going to professor house to give this project meet u tomorrow bye
Ragini : bye Swara and sanky ….
Sanky with fake smile : bye

All leave
Swara : sanky leave my hand ….trying to take ….
Sanky : no ….new come let’s go …..angrily ….
Swara ( scared ) : no I won’t come …she takes her hand and was about to .leave …
Sanky pulled her closer and pined to the wall …
Swara : no sanky ..I have a problem don’t come near me ..
Sanky goes really close to her very furiously ……
Swara : no sanky no …..she tries to escape ….
Sanky was about to kiss her …
Swara feels dizzy and faints ..

Sanky comes to senses
He don’t know what happened …
Sanky keeping Swara in his lap
Sanky : Swara Swara …wake up wake up
He sprinkles water
Swara slowly opens her eyes ..she sees sanky ..
Swara jerks and gets up ….she is really scared …
She takes her bag ..
Sanky : wait where r u going
Swara ( crying ) : don’t come near me ….plzz plzzzz…..

Sanky gets sad seeing her tears
Sanky : I will not do anything to u trust me ….
Swara( crying ): no I won’t ever …she opens the door of the classroom and runs ……
Sanky chases her ….
Swara goes to the road …..
Sanky keeps on shouting WAIT WAIT
She gets scared seeing him chasing her …
Suddenly a car comes ….
She falls down …
Sanky was shocked ….he goes near her ……
She is alive but her hand was bleeding ..
Swara : its paining …she sees sanky and says
Swara : dont touch me plzz ..leave
Sanky sees her hand bleeding …
He goes to driver …he beats him really hard ….he was about to die ….
Swara was shocked to see him ….
Sanky eyes became red ….
He takes first aid kit and gives near Swara

Swara gets scared and moves backward ..
Swara : I don’t need ur help ….
Sanky slaps her really hard …
Swara falls on the ground …
He first aids her hand ……
Swara was feeling the pain in her cheecks …how hard ..she was scared to see him like that …
Sanky while doing …he faints ..
Swara don’t know whether to help …but she helped …
She took the bottle in her left hand as her right hand was severely injured …
She with pain sprinkles water on his face crying ….
Sanky wakes up …he is in his senses …he sees Swara in that state ..
He doesn’t remember anything …
Swara slowly took her bag and ran …..
Sanky was upset …..
He leaves with his bag …..he turns and sees the place he feels something strange ….but leaves ..
@ Swara mansion .
Mishti : I am scared shekhar where is my daughter ..its 7:30 …she cries ..
Shekhar : wait I will inform the police ..
Swara comes …
Mishti runs and hugs her tightly

Mishti : where were u ….y u took this much time …
Swara with a fake smile …
Swara : sorry ma …my hand got a small accident so my friend took me to her house and first aided me
Shekhar sees her hand …he gets something in his mind ..he saw same injury in someone ‘s hand ….
Mishti gets tensed seeing the hand fracture …she also feels same as shekhar but couldn’t figure out ..
Mishti : oh no this much big come I will call the doctor …
Swara : OK I will go and freshen up
Mishti : OK dear go …
Swara comes to room locks it and cries lying on the bed ….
Swara : I hate u sanky I hate u ….

Precap : Swara avoiding sanky ..–…….-…sanky gets angry
What is wrong with sanky ???
Why he behaved like that ?
What is the problem with Swara ?

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Credit to: Dolly

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  2. Why problem does swara have? Why Shekhar and Sharmishta were tensed? Why sanskar behaved like that?
    By the way it’s a really nice ff…….keep it up

  3. Awsm yr…….

  4. Qiestions asked by u r my mind’s questions only..i mn thse wl arise in d readers’ mind only…well superb..

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