(Swaragini) Who will marry me? few shots (shot – 1) by Aastha

Hi guys. here i’m writing love marriage life ff. this is my first few shot. i don’t know how is it. if u liked it i’ll continue or else i’ll stop it. plz don’t bother abt pairs. this story will show swasan ragsan swalak raglak. but the lead is ragini. as a teju fan i’m giving importance to ragini. others will play a minor role. this title also related with who will marry ragini? sanskar or laksh. to know this continue reading.

One greenish village shown. one white bangalow shown in middle of fields. One man comes out frm bangalow. village ppl greets him. the man is durga prasad maheswari. most respected person in the village. along with him his bro ram prasad maheswari comes.
rp : bhaiya daughter comes tmrw by train.
a girl hugs them frm back. they both turns and sees a cute face of Swara.
swa : papa n bade papa i’m very happy n eager to see di after how many days she is coming.
dp : haan beta. finally she completed her studies.

Nxt day morning.
@ railway station
A girl comes out frm train. she sees dp n hugs him. she is our Ragini. then swaragini hugs. they all goes to house.
dp feeds to swaragini.
rp : bro is she child? she grown up. now she is in marriage age.
dp thinks abt his words.
dp discuss to imp members of village n orders them to find a good groom for his daughter.
they says abt many boys but he dont like them.
finally one says shekar is the only one equal to ur status in this village. and his son also well educated n very caring. good fmly also.
dp : ok then fix the proposal.

@ shekar mehra’s bangalow
Grp of ppl playing cards. a lady serves sweet to them. an old lady comes there.
dadi : sumi what r u doing? this shekar is playing cards in this fine morning u r serving sweet to him?
shek : hey old lady i’m not playing cards without reason. i’m playing to check my daughter in law’s luck. hey i won.
dadi & sumi shockingly daughter in law?
shek : haan . u know maheswari fmly?
dadi : haan. good fmly. wt is connection to ur game n that fmly?
shek : they asked my son 4 his daughter.
every1 gets happy.
A boy comes there. hi dadi mapapp. wt r u talking?
dadi : abt ur marriage laksh.
lak : what.
sumi : haan 2day eve ur engagement.

@ evening maheswari’s bangalow
every1 gathered 4 engagement. Ragini is getting ready. while swra helps her. but there is no smile in ragini’s face. she seems to disturbed
swa : di wait 1st i’ll see jiju. she sees laksh. di jiju is looking very hot. if u said no i’ll marry him. (in kidding tone)
rag serves coffee to every1. laksh gets mesmerized to see her beauty. dadi asks opinion of lak he accepts.
dadi : dp ji our side is ok. wt abt ur daughter?
dp : rag do u like him?
rag : ur wish dad.
dadi : that is a good girl what ever she studied in city she never forgot tradition. dp ji?
dp : ok lets change the plate.
they changes the plate n fixes the marriage after 10 days.

nxt day
swara comes to mehra’s bangalow to give ladoos. then she crosses laksh room. there he is dancing on bed for dinkachika song. he only wears towel. suddenly towel slipps. swara shouts. every1 comes there.
dadi : hey vayadi (talkative) y u shouted?
swa : voh….
lak : voh.. she saw a cockroch thats y she shouted. every1 goes.
lak pleads her to plz dont tell this to anyone plzzz. she laughs heavily. she cant control her.

@ field
lak : hey shravan give me idea. if ragini mistaken me then what i do?
shra (frnd of lak) : call swa n pleads her that is the way.
he calls to landline. swa picks the call again she starts laughing when she heared his voice.
lak : hey swa..suddenly rag picks the phone frm swa.
lak : i dont know how my towel slipped. plz dont tell to rag. plz dont laugh at me. i’m really loves ragini so much.
rag : i’m ragini. i didnt heared any thing. she cuts the call. swa u r kidding him?( in angry )
swa : arey. i touched there but pain is here.(ada anga thota inga valikudu!)
lak : hey now rag know every thing. i’m happy now.

lak is in his garden. rag comes there.
lak : any urgent matter? at this time u? here?
rag : i want to talk to u (lak gets happy)
rag : plz forgive me. i cant marry u. i’m not fit for u. u r really good by heart but i’m….. she cries.
lak : i cant understand.

screen freezes with crying face of ragini and confusing face of laksh.

Precap : Ragini’s past

guys how is this? i want to continue it or stop. tell me via cmnts. by urs loving Aastha.

Credit to: Aastha


  1. suhani

    Hey kind request.pls anyone start fanfiction of swara and laksh.becoz everyone is writing the same.

    • Aastha

      sry dear now i’m busy. i hope u r reading ragsan swalak ttrue love, and swalak ragsan is this love.

  2. Nanthini

    Hey i know this story …it some movie name …i dont remember .but thr story i know very well

  3. Nalla iruku Akka continue it….I think there l be a twist bcoz neenga idu ragsan and swalak nu sonenga I think past l be related to sanky..

    • Aastha

      no need to sry dear. thats true i copied movie but just now i know this movie also in telugu. by the way r u frm ap?

  4. Aastha

    nan kolapathula iruken chlm. idhu a aa e ee padam stry. idhu ellarukum therinjiruku. adhanala story ah continue pandrada venamanu confusion ah iruku.
    adhula pudhusa twist vekaraduku enkita idea um illa.
    en ff ah ye nan en kavla vanda story ah vechidan maintain pannitu iruken.

    • Aastha

      ni neraya ff padikira ni edhum eludhalaya? nan ippo atha vituku poran vara 2/3 hours aagum so ennala udane reply panna mudiyadu.

    • sry Akka actually na knjm en bros sisoda velila poitu vanda IPA Dan unga msg pathan parava illa ka u enjoy apram reply panunga…. neenga continue panunga neenga ada vera Mari present panunga Akka na Inda padam pathadu illa so I felt its new apram iniku inda padam poturukanga but ennala paka mudiyadu so neenga continue panunga… na endha ff’s um ezhudhala Akka bcoz ennala regular ah update pana mudiyadu…. na ff’s padikaraduke enaku inga time kidaikala…. and adumatum illama sch open ana nan studies la busy agiduven 11th la na commerce group eduka poran ka so that’s totally different so na adula concentrate panuva adhu matum illama enaku concept thonala ….

      • Aastha

        ok da chlm nan continue panren. ipo nan anda padam dan pathutu iruken. eve post paren adhu ni8 dan varum. nan adhula suggestion kekuren ellarum continue panna sonnangana nan continue panren illana stop panniduren.

      • Ohkay Akka but neraya silent readers irupanga I hope all will say you to continue waiting for love marriage life akka

    • Aastha

      thnq so much dinkachika. but i dont know i’ll continue this or not. bcos every knows the story line.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.