Swaragini ( will u be mine forever ) episode 15

Hey guys ,.I am back with my ff ….I am currently busy with forever mine and meri aashique ….hope u understand and like it ….plz keep supporting …
Swara enters she doesn’t remember anything happened last night ……
She goes and joins with her gang ..
Avni : hey Swara where were u last night ..
Swara : I don’t remember ..but when I woke up I was in my room ,…
Manik : what do u mean by u don’t know Swara ..
Swara : manik calm down guys ….OK come to the farewell thing …..this sanky is not only paying attention to me …then how could we make the plan ..
Mehra : he is a cheater ..he is doing it willingly ..
Kabir : haan Swara she has a point …
Swara : no worries ..if today he won’t come ….then I will complain sir ….
Raj : cool ,,,,OK now let’s go to class …
All leave ..Swara gets a message
She takes the phone to check ,…..

She was shocked to see it …she cries literally …
Swara rushes to class
Swara (shouts): manik ..
The class is stunned seeing Swara shouting manik ..
Manik turns ….
Manik : what happened Swara ..
Swara drags manik to av room and locks it ..
Manik : what happened Swara ..
Swara slaps manik harder ..really ….
Manik was shocked ..
Manik : Swara …
Swara breaks down …
Manik : what happened Swara ..
Swara crying : Swara gives her phone
Manik checks the phone ..
He is also shocked
Manik: Swara
Swara : shut up just shut ……..
Manik : Swara .I am sorry ..but ..
Swara : how could u manik ..u said that u truly and deeply love me ..but this what u do …
Proposing someone and kissing someone
(Yes the video is of manik and ragini kissing )
Manik gets frustrated : if u do this then its correct if I do this means its wrong ..
Swara was shocked ..

Swara : what I did manik ..
Manik: in eight u loved sanky and still u r in love with him right I know ……
Swara : which one u r involving with which …
Manik: Swara u r the who betrayed me …
Swara : u know manik u r betrayer not me ….I never allow anyone to cross my limit …but u ..cheap dumb fellow ..
Manik raises his hand ..
Swara : come on …come …on …slap me kill me ..,,…come on. ..
Manik: Swara …
Swara : what u r the betrayer ..u r the one who kissed her ..not me …
Manik slaps Swara ..
Swara : how dare u slap me …who gave u the rights ,…….u r no one to me OK ….
Manik : ya ..I am no one to u …cheap girl.

Swara holds manik’s collar
Swara : don’t u dare to touch ……….and call me …….u don’t deserve me ..
Manik : who deserves u …I loved u only for ur money ..and now ..I don’t need u ..
Swara was shattered …
Manik : I know what u think I became friend with u and proposed u for ur beauty ..no for ur money …my father is manager in ur father’s company ….he wanted to be big business …he couldn’t ..now u r the only way ..so ..I acted to be friend with u and proposed ..I became one in ur group …
Swara was speechless ..
Manik : I am dumping u ..now ….
He leaves
Swara breaks down
Manik goes out and acts ..
Mehra : what happened manik …
Manik : she dumped me mehra ..she said she don’t love me ….she said yes only for my money yaar ….
Raj : what ..Swara said ..,,like this
Manik : huh raj (with fake tears )
Manik hugs raj .
Kabir : don’t worry manik we r with u …..

Swara comes at that time ..
Swara : guys manik is a cheater …..he said he loved me for money ..
Mehra : y r changing Swara ,,just now manik said what u said to him ..
Avni : u r betrayer Swara …
Kabir : Swara how could u …just
Raj : yes Swara u stoop so low ..

Swara crying : don’t u trust me …..
Mehra : Swara …but how could we ..
Swara wipes her tears .
Swara : so u all lose ur trust in me right ….OK ….from now on ..I am not one in ur group ……be with manik onlupy …but one day u will all come to know about the truth …that time ..I ……
Good bye ..
She leaves

Manik smirks ..
Kabir : oh my Swara has changed ..
Mehra : its OK guys ..but I couldn’t believe her ……OK come let’s go to class …
The other side
Sanky : oh my god ..I never thought it will go to this much …how dare he slap Swara ..
Sidhant : but it was our prank ..u didn’t see Swara ..she was really ….
Tania : guys we all did a big mistake yaar ……
Lucky : yes ….we shouldn’t have did this much ..
Ragini : but we did it for her welfare that manik doesn’t love her ..he just loved her money ..kind of we saved her .
Ragini acts to be drank ..the one who drank the other glass is some other person …it was sanky plan to prove manik in front of Swara….
Fb ends ..
Sanky : we need to do something …
Lucky : now we can’t go …after collage we all will go and meet her ..
Ragini : good idea ..she must be very upset …..a girl can feel it ..,,
Sanky : OK …they go to class ..

Precap : Swara missing …………………………………….school days come back ……………………

Credit to: Dolly


  1. aditi syam

    Awesome yaar that manik creep but happy abt the breakup nw time fr swasan journey and I think that creep will follow ragini but I think lucky is thee fr he plzzzzz update one more chapter plzzzzzz I can’t wait plzzzzzzzzzz

  2. rashika

    Plzzz upload meri ashiqui plzzzz it’s a nice episode manik truth is out hpe swasan unite soon

  3. shan

    dolly pls upload love u swasan pls…..pls update it regularly….nd dis one also update it regularly pls dolly…..i liked ur all swasan ff….try to upload daily pls or atleast one day one ff next day another ff like dat…..pls

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