Swaragini ( will u be mine forever ) episode 18

Hey guys ..I am back ..hope u all like it …
@principal room ..
Manik : so we r gonna take up holi celebration committee ….Sir .
Principal : that’s good to hear and I am glad ….by the way where is Swara….
Kabir : actually sir we have some misunderstanding so we broke up …
Principal : oh …k but I want Swara to join u all as she does the job good ….if no swara then no committee ….
Mehra : but …
Principal : that’s final ….OK u may leave …
Whole gang leave outside
Kabir : arrey now what we will do …Swara won’t accept us …and this holi thing ….ouff
Mehra : manik what r we gonna do
Manik : no idea just blank ….
Tania : don’t worry guys we will figure out some plan …

@sanky class
Ragini : so how r we gonna win swara heart ..
Sanky : we need to get her in our gang at any cost ..
Sidhant : that”s like impossible task …
Laksh comes ..
Laksh : no its not impossible …
Sanky : means
Laksh : we have holi tomorrow and it’s a great chance ….
Ragini : yes we can be together with swara tomorrow and take her in our gang ….
Sanky : that’s good ..but will she accept us ….
Sidhant : that we need to find tomorrow ..
Laksh : and the most important part is …Swara gang is gonna organise ….but …the problem is sir wants swara to be head ……
Sanky : seriously Do u think swara will accept ….as a sample we r here ….
Laksh : ya that’s a question mark ….
Ragini : guys guys …but what if swara unite with them …
Sanky : no she won’t …Did she unite with us ….we did the same thing to her and they did extremely big …..she won’t …
Laksh : OK then let’s wait for tomorrow …
Ragini : OK …

@evening …
Sanky gang leaves ..followed by swara gang …
While going home sanky sees bunch of people surrounded ..
He goes to see a glance ….
He was shocked seeing the person …

Precap : who is the person ?

How was it guys ..I know it’s boring

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