Swaragini ( will u be mine forever ) episode 13


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Swara was with her gang …talking …..
She sees the opposite side ..sanky continuously staring at her …
She signal’s him what ..
Sank nods nothing .
She smiles …
Suddenly she realises what she is doing ….
Swara looks other way …
Sank gives a confused look ….

Manik : swara when r u gonna start planning ..
Swara : tomorrow at collage ..
Manik : oh good ..
Swaragini was sewing sank ..
Manik gets frustrated
Manik furiously : swara ..
Swara was shocked hearing him like that ..
Swara : yes ..Manik what happened ..
Manik : vo ….
He bends down and takes a rose ….
He says : the most beautiful girl I met in my life …the light which came in my life …the twinkling stars which is lit up in ur eyes ….makes me happy …..the way u talk ….the 100 voltage light smile u give …I get memerised ……
Will u be my girlfriend …..
Swara and her gang is totally shocked ….
Sank fumes and his gang is shocked ….
While collage sees this ..
And shouts at swara to accept ….
Tanks : omg ..swara come on yaar …accept it

Avni : ha an swara ….
Kabir : oh my God man ..u r really awesome …yaar ..
Swara y waiting …
Everyone shouts swara to accept ..
Swara thinking something ….takes the rose ….
Everyone claps …
Sanky fumes and leaves the place ….
Manik hugs swara …..
Manik : u know today is the most memorable day in my life ….
Swara : me…t-o’o …man..ik
Swara said it confusingly …..
Raj : oh my God Manik today treat …OK …
Swara : no guys…today is avik sir birthday ….
So in night we r having a party in collage ….so we can’t go today ..maybe some other day ..
Kabir : OK done ..
Manik : come let’s go and arrange ….

Swara gang leave …
Sank gang
Kavitha : y sanky left in anger ….
Kava : maybe because they r getting famous ..
Lucky and ragini understands it ..
Ragini : OK guys come let’s get ready for our first party in collage ..we have gift something special for avik sir ….
Lucky : ya great
Sidhant : Challo guys …
They also leaves ….
@night .
The collage lights are off ..
Avik sir : what happened to the lights …
Suddenly the lights get switched on ….
Everyone shouts suprise ..the hall is beautifully decorated
Avik sir has tears in his eyes ..

Avik : thanks a lot students ..oops my children’s ..it’s such a pleasure to be ur sir ..
Tana : sir cut the cake we r very hungry ..
All laugh ..
Sir cuts and everyone takes a bite ….
Manik : music start ….
Everyone was assembled ..
Sanky was sitting in a corner with a wine …
Ragini : come sanky u be my partner ….
Sanky : not interested Ragini ….u go dance with lucky ..
Ragini : u know lucky is flirt right he is already with a girl see ..
Sanky laughs …
Sanky sees ..swara and Manik dancing ..
He gets angry and takes Ragini with him …opposite to them ……
Manik continuously stares swara while dancing ..but swara sees sanky …
Sanky sees Ragini and dances ..ignoring swara ….
The pairs changes …

Swasan and ragman. .
Sanky slowly touches swara waist …takes her hand and kisses it ……
Swara was shocked and sprites …
Sanky tightens the grip ..and kisses her forehead ……
He twirls her ..and bends her … .
He tries to kiss her ……
Manik touches her waist …..
Ragini feels the touch .
Manik feels something happy …
He twirls Ragini ….and picks Ragini in his arms ….and rotates ….and holds her high with his hands ….
He bends her ….
By mistake Ragini gives a peck in cheeks of Manik …
Manik was suprised ….
He continued ….
Swasan stopped and moved apart ….
Manik also finishes ….

After some time ..
Manik and Kabir were talking ..
Sanky calls lucky ..
Sanky : we need to do something with these two …what u say …
Lucky : correct ..I have an idea ….lucky tells which is muted
Sanky : super plan….let’s do it
Lucky puts tablets in both Pepsi glasses ….

And gives money to the waiter to serve thsee drinks to them ..
Sanlak give hifi …
Manik and Kabir takes the drink in hand …
Sanlak watches eagerly …..
Swara comes …..
Manik : hey swara tired huh …
Swara : ya yaar ..can u give me drink …
Manik : sure here ….
Swara takes and drinks it ..
Sanlak are shocked ……
Kabir was about to drink …
Mehra : Kabir one minute come here plz ..
Kabir keeps it on the table …and leaves …Sanlak are shocked …..
Swara feels dizzy …
Sanky worries for her ….
Lucky : yaar what is this …..
Sanky : don’t worry …..

Precap : who drinks the next one

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Credit to: Dolly

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