Swaragini-we will die for each other (pt 31)

Let’s begin….

Rag gets up and was abt to move she can’t she tries hard then was abt to fall ragav holds her… She looks at him he feels her pain…
Doctors give her sleeping injection she falls a sleep her eyes has tears… He makes her sleep.. He rubs her tears…
Doc: she temporarily lost her ability of walking… She vl wake up in 1 hr…
Raina were shocked…

Sharma house
Swalak were present there

SW cry8ngly: rt ab tak jail mein hai…i don’t know wat vl hpn… Will my ragini get the justice
Lak: don’t worry swara
Mr. S: sw is ryte… Since 11 months we are fighting the case and the case is turning to rt side wat v do now
Mrs.: will ragini get the justice
Voice: she vl surely as she will punish him by herself
They turns it’s none other than sanskar
(Now ishra are in south Africa]
Mr.s: sanskar…
San: my ragini vl definitely come back to me… She promised me that she vl never leave me and my work is till she comes back i will never let rt come out of jail
He goes from there

Sanskar goes to his mansion he goes to his room which is filled with ragini’s photos…. He touches her photo…

Raina were roaming ragini room…
Naina: we shouldn’t ask her abt wat hpnd to her
Ra: hmm…

He sees ragini gaining consious…
She was murmuring something
They both goes close to her
Rag: di… Jiju… Sanskar,…
Ragav holds her hand she opens her eyes and sees him… He smiles… She looks towards naina she too smiles
Ragav: welcome back…
She was in half concíous
Ragav: now no sleeping… Since how many days u vl sleep….
She comes to fill concíous he makes her sir…
Naina: we should introduce ourselves he is..
Ragini: ragav bhai
Ragav was shocked
Rag: and u naina bhabi
Naina: how u got to know our names
Rag: i couldn’t move speak bt i know you
I listened to you….
They smiles
She too smiles…
Naina: we are still not married…. So u can call me naina
Rag: if u r not also i know bhai will get married to u so my bhabi na… They are getting confused seeing her behaviour…
Rag: actually i wanted to ask how u got me
Naina then explains her how they got
Rag: thankyou
Ragav: now u vl say thankyou also
Ragini tries to get up bt she couldn’t move her legs
Naina:u should rest….
Ragini: i am tiered of resting.. oh i forgot as i lost my ability of walking
Ragav: how u got to know
Ragini: i was half concíous…
Naina: don’t worry u vl be alright it’s jst for temporary….
Ragav: wat abt ur family
She remembers all
Ragini: i don’t want to as… It’s risky to their life… Even i don’t know how they are… She has tears
Ragav changing torpic: so sister… Vl u come with us…
Ragini: no..i even can’t risk your life…
Ragav: u know wat i considered u as my sister as i am a orphan.. And u… Forget it…
He acts to be angry
Ragini: bt bhai…
Ragav: don’t call me that too
Naina was enjoying
They both sees her
She stops smiling…
Ragav: don’t smile this much ur teeth vl fall….
Rag laughs… He smiles seeing her laughing
Ragav ragini hifies…
Ragav: now say vl u come with us or not
Ragini looks down… Nods in no
Raina; please…. Please please
Ragini smiles… OK bt for few days…
Ragav: once u come to us u can’t go…
Rag: bt i have to…
Naina: Aane see pehle Jane ki baat Mat karo…
They smiles

Few days passes their bonding becomes strong… Now rag started to laugh whole heartedly they used to fight like siblings

Here sanskar was searching ragini….

It’s the day where ragini was discharged

They took her to ragav mansion… Which is in Simla She is in wheelchair
Ragav: this is our mansion bt we vl go after our marriage to Austria… That too with you…
Rag face goes pale….
Naina makes the situation…
Naina: so rag whom you vl help me or ragav…
Rag acts as thinking… They both are eagerly waiting…
Rag: i vl be in both side i m groom sister.. Bride friend….
Raina smiles….
Rag: arey after…7 day ur marriage… Preparations should be done
They gets in…
Decorators comes there rag was guiding them….
Naina mother ferns comes there they too bond with ragini….
She was busy in decorations
Rag: arey bhaiyya jaldi kijiye mere bhai ki shaadi hai….
Ragav sees that And smiles
Naina sees him: today i m seeing u r very happy…
Ragav smiles: more than happy… As i found a soul sister…
Naina smiles: this brthr sister vl forget me
Ragav: naina(serious)
Naina: yes ragav
Ragav:i want to know her pain…i want her to share her pain with me… She hides her pain with plastering a fake smile… On her face…
Naina: i hope she gets out of her pain…

Precap: ragav meets sanskar….

Guys how was the ep…i know i updated late so sorry…i vl try to upload next part on Wednesday…

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