Swaragini ( will u be mine forever ) episode 1

Hey guys …..I am really happy to write this ff …its an teenage love story ..I am not gonna give any intro to it ….so let’s get started
@Swara house
They are rich .( they got transferred from Delhi to Kolkata)
Mishti : Swara come fast ..breakfast is ready
Swara : coming ma ….
Shekhar : so beta …new school ..
Swara : haan dad ..I will manage ….I am 8th dad come on …
Shekhar : OK meri ma ….now come I will drop in car ..
Swara : OK dad …
Mishti : take ur bag ..her
Mishti : bye ma ..she gives peck on the cheeks of mihti ..
Swara leaves …
She is in a knee above blue shaded skirt ,white shirt with blue tie , identity card and white headband …with black shoes ( the school uniform )
They reach the school
The Kolkata high school ….its really big school and top school in Kolkata …
Swara gets out of car ….
Shekhar : take care beta
Swara : haan bye …she waves bye and leaves …..
@ class …VIII A section
Teacher starts the class ..
Teacher : everyone a very good morning ..I know its a new academic year …so we will start with introducing everyone names to the class …
So start.
The bench
A boy stood up
He is very stylish wearing blue full pant ,white shirt with blue tie with a black watch and with black shoes .( the school boys uniform)..he is cool
The boy : my name is sanskar maheshwari ..( he is very attitudeous ..most popular very cool )
Teacher : oh the naughtiest boy of the school ….I don’t know how I am going to get done with this class ..
Sanky : don’t worry mam ….we do it outside the class ..not while studying ….
Whole class laughs ..
Teacher : OK OK next …( its a co-ed school ..boys and girls sit together …one bench one boy one girl )

As it goes on ..
At the fourth bench
A girl stands up
The girl : my name is ragini gadodia …( she is really a matured girl ….a very cool type ..studying in this school from LKG )
teacher : u r the most naughtiest girl in the school right …..I don’t know why they gave this batch
Whole class laughs ..
Ragini : don’t worry mam ..soon u will be out of the job .
Teacher : let’s see ..OK next …
As it goes on …
The next row first bench : I am laksh sharma ..( he is really attitudeous person,very handsome , heartthrob of collage …)
Teacher : omg I am gone u also …
Lucky : ya u r gone ..I am also member ….
Whole class laugh ..as it goes on ..
In the door step a breeze of air slowly starts ..sanky feels something …he slowly turns
The reception teacher enters ..behind a girl following …
Reception teacher : hello student we have a new member in our school ..plz come in child …
Swara enters ..
Sanky gets memerised seeing her …
She made a high pony …
Teacher : so children’s she is Swara shergil …plz introduce ur self child ..
Swara with smiling
Swara : my name is Swara shergil I am from Delhi …I am really looking forward to be with u all ..
Teacher : that’s good ..wait I will see the seats ..sanky there is no one with u ..
Sanky : vo mam ….no ..
A girl comes running
Girl : sorry mam I am late today
Teacher : come in kavitha …
Kavitha : thank u mam ..
She goes and sits with sanky its her place ..
Teacher : oh ..so u go and sit with laksh Swara ….
Swara sits with Kaisi ..
Laksh : hi
Swara : hi
Lucky : so u r gonna be my bench partner this year ,..
Swara : I think so ..
Lucky : that means u need to be like me …cool dashing ….
Swara : ohk I will see …by the way last year who was ur bench partner
Lucky : that one ..he points towards ragini ..
Swara : she was like u ..
lucky : she was more than me …may be u would change …
Swara : OK laksh nice talking to u ..
Lucky : call me lucky OK ..
Swara : OK lucky ..
Lucky feels something and smiles ….
The class gets over ..Swara easily mingles with everyone ….
Its break …
Ragini : wanna join lunch with our gang …
Swara : gang …
Ragini : ya me lucky sanky
Swara : sure …
Swara and ragini heads towards tree …
Sanky feels his heart beat and turns
He finds Swara coming towards him …..
Lucky : bro what happened ….
Sanky : nothing ..bro ..getting fresh air ..
Lucky : not funny ..
Sanky : u r lucky that’s y u got new girl as bench partner …see my case the kavitha ..I just hate her ..always following me everywhere I go ..
Lucky : ha ha ha ..I am lucky ..luck is there in my name …by the way the girl Swara …she is really damm cute and cool ….always keeps on smiling and catching things very fast …
Swara and ragini comes ..
Ragini : guys I called her …to have lunch with her what’s say …
Lucky : oh Swara …sure
Swara: thanks guys ..
Sanky sees her always smiling …
Swara also feels something strange …
They all sit in round and starts eatuping by sharing …Swara becomes very close with them ……
Sanky : yaar u r really cool …..
Lucky : that’s what I said ….
Ragini : so now u both will forget me …
Sanky : never dear
Lucky : of course ..
Ragini gives fake anger look to lucky
Sanky and Swara laughs …
Sanky gets memerised ….
Sanky : u look good when u laugh …
Swara : thanks sanky …OK come let them fight …u show me the school ..
Sanky in a happy tone : sure come ….
Sanky one by one shows her the school
They both walk together …whenever Swara’s shoulder touches sanky ‘s shoulder ..they both feel something ….
After sometime
Swara : wow this school is great …
Sanky : that’s y I study here ….
Swara smiles
Swara : OK come let’s go ….
Raglak together : where u both went leaving us
Swara : u were fighting that’s y I asked sanky to introduce me the school ….
Sanky : ya what’s wrong …
Ragini : OK OK come let’s go to class …
Lucky : haan come Swara .,,,,,,,he touches Swara ‘s hand …by mistake he feels a shock …
Lucky : ouchhh …
Swara : what happened
Lucky : nothing ..come …
They head to class ..
The screen freezes on both of the couple

Precqp : Swara and sanky become best friends ……villains of this introduction …raglak magical chemistry

So how was it guys ..and the pairs are
OK plz read and comment

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    1. Sorry I didn’t see ur promo and moreover this story is entirely different …u will see in upcoming episodes ,,its somewhat connected with past and total fiction …it won’t be like urs ….I am sorry I have hurt u …I have already uploaded 2 and 3 but telly updates ..didn’t update it still

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